Sunday, January 27, 2008

Multimedia Me: World War I Blog

by Stephanie

I wrote a blog as if I was a World War I soldier. It is my World War I blog. Notice that they never called it World War I. Instead, they used the term Great War instead.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

racism is all around

by KG

Are you racist? If you are this might help you change. For those of you that aren't, maybe this will help you stay that way.There are a lot of people out there that are racist.People that are racist should change.I don't think they'll like it if someone else fought them.Just because he or she is racist. I don't understand why people are like that.I will understand if you hate someone because of how they act, not just because they are from a certain race.

Racism is a bad thing. It effects everyone of all ages especially if they are children. Children get more effected, especially if their parents are racist. Children are suppose to interact with other children. I think they learn more if they interact with children of another race.That way they learn from other cultures. It is really messed up if two children are playing and then one of the kids parents tell him or her otherwise. However, that is exactly what happens. Kids grow up wanting to play with kids of other races, but their parents force them to segregate.

Also teens suffer from other people that are racist or turn racist.People from another race get bullied. It ends up into a racial fight. African-American vs. whites, Latino vs. Asians or all the races together. It could get really ugly and all over what kind of race they are. That is sad just because they're from another race someone gets really injured. But it's true. It happens in our high schools when they have race riots.

Racism could happen anywhere. For example, an African-American goes into a store.The owner follows that person all over the store.When a white guy is stealing from the store, they could have caught that person. No, but instead the owner follows the African-American.That could happen anywhere at anytime. Or a cop follows around a group of Mexicans in a truck, assuming they are illegal or that they are gangsters causing trouble. Or maybe it's in a neighborhood where a white guy comes in dressed all nice and they think, "he must be here to buy drugs," so they beat him up and tell him to never come back.

Racism is a big issue everywhere, especially in the U.S. the place that its most likely to happen is at school. People should try to change. Not only will they make a good change but they will interact with other people from another race.They might find out that two people from a different race are the same. So please help stop racism.

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when a person doesn't vote

by MM

Some people don't vote maybe because they don't want to they probably don't believe I that. They probably don't like the candidates at all and probably disagree on what they say. People wonder why other people don't vote. Many say it is because they are dumb and don't care about our country's future. Is that the truth or just plain lies?

I found out that the less likely people to vote are usually the poor and the men . They said that the people that are most likely to vote are people that have a college education and earn at least $25,000 a year. A lot of people don't get paid that much money and that is also another problem. Some people don't belong in this country and that's why they don't vote. Also the young are less likely to vote because they don't really care until they find out who becomes president and then they wished that they voted. Some don't even bother to vote because they think that their vote doesn't really matter of who become our next leader. Some people don't vote because they are not fully citizens of the united states . There are many reasons why a person that is able to vote don't vote . It all depends on the person and how it was raise to believe.

Many people do vote because they actually want to make a difference in the countries life. It is not all the people fault maybe they really want to vote but cant cause they have a problem. They are so many questions that I could only answer. The only thing that I know is that when I grow up I will vote!

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voter apathy

by FR

There are many people who won't vote for our next president. Why do these people refuse to vote? That is a very popular question in our country. It seems that people just don't care. Actually in the 2004 election a very famous artist made a program so more people will vote and make a difference in their country. Other groups, such as Rock the Vote, have tried to get young people involved.

Many people don't vote for many reasons. Some just forget to register to vote. Also some don't care about the elections. For some is that they don't want to pick someone to tell them what to do. Then some people think that the presidents all run for one thing and that is money. Also that the candidate all make promises that they can't complete or just don't agree on some of the voter problems.

You have just heard a lot of reasons why people don't vote. Now you know why some people don't vote in some of the elections. Maybe they got different reasons than these that you just heard. If you want to read more about this question go to the website that gave these great answers. The url is written above this article. Now go out there and vote or not.

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the reasons why kids bully

A lot of young people have a good idea of what bullying is because they see near them every day!Bullying happens when someone hurts or scares off another person on purpose and the person being bullied has a hard time defending himself or herself.Sometimes bullying can occur constantly. Punching, shoving, spreading around bad rumors, keeping certain people out of activities, teasing and other acts that hurt people physically can be considered as "Bullying"

Not only can this happen outside but it can also occur on on-line or electronically.I think the right word for it is "Cyber-bullying."By this Bullying,can be used by sending a mean text,email,posting bad pictures or messages about others in blogs,or on websites.Have you ever been bullied?A lot of people have,they just don´t want to admit it.Bullying hurts,and no one should be part of it. As we see in this picture bullying in not the way to go!

Your probably wondering"Why do kids bully?" There are all kinds of reasons why young people bully others, either occasionally or often. Do any of these sound familiar to you?
1.Because I see others doing it
2.Because it's what you do if you want to hang out with the right crowd(cool kids)
3.Because it makes me feel, stronger, smarter, or better than the person I'm bullying
4.Because it's one of the best ways to keep others from bullying me Whatever the reason, bullying is something we all need to think about. Whether we've done it ourselves ... or whether friends or other people we know are doing it ... we all need to recognize that bullying has a terrible effect on the lives of young people.

It may not be happening to you today, but it could tomorrow.
"Just the fact of life","No big deal." Have you ever heard an adult or someone else say it? Too often,people just don´t take bullying seriously,or until its become of it a big problem that involves something to do with the Hospital. Here are some of the acts that kids that are being bullying do and how bullies can be later affected by it. The kids that are being bullied are skipping school because they are afraid of what will happen that day. And for the person who bullies it can be a problem because later on in life he can end up in jail.They are also most likely to drop out of school. In fact, most school shootings are caused by kids who were bullied non-stop.

"BUT"Wait!"What can be done to stop it?"First of all you should try talking to an adult. They have probably experienced this when they were small too. Or go to your School´s counselor. They will surely know what do in these kind of cases. And don´t worry if they say your a "snitch" or a"chicken." I assure you they wouldn´t like to be treated like they treat you. Have self-confidence. Keeping it silent just makes things worse.

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we are not invaders and criminals

by JC

How would you feel if you were taken away from your family and your treated like a criminal at the same or fearing everyday of being taken away from everything you have accomplished, this is how an undocumented worker feels once they move to America or when they are deported. Not only is the government taking away immigrants from homes but they are also separating children from their parents which would make a child's life a lot harder if the child has doesn't have the support of his or her parents. Immigrants are treated with disrespect. For example they are called "illegal aliens." This is a horrible thing to say to a human being. A person shouldn't be judge on their facial appearance or their nation of origin. We are all equal God made us to love each other like brother and sisters for we are all God's children.

Without immigrants the United States would not have all these great traditions like food, holidays, music and ways of living. America is a country of immigrants which is why this country is so great my question is why a person would want all this traditions taken away from this nation. We need to look back at our own history of how we treated immigrants in the past.

In the Past

Now immigrants usually enter America by the border of America but back then people used to come to America by boat and would enter this country through Ellis Island. Ellis Island would be the "Island Of Hope" for some immigrants but for others it would be the "Island Of Tears." It would also be hard for a person to pass to America if an immigrant had a disability or an contagious illness weren't allowed in the United States and were sent back. If the name of an immigrant was too difficult for a person who was apart of the process of passing to America the name of the immigrant would be changed to something more simple. It was harder to travel by ship because immigrants were cramped all together and there were hundreds of people all in one ship.When immigrants arrived to Ellis Island if they were detained from either medical examination or interview with immigration officers they were forced to wait for days or even weeks.

Immigration officers were also very strict about the regulations if any immigrant had no money, no relatives in the United States, and nowhere to live they would also be detained because the government feared that this people would be "public charges" for the United States. As you can see immigrants back then were also treated with unfairness and had to go through lots of bad experiences just to be in the land of their where they would receive liberty and freedom

Yet, what happened to all those immigrants? Did the poor, helpless people bankrupt our nation by using all the public services? No. Instead, after going through a horrible ordeal and facing prejudice, they built America into a superpower.

Nothing Has Changed

Immigrants come to America for many different reasons. Some of them could be to make a America a better country and some to make it all depends on the person. Back then it was common for an immigrant to come to America for the right to practice their religion. Where in other countries people were forced to follow the religion given to them. Some groups of people would even hide from the government to study the religion they believed in and if they were found these people would be killed which was a huge concern with people who had families. So may chose to come to America where everyone had the right to think the way they choose to. We still have refugees begging to live here and experience the freedom we take for granted.

Another possibility for someone to come to this country would be for a better education. Some countries are too poor to provide schools so many students decided to come to America for a better education. In many cases an immigrant isn't given education which is a huge disappointment for an immigrant who came to America and their dreams of education got crushed. Yet, just like the immigrants of the past, we have new immigrants coming in here desperate to learn more, to work hard in school and to go to college. Isn't that the American Dream?

The majority of people come to America to get a better life. They come here to get a job and help their family with their economic needs. Many countries don't pay as much as they do in America which is the reason why people with money problems come to America. Once they do get a job in the United States immigrants don't get paid as much as everyone else and even if they do work harder they don't get appreciated for it.


Immigrants come to the United States to make their lives better but when they're in their native country everyone thinks it's an easier living since the United States is known as one of the most wealthiest country, but once they do arrive to the United States their perspective of this country changes.

When an immigrant enters America the first thing a person has to do is search for a shelter not sleep in which is very difficult to find if the immigrant doesn't have enough money or any relatives in America. Some immigrants even have to go through sleeping in any kinds of lonely places like parks where they have to go experience the cold if they pass the border in the winter season. When an immigrant wakes up everyday he/she has to experience the racism shown everywhere around the United States making them feel ashamed and unwanted towards themselves. An undocumented worker has to fears everyday that their American dream will end. Every time an undocumented worker goes to work they have to deal with unfairness even if he/she is great at what he/she does. In America it doesn't make a difference if you are the best at what you do if your an undocumented worker you get paid less salary which is frustrating for an immigrant because some immigrants do have families they have to take care of but it makes immigrants feel like no one cares. Now they are making it even harder to get an education. A kid who is "illegal" and works hard in school can't even get a scholarship and a chance at a better life.

Although the all immgrants have tried to make a difference and stop this horrible laws, it seems that things are not changing. If we can remember that we are all immigrants and we can remember our own history, maybe then we can avoid the mistakes we made in the past.

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why our system works

by SG

The leaders of the states wanted a strong and fair national government but they also wanted the government to protect an individual freedoms and prevent the government from abusing their power. In order to do this the government is separated in three categories, legislative, executive, and judicial. It was a brilliant plan that would prevent anyone from having too much power.

The Legislative is made out of the two houses of Congress, the House Of Representatives and the Senate. The Legislative Branch's most important job is to make laws in which they will be discussed and voted on in Congress. There are 100 senators in the Senate House, vice president of the US is considered as the leader of the Senate House. In the House of Representatives there are 435 representatives and the leader of this house is the Speaker of the house who's elected by the representatives. Most laws are actually written in committees and then are voted on after a small amount of debate.

The head of the executive is the President of the US, which makes laws official. The President also approves and carries the laws passed out by the Congress. He or she also has the job of appointing or removing cabinet members and officials. He or she is also in charge of the negotiating treaties. The President acts as the head of state and commander in chief of armed forces. This is important in an age when we are never sure if there will be a war. The executive branch includes the vice president and other officials like the members of the cabinet, which is made out of 15 major departments of the government. The cabinet gives advice to the President about important matters happening in the United States.

The Judicial branch examines the court system of the United States. Through the court cases the judicial branch explains the meaning in light of the Constitution and the laws passed out from the Congress. In other words, the courts decide if a law violates the Constitution. The Supreme Court is the head of the judicial branch. The Supreme court rules whether something is constitutional or unconstitutional. There are nine judges. Eight are associate justices and one chief justice. The Supreme court is the highest court in the land. The decision of the Supreme court is final and no other court can overrule those decisions. Since judges serve for a lifetime and are chosen by a president, it is the least democratic of all branches.

Although this three sections are apart of the government each one has different jobs and purposes for this country. In the end, that is why our government works. Nobody gets too powerful, because they all have different roles.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

All About Laws

Check out the following link: All About Laws

It's a blog written by one of the Social Voice students explaining how laws work. Comment on each part if you'd like. She did a great job!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Innaugaration Diary

A Journal
By Nathaniel

First of all, I would like to show my gratitude toward those who helped me and encouraged me to go to Washington D.C. because it wouldn't have been possible for me to go to such a historic sight without you supporting me through the challenges. I am very grateful for those ,who in which, helped me with the donations. That was very helpful.  That's all I can say because it's in unspeakable words, that's how grateful I am for you helping. I might not be able to communicate with you all about my trip so, I just wrote about what I did from the day I arrived,to the day I left. I will warn you now,it might not be as exciting as any other piece of writing. ENJOY!!!!(if you can)
Day 1      
On arrival day,I was greeted by a generous lady who held a decorative sign with JrPYIC(Junior Presidential Youth Inaugural Conference). After a few more scholars deboarded the plane,we headed toward the main entrance,where we claim our baggage,to get divided into our presidential groups...I was in James Madison.With all the confusion on were the scholars should be,the buses were full and there wasn't enough room for our group,James Madison,so we had to wait about an hour and a half until another  bus,aka tour bus,arrived.The rest of us boarded the bus then  headed to a place where the ball was  taking place.There was a lot of scholars in the ball room.They said it was near 2000  scholars from middle schools,high school,and college. I was astonished.There was scholars from all around the country right before my eyes. Keynote  speaker,Eric Weihenmayer,gave us a welcoming speech.After his first speech,he told us a story of the challenges he had growing up.People always said that he can never do the things that  a human with vision does but he never let that take his faith away.ANYWAY.After the speech,we all boarded,TOUR,buses and went to a hotel were we collected our room keys.I had three roommates.....and I am enable to remember their names right now. The Faculty Advisers did a room check then we went to sleep after watching PINK PANTHER. 


Day 2 
I woke up, at 5:00am, and had dressed in relaxed professional clothes. After I was done dressing, my roommates still were sleeping. I mean they were  knocked out, with there tongues hanging out the side of their mouth knocked out! Yes it was very disturbing to look at. I thought they didn't hear the alarm because they're sleeping so I set the alarm a minute ahead of time so it'll go off and placed it by one of my roommates head and waited for it to go off.  A few seconds later, it roared out a loud ring and  it scared him and his scream scared the other people in the room. It was quite funny actually because of the chain reaction which happened. He was mad at me for a minute then began to laugh. he asked me why I did that to him in a very series face but I simply pointed to the time. He reacted in a surprised way and rushed to his clothes which hung from the chair. But I was ready and just left them to get done with their doings.  I headed to my bus, like I was instructed, so I can receive a sack lunch, I mean breakfast....they have some good sacked breakfasts(instead of saying "sacked breakfast",I'm going to state it just as sacked food) with about a large serving of cereal, a granola bar(nature valley) ,a blue berry muffin (from Italy and boy was it scrumptious) and a bottle of orange juice. They have the best food there too. It was so soothing.  Enough about food, for now, and lets finish reading(yes,I read my own writing ALL the time) about what I did in Maryland.What was I writing about,oh yeah! After everyone boarded the bus, we headed to some kind of school, or something. I obviously don't remember the name of that place exactly but that's ok...isn't it? All I know is that it took 45 minutes to get to that specific destination.  When we arrived there, we had to go inside a basket ball stadium, I know, fascinating. That's when  our former vice president,not Mr.Biden,had gave us a speech on how he competed against other nominee's.  It doesn't really sound interesting but it really was.  It was kind of messed up because of the methods they used to try to get rid of their opponent.  He said , obviously, that you can lie about  the entire campaign just to win. How are we suppose to trust the elected campaign man if the person can't even run THE campaign truthfully? Anyway, that was all he was talking about and for each question we had to ask, he responded in so called,"short story", when he really spoke for 30 minutes for just one answer....each. I would say that was the most boring and I nearly fell asleep!  Well, after he was done answering difficult questions,we had to go to a class session. And boy was it long. We were setting in a classroom for 9 hours being taught about different leadership techniques.    After the lesson was done around 8:17pm, we went to dinner at the school's cafeteria up a huge concreted hill. It was at about a 45 degree angle about 415m long. It was quite a work out too. It was worth it too because the food was,mmm-boy,good. After we,I, devoured the food, we loaded onto the bus once again  but this time we were heading back to the hotel that we stayed in. There we retrieved our instructions for the next day.
Day 3
On the third day, I woke up and dressed into relaxed professional.At 5:30am, 2:30am in Arizona, I had to wake up my roommates.It was like I  was their mother because I'm the one who wakes up 2min before the alarm and when I wake them, they look at me deliriously ,then they try to go back to sleep.You know what I did? I put cold  water into a cup and splashed it on their faces. It might seem rude but it was rather funny and we were on a tight schedule. I didn't even put that much water in the cup either because it could of affect their health in that kind of weather and it would of  damaged their beds.Anyway,we had to be at the buses at 6:30am,so as soon as we had packed necessary ,like hand warmers,texticational books that we were using for our classes we had, our camera's and other lists of materials. We arrived ten minutes early. For breakfast,we had sacked food...again. Around 7:00am, that's when we started to head out to that one school from before. We arrived on time but there was a capacious amount of people. Almost worst then Disney World. Then something miraculous happened. A security guard let us take go ahead of EVERYONE to get  in. In other words,we had the right away.I think it has to do with the Conference thing. After everyone settled into the stern seats, Colonel Powell showed his confidential face in front of thousands of people. He gave such a conscientious speech and his speech changed my life and how I look at people.Let me rephrase that. He gave such a conscientious speech and his speech changed my life forever. It also changed the way I look at different people in different ways. Despite how series he was and how he demanded us to lead the followers of this nation;he added great humor to almost every word he stated to keep us focused on his point. I'm not really going to get too much into detail because it really isn't speakable. He did give a two hour speech on how to be a great leader. Then we had to go into our groups so we can be taught by our Faculty Adviser. It was the same thing as going to school but a little longer with a few twist added to it.  We had to board the bus just as soon as class was over so that we can go to dinner at some fancy restaurant. Honestly,they could of been more organized with their food layouts not to be mean.  Other then that, the food was AWESOME!!! We started to board the bus by the presidential groups we were assigned on the day we arrived because there were about 800 to 1000 scholars in that restaurant. Yes,I know,that's a lot of people. Instead of heading to our hotel to go to our rooms, we were meeting in the lobby for a conference. It was quite fun to interact with all the scholars from around the country. Like before, I had to talk in front of all of them on a podium/stage but I don't remember what they asked me or what I said. After that,we went ahead to our rooms. I just have to say that my roommates are weird and boring.....except for when I dragged my roommate out of the room and left him out there for a while. It was quite hilarious actually, even he was laughing.
Day 4
Day four, was the most exciting day of all. Despite all the activities that were going to happen but the fact that I going to see the president Mr. Barrack Obama. My heart pounded with excitement. I just couldn't wait ! This time, I had no problem waking my roommates because as soon as the alarm went off at 4:30am, they just jumped out the bed and they were already half dressed! I was impressed on how they were  prepared. I bet they were just as excited as I was. There actions were just...abnormal as you would say. This time,instead of eating on the bus, we ate at the dinning place that was at the hotel. They said to get there ASAP but it seems like everyone woke up at the same time because the line was HUGE!  It was just as worse as Disney land! No offence. It took almost a hour just to get to the food. That completely messed up the schedule. It took longer to get to breakfast then they thought it would. So what they did was, who ever  was ready had to board the bus that was ready to depart. When ever everyone was at then museum then that's when we where  separated into our groups.  When I arrived at the museum, I was one of the happiest people in the world.  There were planes ,that were real, hanging from a HUGE ceiling. The first plane ever made was right in front of me. The first cock pit of a space ship was right before me. I was just excited to see the history of flying right before my eyes.Then Astronauts just appear from around the corner. As I forced my hand in one of my dozen pockets, scarcely searching for my autograph book. As I began to walk towards them,with the brightest face in the room. Step by step I got closer. One of the astronaut turned his head toward me and as I struggled to say a word, he just stared stared at me with a expressionless face. I then heard a voice from afar , it wasn't happy, and it came at me like a hungry T.Rex and ate all my joy to leave me with sadness. It was my faculty Adviser yelling at me so that we could leave.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Service Hour Totals

We have now surpassed the year-long goal of
1,000 community service hours!

Keep up the great work! We are living up to our name of IMPACT.

Friday, January 18, 2008


The U.S. went to Hawaii and demanded that the queen sell the land to the U.S. or they would shoot her. She protested at first, but then relented. Thus, we got the land from Hawaii.


The Americans blamed the Spanish for sinking their ship "The USS Maine." They claimed that this violated the Monroe Doctrine, which had stated that we had the right to regulate trade in all of north and south America. The newspapers all claimed that it was the fault of Spain, but we now know that the U.S. sinked its own ship in order to give cause for a war.


The Americans blamed the Spanish for sinking their ship "The USS Maine." They claimed that this violated the Monroe Doctrine, which had stated that we had the right to regulate trade in all of north and south America. The newspapers all claimed that it was the fault of Spain, but we now know that the U.S. sinked its own ship in order to give cause for a war.


The U.S. military killed six hundred Phillipine civillians during the Spanish American War in 1906. The U.S. wanted to control the Phillippines in order to control the trade route. In the end, they killed millions of Philipinos by the end of the war.

think about our future

by RM

Have you ever thought about how our future would be like? Will there be enough people to re-invent technology? Who will be the next Einstein? Imagine the future, just imagine it for a second there. Do you see many cars flying around and buildings as high as the eye can see? Me too. Now imagine it without the people that invented all of those great stuff. It's not so good now is it? Well, those questions always pop up on me when I hear the word abortion. When I hear that word, my answer to all of those questions that I wonder to, are obviously no. I say this because abortion really does have a lot to do with everyone's future. You never know what those children will become when they grow up, and there's only one solution to that. Well, what can you do, you ask yourself?

I know… I understand that abortions happen for really good reasons, but unwanted pregnancies can end with really good reasons as well! Let's see here, abortions usually happen because this girl got pregnant unexpectedly, or because this girl got pregnant, but then realized that that wasn't what she wanted. There are many more reasons to abortion, but the best solution to it is the following. If you get pregnant unexpectedly, put your baby in adoption. Or if you … let's see here, for some reason don't want your baby anymore, there's always a hospital that accepts adoptions, and there always will be. There are so many couples out there that can't have children and really want to. I really don't know why girls put their babies in a death line and then on top of that, risk their own lives as well. I just don't understand that!

Did you know that the state of Arizona has abortions circulating it all over! Apache, Cochise, Navajo, Maricopa, and all of the counties in Arizona have had 50,710 abortions succeeded in only 4 years. That's only Arizona we're talking about. Now, imagine the whole world! So many people not being able to live, just because their mothers had them "unexpectedly". How does that make you feel, depressed, sad, or maybe even wanting to cry? If you do, don't worry because I feel the same way. Dreams, liberty, success, freedom, and the future just being thrown away, "just because". We make such a big deal out of genocide, but a silent genocide rages in our own state.

Now that you know pretty much all of the information, I'm pretty sure that you will tell the girls that you know that are thinking about getting abortion not to. Tell them to actually think about our future and their kids' as well. It will not be easy, because anyone who gets pregnant unexpectadly will be scared. They need someone to talk to who won't hate them.

If your mom would have done the same thing as you want to do now, you wouldn't be here right now. You wouldn't have that great job or scholarships that you have now. Think about it, abortion should just be off the charts for good!

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common ground on the immigration debate

by CG

Do you notice how immigrants are being mistreated? (Maybe they are racist.) I bring this point up because immigration is a big deal right know. There are a lot of immigrants that are getting in trouble for minor things. I've noticed how some police are tricking immigrants and saying that they don't have insurance or when they are by a children school they tell them that they are going 16 miles per hour when the real reason is that they are going 15 miles per hour. People are doing whatever they can to catch immigrants and the silent message is "we don't want you here." But I'm not sure that's what people really believe.

People are talking................

Everybody's opinion counts. Weather its good or bad, a voice should be heard. Some people think that we should let them stay and some people think they should go back to wherever they came from. I think the major issue for most people is if immigrants start being bad or trying to take over. Yet, from my experience, immigrants are just people who wouldn't hurt anybody, especially cops, because most immigrants have respect for them. If they risked their lives to cross a border, they don't want to cause problems here. If most people can agree on this, then we can start to make progress in our conversation about immigration.

In conclusion I think that we all know that we need to be fair to immigrants. Just think about how it would be if you were in there shoes. What would you do for the safety of you're family? Would you do a crime to get money, food,and clothes for you're family? Would you dare to be an immigrant? Would you stand the pain and suffering of the people just to put bread on the table?

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The Harsh Truth behind Illegal Immigration

by AV

What is deportation and how does it affect illegal immigrants?
People become illegal immigrants in one of three ways first by entering without authorization or inspection, secondly by staying beyond the authorized period after legal entry,and finally by violating the terms of legal entry.There have been an estimated 400,000 to 700,000 illegal immigrants that have entered the United States each year since the year 1992.That means that there are between 6,400,000 and11,200,000illegal immigrants in the United States right now if not more.that is how many people are illegal immigrants in the United States and you just learned how they become illegal immigrants but what is that word Deportation mean? The meaning of the word deportation is the expulsion of someone from a place or country.In fact in the year 2005 200,000 illegal immigrants got deported.

What is being done about illegal Immigration?
Ever since the September 11 incident the United States has reinforced National securely in search of putting an end to illegal Immigration.Has it made it better or worse? It all depends on the point of view you have.If you are an illegal immigrant things have gotten worse but if you are an anti-immigrant person things have gotten better.You see in the year 2008 Arizona passed an anti-immigration law that has left undocumented workers as well as Business owners worried and we are just still in January.This law says that as of January 1, 2008, all business owners with work sites in Arizona are subject to loss of their state and local licenses if they knowingly or intentionally hire undocumented workers. This law has left many employers without employees and many illegal immigrants without a job!

The Sacrifice
People should realize before judging these illegal immigrants the sacrifices they ave made to get here.Many people would argue that the reason so many illegal immigrants come to this country is because they are poor. I think the real reason for the illegal immigration problem is as simple as people that are in search for a better life for them selves or for their family.I honestly believe that is not a bad reason because really we are all looking for that ,even if we were born in The United States ,Mexico,Asia etc.I think that those people that are against illegal immigrants must have their reasoning and it is their opinion.However I think that they should at least here the reasoning of those millions of undocumented people.

What can we do to help?
One of the many things legal citizens can do to help the not so fortunate illegal immigrants is by voting.Even though many people say to them selves how can that help? Voting actually helps in more ways than you think. For one if you are the kind of person that doesn't like the government we now have you can do something about it by voting!Another way is by taking to our governors it doesn't matter if you are undocumented you can still call them or send them a letter your governor can then help out. We can all help out or at least try this s a problem that affects us all.It is something we all need to help with.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

a student's reflections on bullying





I was 8 years old,a 3rd grader at C.W Harris Elementary school when I was bullied. I was bullied by kids at my school just because I was CHUBBY/FAT AND TALL.They used to call me names like King Kong, Twin Towers, Big Foot and Monkey Chunky; and even other names that you can't even imagine kids telling people.They say that they used to call me those names just because I was taller than everyone and I was the only big one in my class. When we went to lunch everyday, they used to tell me that I should eat more Twinkies. I felt like crying every time when somebody hurt my feelings. I wanted to move away from that school and never go back to school ever again because I didn't know what would have happened the next day at school. Sometimes I wished that people would feel how I felt so they could stop. Eventually, it stopped when I was able to find a way to get involved in things.

Every since 3rd grade happen i been getting into sports like softball, basketball and flag football with my friends and cousins. Mostly I'm into softball. That's my hobby. I'm getting into shape so people wouldn't call me those mean names like they use to back in 3rd grade when I was only 8 years old. I feel so happy because I lost so much body fat and that people stop calling me names and mostly started being my friend and talking to me.That's a really good thing that happen to me.

I'm writing this because both kids and adults get bullied whereever they go to school or work. When people do get bullied sometimes people don't want to go back because they are scared and don't want people to know that they are getting bullied on a daily basis. This is what I think because it did happen to be once and I did make a difference by getting into shape and finding an activity that built my self-confidence. I'm proud that I did get into shape and made a difference in me. I LOVE life to because my friends like me because who I am and that's a good thing I FEEL LIKE I'M A DIFFERENT PERSON BUT I'M NOT. I just wish the bullies had seen the real me from the start.

People that are bullied at school or where ever they are bullied at shouldn't be scared to talk to somebody that you trust because when you do keep stuff inside of you, you would get depresses and that you would get sick and that's not a good thing to get sick. The good thing is to tell somebody that you really trust.These are some things that could happen to you and this is what you going to feel:






Those aren't good things because then you wouldn't have friends and even that you wouldn't be socializing at all.I mean you wouldn't be talking to people often and you end up all alone.


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Making NFL History


One of greatest teams in football history made history. Yes I am talking about the New England Patriots. With their new edition to the team they had the best season in football history. They a 16-0 season. No other team in NFL history has had one. Also the quarter back "Tom Brady" has a record setting 50 touchdowns in a single season. Then their wide receiver "Randy Moss" has record setting 23 touchdowns in a single season. See all of what they did. There is no way that all of what they did is not history.

It all started by signing Randy Moss. Everyone said that the pats made a bad decision. It turned out that it was one of the best. He helped them win against the Eagles. Also a lot of other games. At the end he averaged 15.2 yards per catch, 98 catches this season and, 23 touchdowns in the season.

Next Tom Brady. He maybe the best quarterback that has ever started off as a reserve. Now he is a three time Superbowl winner. This season he achieved a record and set it too. He has 53 touchdown passes in one season. Now he is trying to become the first quarterback to go 19-0. Also he is trying to win his fourth championship.

Last but not least is the coach. He has had to deal with name calling. He took the blame for the tapes they found that belonged to him. He still made the right decisions so the pats could be the best in the league. So far no one has had any problems with that. So he played a great part in all of this.

That is why the pats are part of history. They are because history is anything that has ever happened. Maybe they might be part about social studies history but they are a part of NFL history. Also if they win the Superbowl they will make more history. They are one of the greatest teams in NFL history and that is why they are making history every time they play. From 50 TD to 23 TD catches to a 16-0 season. They will make more history to come.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fifty States of Fear

by AP

"Oh, beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties above the fruited plains…" America. The country that many consider the greatest in the world. Freedom, equal rights, its what this country's dream was. Not anymore. Continually, instead of earning rights, we have them taken away. Terrorism, immigrants, and even racial profiling have lead to doubt. Fear of being different and fear of those who are different is what has lead this country from being the noblest, to the most meager.

It starts with suspicion, you see someone doing something weird and you suspect something's up right? Nothing wrong with that. But then comes panic and from panic, is born fear. Fear is always said to make men do crazy things, but I say it's not just men. We all do it. When feeling insecure we try desperately to bring things back in order. Still, some try too hard. Since 9-11-01, we've all been terrified of another terrorist attack, so scared that we even launched a meaningless war to "prevent it". All we've managed with that is to kill thousands of innocent people and even some of our own soldiers. Our own people.

The Patriot Act. More like the no privacy law. Since it was established, the government and FBI have had the power to tap phone lines, read e-mails and even track you through your cell phone. What is the point of it? Safety? I thought that the U.S was the country of freedom! The soldiers that fought for this country's independence didn't think about their safety when they marched to the battlefields. They fought for freedom. For the future of their families. For the right to say what they wanted, whenever they wanted. A right that is slowly being taken away. Now, if you speak your mind, there is a possibility of being fined, even imprisoned. Because someone thought you were a terrorist or you were accused of being an undocumented alien. You spoke you mind to the phone, and others heard you. Fear is like a sickness.

Now even our phones aren't trustworthy. What else? The police are out to get you because you came here looking for a job to feed your family with. You dreamed of a life where you didn't have to walk past children begging for food and shelter. You hoped that something better lies on the other side of that wall, as they say; the grass is always greener on the other side. Not true for today's immigrants. Hard workers are thrown into jail because they don't have a few pieces of paper. Afraid of being deported and ripped apart from your family. Afraid, of going back to a land you barely know. Afraid of being alone.

An illness that spreads, a hungry mosquito that bites, then injects its poison. We once welcomed the immigrants, glad for help and company. America started off as a group of immigrants, hoping for a better life. Yet we refuse even that to people nowadays. We even accuse the Hispanic immigrants of being terrorists. Last time I checked, it was a group of Arabic men that planned 9-11. Not that that means anything. Now we even have prejudice against the Arabic community that has been living in America for the longest time! You want terrorists? There are plenty of gangsters out on the streets! Go chase them and leave the innocent alone!

While our president is preoccupied with all the threats outside this country, his citizens are left fighting their own war. They take over neighborhoods, kill and wreak havoc, strike fear into the hearts of even kids. No one is arrogant to this. Gangs have taken over everywhere, yet no one seems to pay much attention to them. No one is really trying to stop them. Most are afraid, others just don't care. And in reality, now gangs are even more menacing than terrorists, they're already inside the U.S. And most aren't illegal. Still, our leaders don't seem to notice that the real danger is closer than they think.

How great is America now? My point: to show you how downhill this country is going. This was supposed to be a land of freedom, prosperity and equality. That's gone now. Not even privacy is allowed in these troubled times. The danger is all around us, and not one day are we all safe. War rages miles away, but a never-ending battle takes place here, in our homes. Fear is in all of our hearts, and we can't help it. What choice do we have?

"And crown thy good, with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea."

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

American Idol Primaries

by AJS

In New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton started to cry at a diner. It wasn't much, but it was enough to swing the polls in her favor and make her the "front runner." Voters said she seemed "more human," or that they fell in love with her "softer side." Can this really be how America chooses their president? Apparently all it takes is a few tear drops to win an election.

We all know it's an act. Candidates position themselves in diners or hold babies or stand in a factory with their shirt sleeves rolled up. They sport a hat from the local AA baseball team and somehow we are supposed to believe they are "one of us." They don't run on ideas. They don't run on solutions. They run on an image.

So, it's like American Idol. Mitt Romney is good, too good. As an actor, he has it all down, but he's like the tin man on Wizard of Oz - all mechanical with no heart. Hillary was playing the tough lady but she kinda seemed too tough and so now she's playing the soccer mom who wants to be president. Obama is the young, charismatic guy with a great voice and a nice smile. So, America is voting for candidates, not because of what they believe, or even if they are qualified. (We all know Richardson was the best Democrat) We choose them based on their voice or their looks.

So, it's just like American Idol. That scares me a little, because I'm not looking for a smooth talker (although that would be nice because I've spent my whole life watching a president who stutters and makes up words). I want a guy with ideas and a sharp mind. I want someone with experience. I want someone who, before we invade Afghanistan, can identify Afghanistan on the map.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

slavery poem

by JC

Slavery back then.......

Driven far away,
Missing father and mother,
And all the games we used to play,
Shoved into an unknown ship,
While bodies died from hunger and starvation
on the voyage trip,
Taken to places far and wide,
With each place awaited a misery surprise,
One by on we were left in a country,
Unknown to us and we could see nothing,
This was perhaps an instant trade of slavery,
But could of been done?

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Thursday, January 10, 2008



Walkout" a new film tells the story of the 1968 walkout by high school Chicano students in East L.A to protest academic prejudice and dire school conditions. Many Chicano students like as Paula Crisostomo and Sal Castro, walkout with proud inside them. Students were forbidden from speaking Spanish in class or from using the restrooms during lunchtime.

In March 1968, the Chicano students decided to take a stand against the injustice and staged walkouts in schools across L.A.In March 1968, the students decided to take a stand against the injustice and staged walkouts in schools across L.A and all the Chicano students walked out. Many date the modern Chicano movement to the walkouts when some 20,000 teenagers took to the streets and started to fight with pride ,Many of the students who participated in the walkouts went on to successful careers in politics,etc. The students were arrested and jailed for disturbing the peace.This movie WALKOUT connects to society because it happen before and that people did fight for there rights like; Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X and Rosa Parks. It shows that it is a movement of people rather than something don by one person.

As a student, Chicana I would do the same thing like this movie had did like all the Chicano students walkout at 9:00am and fought for there rights. I would protest and keep fighting until all that would stop. I think that if we keep doing walkouts then we would get what we want. We should all be equal and be friends with who ever we want. If I was an adult and had kids I would want them to watch this movie and ask them what did they learn from the movie. This is a really good movie.

I picked this movie because it connects to social studies and it tells a lesson. I thought about what’s going on right now about walking out and protesting and this movie really just got my mind and started thinking to myself. I told myself I would do the same if I had the chance.

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Immigration has been a big deal lately. The President of the United States George W Bush is trying to fix the problem but hasn't done so. Immigration is becoming a big deal. Many people have died crossing the border. They die every day. George bush and the Felipe Calderon (president of Mexico) are working hard to make immigration to the United States stop.
Immigration has been going on for a long time but it wasn't as serious as now. Back then there were only a few illegal people here but now there are thousands. We have a big problem because illegal immigrants just keep coming in.

Immigrants come to get a better life here in the United States. Some citizens here don't like it they want them out of here. But I don't think that they will ever get immigrants out of here because they will just keep coming they will risk their lives to get a better life here in the United States than the one they had before. Illegal immigrants come and get jobs that pay 5 dollars an hour and work long hours. They do the jobs people here in the United States don't want to do. They work hard and even like that they don't want them here. they are just like citizens here in the United States they pay taxes they l pay bills and work. They should become citizens.

Some people here don't want the illegal immigrants here in the United States. They say that the immigrant coming from all over the world (mostly Mexico) are taking US citizen jobs. They don't want them over here because immigrants often raise up flags of their country in marches trying to say they want to be citizens. US citizen think they should go back where they came from if they like there country so much.

Many US citizens don't really care about illegal immigration. They wouldn't mine if they let them stay or kick them out. They might not think it is a problem that the immigrants here . They wouldn't care what decision George W. Bush the President of he United States made about the immigration. They bother watching the news about that. They don't care.

So what do you think about illegal immigration? Do you think it is a big problem? Do you think the president should do something about it? Immigration has been around for a long time. And I don't think they will ever get rid of it. They'll never get rid of immigration because illegal immigrants will just keep coming back.

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remembering the California fires

A few month back, fires ravaged southern California. In one small town, more than 6 bodies have been found dead. Four bodies where identified as illegal immigrants trying to cross the border line. Two bodies where found in a burned home. The statistics don’t sound astounding. It’s not like the death tolls of a huge war. Yet, do smaller numbers make it any less tragic?

Fires destroyed half a million acres and injured 57 people within the first week. 1800 homes were burned down. They sent help from other states and brave fire fighters risked their lives for a community they did not know.1293 fire engines were used to take the fire down.

Each of the towns responded by evacuating people. This meant that people had to flee with few belongs as the ferocious flames of fire. They camped out inside their football team stadium, where they were fed by the government and local charities; and helped out by people that were lucky enough to keep their homes. The massive fire destroyed more than half a million acres, and more than 2,000 houses, although the death toll was low. The bad thing is that Southern California is in a drought and has howling wind blowing from the dessert of 85 miles per hour. It keeps getting worse ,because it has hot weather right now. So this could happen again.

Unfortunately for some of the evacuaters their homes were not insured at the time. The insurance information institute estimated cost of the wildfire damages are about five hundred million dollars. This includes damaged homes, lost businesses and the expenses of hundreds of thousands of people who have been displaced. As the cost damage spread Southern California gets even more worried because they might lose some money because of having to pay for there damages.

Hopefully California has learned there lesson and should start teaching fire safety and the need for fire insurance. Maybe they could use it as a lesson in school. The people of California after this tragedy will learn many things to teach their children. They might teach the kids to go to certain places when they are in a fire. The kids may also learn to make sure a fire is out when they leave the area the fire is in. They can teach them what to do when they are in a fire by themselves with no phone. Fire safety is important for the children because if they didn't know what they had to do then something couldn't of happened to the children that where close to the fire. Many people have been affected by the fire. They have watched the place where they used to live burn down. The ones who where affected more where the ones who lost a loved one.

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will king james be the best ever?

by BC

He is one of the N.B.A's best player active today. He has been called a variety of names like ''The chosen one'', ''King James'', and they even say he might be the next Michael Jordan. He over came obstacles to get to were he is here today. Many basketball players like him, yet many fear him. Many kids want to be like him yet some want to be even better. He has impressed the whole world with his magical skills of basketball. If you don't know who I'm talking about don't just keep reading. If you do know who I'm talking about still read because you might find out even more about this future hall of famer.

The great Lebron James was born on Dec.30 1984, in a small place called Akron,Ohio. He lived a pretty hard childhood because he was an only child and his parents had been divorced for quite some time. He knew that sports was the only thing he could have done to stay out of trouble and it did. So his main sports were basketball and football. When he was in his little league teams everybody knew that he was going to be something great. And Lebron had very much confidence in himself and toke manners into his own hands.

When his high school years came Lebron was magical to all the people. In his sophmore year Lebron averaged 25.2 points,7.2 rebounds,5.8 assists,3.8 steals,and was named Ohio's '''',and was all so in the USA today all-star team. For his junior year Lebron improved his statistics to 29.0 points,8.3 rebounds,5.7 assists,,3.3 rebounds,and was named Ohio's ''Mr.Basketball'' for the 2nd straight year! In his senior year he averaged 31.6 points,9.6 rebounds,4.6 assists,3.4 steals,was named Ohio's ''Mr.Basketball'' for the third time in his high school career. At the end of his high school career Lebron James was selected to play in the McDonald's all American all-star game. In that game he lead in scoring with a high school career high of 33 points! It was in 2003 when Lebron James was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers as the 1st pick in the 1st round!

In his first basketball game Lebron was very excited because he was going to be a starter. For a rookie to be a starter in the N.B.A and in his first game is a big accomplishment. Lebron did make a name for himself in his first game, scoring 25 points, giving 9 assists, got 6 rebounds, got the team 4 steals,and was shooting 60% from the field! At the end of the season Lebron James averaged 20.9 points, 5.9 assists,and earned 5.5 rebounds per game! After scoring a season high of 41 points, Lebron James became the youngest player ever in league history to score 41 points and was named rookie of the year! Thanks to Lebron James the Cleveland Cavaliers improved by 18 games but unfortunately failed to make the playoffs with a regular season record of 35-47.

So far in the N.B.A Lebron James is one of the N.B.A's greatest player. He has been the N.B.A rookie of the year,was in the N.B.A all rookie first team,was voted M.V.P in his first all-star selection game, a three time all-N.B.A 1st team in 2006 and was in the 2005 and 2007 2nd team, won the bronze medal with team U.S.A in 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece and with team U.S.A in the 2006 FIBA world championships. In this 2007 season that just past they him and the Cavaliers were crowned the Eastern conference champions, and in that same year he won the gold medal with team U.S.A in the FIBA Americas. Lebron is proud of his accomplishments but still wants that M.V.P title,but most importantly he wants a championship ring in his hand.

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where does the fur come from?

by gabster

Did you know that what is happening around your very day life like when you go to the store you see people buying beautiful coats maid by real fur? Do you think they even think about what type of material they are using in that coat or hat or what ever the type of clothing that they used that type of fur? Well think about this most of that fur is coming from baby seals. Yes, that's right little innocent baby seals that are barely learning in life. Often they are only a week to a month old but not knowing some crucial cold blooded human is going after them just to kill them for their fur.

Just put yourself in their position right now and just think for a second how much they are suffering. Imagine you are with your mom and you had a specific jewelery that nobody has but you're the only person that has that jewelery. Crazy people are trying to reach to you to get to that jewelry and while your trying to go to the store a person goes straight to you and puts a gun straight to your face ready to kill you, but since your mom is with you of course your mom is going to stick up for you and would rather give up her life for yours because that's the way parents react so while your mom sticks up for you a big "BOOM" your mom is dead, just because they want to get to that jewelry but now that they killed your mom it is easy access to you so they kill you.

It is a brutal way that they kill the seals. They kill their moms but not only are they killing the moms but the baby seals are totally confused, being less than a month old. They don't even have the chance to live their lives just because they are getting killed just for the fur. A man walks up with a heavy club and a knife and stabs the seal until it is guarenteed dead. Some say it's a quick way to die, but usually it can take awhile for the seal. Some call it hunting, but it is only hunting if an animal stands a chance. This is poaching.

Now the baby seals have to pay the price to get killed for fur now they are becoming extinct now they are becoming at risk that they might not even exists in this world because of people that want to make money for a piece of fur from the Harp seals. Well the next you see someone buying a coat just ask them a simple question do you know what type of material they used on that piece of material. Maybe you can make a difference in that persons life. When you see this presentation I guarantee you that it will change there world and your every day life.

Dangers of Drugs

Most teenagers don't realize that they are in danger of killing themselves buy using something,these thing as destroy many family. They are in the position of peer pressure.When their friends persuade them to do things that they wouldn't do like drugs. Teenagers don't know that they are taking the risk of getting cancer and other serious diseases.The most common thing is that their friends will be the ones to persuade them.It would be very difficult to choose what to do,listen to their friends or choosing the right thing to do.

Some of the most common drug types are meth, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, inhalants steroids, and tobacco. Meth is a muscle relaxant. It blocks nerve impulses or pain sensations that are sent to your brain.It is one of the most addictive drug.Meth also makes your house stink,and if you want to have children when you grow up don't do meth because it will affect your child. Drugs have nicotine and that is why they make you very addictive to them. Many teenagers say that they are only going to do drugs once, but all of the nicotine that drugs contain they want to do drugs even more. Because of this, they constantly use drugs and before they know it, drugs are part of their lives.

Drugs are very dangerous. Some drugs make you hallucinate. For example, my mom's cousin took drugs and turned crazy then he ran away, they never found him.That's what drugs can do to you. People don't listen what drugs can do to you. They say are they just going to do it once, but they end up getting addicted to it.
Do you want to end up like Jane she used meth?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the hard truth about a soft drink


They market them to children, yet soft drinks have the most sugar of all the drinks available. Most of the soft drinks nick names are soda or pop. Yet, whatever you call it, soft drinks are dangerous. Soft drinks can give you diabetes and some studies are linking them to things like cancer.

Soft drinks can be really dangerous. Some believe that people will die because of to much soda goes into your body and eats up all your insides, because of the phosphoric acid. This is rare, but why take the risk? If a drink is eating up your insides, why do people continue to drink it?

Most people who die from soda actually die because they drink it and they don't work out and they don't ever drink any thing else. This is because there is too much sugar in the soft drinks. This can lead to diabetes or to being overweight. In the long run that can mean a heart attack or other health problems.

Teenagers who drink more soda have more mental health difficulties, including hyperactivity and mental distress, according to a study recently published in the American Journal of Public Health. This concerns me, because that means sodas can effect both the mind and the body.

Despite these problems, there are many different kinds of soft drinks like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Orange, Ruby Red Squirt. The list could continue. These soft drinks advertise to children, in sports arenas and in movies. Yet, nobody talks about the dangers connected to drinking too much soda. Cigarrette companies can't advertise to kids and neither can alcohol companies. Yet, people sell soft drinks to kids all the time.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

how many people?

by GR

How many people have to do strikes, marches and boycotts for people to get racism to stop?Aren't you tired of this aren't you tired of being judged by people you don't know? Well you should stop judging too! You say you don't judge but don't tell me that you have never looked at some and put a labeled them based on how they look or dress or the color of their skin. Remember that saying "Don't judge a book by its cover?" Will things ever get better? Have you ever actually paid attention and have you ever tried to make a difference?

Martin Luther King is a man who made or trie to make adeference. He did not use violence. He made many marches and hungerstrikes, long protests and boycotts. He gave a speech about the dream he had for the world to become a better place, for racism to stop and for everyone to be treated equally. That is all he wanted. Yet, he knew that it was hard to get along. He was killed tyring to make a difference. How many more people will it take for the world to understand racism is wrong?

There is always some people that think they are better then others. People do this all the time. They won't sell something or won't offer a job because of someone's faith or where they come from or the fact that they are immigrants. Why do some people not consider that racism? Just because they broke a law? Well Martin Luther King Jr. broke a law and he's a national hero. Rosa Parks broke a law and we paint her image on murals. Is it not heroic to pass a border to build a better life for a family?

People think things have change. It is not only the government and the president at fault. It's easy to blame them, but the reality it is everyone else's fault, too. Racism starts by someone judging someone else. It starts in homes and in neighborhoods and filters into the government. We can blame others, but here is a question: who are we/you to judge someone? Will the world ever change? Not unless we change.

Many people can try to make a difference.I t may never really happen because you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. You cannot make anyone do anything but you can help change their mind. How many other people will it take to change someone's mind? The world was maybe never meant to bein peace but that doesn't stop us from trying. If there are enough people in the world that really want it bad enough it will happen. Until then what will happen?

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by RM

Immigration has been a big deal lately. The President of the United States George W Bush is trying to fix the problem but hasn't done so. He couldn't even get his own party to pass the Temporary Worker Visas program! Immigration is becoming a big deal. Many people have died crossing the border. They die every day. George Bush and the Felipe Calderon (president of Mexico) are working hard to make immigration to the United States stop. Immigration has been going on for a long time but it wasn't as serious as now. Back then there were only a few illegal people here but now there are thousands. We have a big problem because illegal immigrants just keep coming in.

Immigrants come to get a better life here in the United States. Some citizens here don't like it they want them out of here. But I don't think that they will ever get immigrants out of here because they will just keep coming they will risk their lives to get a better life here in the United States than the one they had before. Illegal immigrants come and get jobs that pay 5 dollars an hour and work long hours. They do the jobs people here in the United States don't want to do. They work hard and even like that they don't want them here. they are just like citizens here in the United States they pay taxes they l pay bills and work. They should become citizens.

Some people here don't want the illegal immigrants here in the United States. They say that the immigrant coming from all over the world (mostly Mexico) are taking US citizen jobs. they don't want them over here because immigrants often raise up flags of their country in marches trying to say they want to be citizens. US citizen think they should go back where they came from if they they like there country so much. US citizens think it disrespectful. Some think foreign people bad and shouldn't be here.

Many US citizens don't really care about illegal immigration. They wouldn't mine if they let them stay or kick them out. They might not think it is a problem that the immigrants here . They wouldn't care what decision George W. Bush the President of he United States made about the immigration. They bother watching the news about that. They don't care.

So what do you think about illegal immigration? Do you think it is a big problem? Do you think the president should do something about it? Immigration has been around for a long time. And I don't think they will ever get rid of it. they'll never get rid of immigration because illegal immigrants will just keep coming back.

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give peace a chance


In the past years people have been wondering if we're ever going to be in peace.They ask thereselves that because in the past years we have been in a lot of wars. I ask myself, "Why should we be in a war at all? Does it help us in something? Do we get more powerful? Doesn't that just make people hate us more?" Being in war doesn't really help us in something, it just makes more fight and war over more of the world. Wars destroy families, countries, houses and it kills people that you love.

Everyone would want peace in our whole world.The problem is that it is really hard to be in peace when you have your country or some other countries in war. Being in war is really scary and frightening. People get really frightened because when you have a war in you're country, you have terrorism too. You never know when you're enemy is going to attack your place. Instead of warning you, they just come out of nowhere. They might throw bombs, which destroy a lot offamilies and houses.You see people on the floor all bloody or even people dying slowly.You just don't know what to do.You feel like just hiding in you're own little house with you're whole family, because you wouldn't want to see your family die or get injured.

People suffer alot when there in war. They go through a lot of pain. Seeing families cry in television when the news or on, you just wanna help them or justwish that the war wouldn't go on.The most saddest part is when yousee kids all alone crying or looking for there family.You feel like just grabbing that kid and hugging him and telling him "Don't worry, everything is going to be fine" when you really know that you'renot sure if everything is going to be okay or wrong. It breaks people's hearts to see little kids with out there families or with someone that would take care of them.

What I'm trying to say that why do we start more wars? Its like saying if you play fire by fire you just create more fire. I mean why can we just live in a peace world. I know that's really difficult to do or to say,but there's always possibilities for that to happen. I know that's a really hard thing to ask for, but everyone would want that.

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coco channel

Coco Chanel is well known for her line of fashion (totally awesome right?). You may think she's always lived the glamorous life... that's only how she made it seem. She was born in a poor house where her mother used to work at. Although things were already tough they got worse when her mom died. She was only six and she had four other siblings and they all had to live with their father. Her name wasn't really Coco Chanel, it was really Gabrielle Bonheur. How ever she wasn't satisfied with that. So while working at a cafe she decided she wanted to be known as Coco Chanel. She was twenty three at the time. She was born in 1883, though she had lied and said 1893 for some weird reason.

Now you may think her life was all a lie, no sir! All her clothes and everything were originally made by her. She had opened her first milinary shop in 1912 to the 1920's. She started out making simple suits and casual outfits. Yeah thing is that she wasn't like all the other designers, she actually thought about the people so she made her clothes super comfortable! Sadly something had interrupted her business. World war I! It really made things tough. It was running really slowly and she had more trouble than ever with her shop. That didn't stop her. She moved on and waited for things to get better. Which they did.

Chanel didn't do all that work on her own. For the most part she did design most of her clothing line, but she did have a lot of help with everything else. Her main people (assistants) were Yvonne Dudel and Jean Cazaubon. They helped her sell and design. Along with many other qualities. The three of them may of had rough times, but they always got back on track and succeeded.

So what does that have to do with history? For one thing, she is a living example of how it is possible to live out your dreams; but that ambition alone won't do. You have to work hard. In addition, she is an example of a feminist. Sadly, most feminists won't view her that way, because they see fashion as an insult to their beliefs. But she went into a male-dominated profession at a time when women were supposed to just be housewives.

Even after she died people took on her business and made her fashions way huge. Which only goes to show that she was a true inspiration. Surprisingly all the people that took on her business were all men. Wow you would usually expect it to be mostly girls, but nope guys can also be great designers. Chanel is very well known to now in days for her fabulous fashions. So I would like to thank her for the inspiration she has given me, and now I know I want to be just like her. Hopefully I will someday be as great as she was and still is. Thank-you Coco Chanel... YOU ROCK!

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Fashion: Then and Now


Some fashion that's in the present, might be a little be like the Vintage Fashion in the 1800's. Fashion is one of the things in the world that change quickly. For example, every season their is a different style. Artist, Models and etc. change their looks almost every season. Clothes aren't the only thing that changes, hairstyles do too. Hairstyles are another thing that changes by seasons and. Lots of things that have to do with fashion change constantly. So this is why i chose to write about Fashion. What you will read about is women's fashion and men's fashion in the early 1800's and today's fashion.

Women's fashion in the 1800's
In the 1850's, the domed skirts of the 1840s continued to expand. Skirts were made fuller (deep ruffles) usually in tiers of three, gathered tightly at the top and stiffened with horsehair braid at the bottom. Early in the days,ladies of those days dressed with featured panels over the shoulders that were gathered into a blunt point at the slightly dropped waist. These bodices generally fastened in back by means of hooks and eyes, but a new fashion for a jacket bodice appeared as well, buttoned in front and worn over a chemisette. Wider bell-shaped or pagoda sleeves were worn over false or under sleeves or engagementes of cotton or linen. Evening dresses were very low-necked, falling off the shoulders, and had short sleeves. The introduction of the steel cage crinoline in 1856 provided a means for expanding the skirt still further, and flounces gradually disappeared in favor of a skirt lying more smoothly over the petticoat and hoops. Pantalettes were essential under this new fashion for modesty's sake.

Men's Fashion in the early 1800's

Non-Militia or Baggage Trayne costume is English countryman or peasant except for more middle-class craftsmen. Jerkins have no collars, usually lace up the front, have no tabs on the bottom seam, and are often long enough to have a belt over the waist. Shirts were usually white or other colors. Material in the early fashion should be natural - cotton, linen or wool, in browns, greys, tans, Burgundies and greens for non-Officers. Men wore hats differently but alike, like the ones people wear now. Hats had flat caps, normally fabric but leather were constant. As shown in the picture hats are pretty much alike to the ones now. Nothing really change accept that maybe back in the day men wore a feather to show style and manner. Things worn in the early 1800's were, belts, gauntlets, sword baldrics, and other leather items. The leather would normally be natural brown. Most people preferred it better than black leather.

2007' Womens Fashion
Today's fashion the way you dress and do your make up, hair, the way you have your shoe tied. and etc. Are very important in the teen life. Adults life are more like old school. Today's fashion is pretty much unknown. Fashion these days mean more than just one thing. Fashion is the way people look. The way fashion is from now and then is very different. These days people show more skin than in the early 1800's. The clothes seem to be more tighter than poofy. Although like I said today's fashion is similar to what used to be in the 1800's.

2007' Mens Fashion

Today's men's fashion is more hip. Guys do wear tuxedo like what they used to wear in the early days but now that is only for special occasions. Fashion is for men has change dramatically. Everything come and goes. I'm not saying it doesn't in women's but men's is the one that changed the most. The kind of shoes men wear now and then can be really different from what they were in the 1800's. Coats that were used then had been replaces with jackets with designs on them and a hoodie. The pants aren't the same. Men has invented what is known as jeans and generally dress more casual.

the history of hair


Hairstyles have been one of the things that change throughout the passing years. Yet, it is something that we rarely study in history. The reality is that hairstyles from today differ from the ones in the past. There are moments when things like bleaching hair started and we should see if it's the same way we do it today. We can study when hair products were invented, when, and by who, why some hairstyles are way inappropriate for some religions, and what hairstyles are just perfect for their beliefs. The truth is that hairstyles define who you are in many ways - your beliefs, your subculture, your nationality.


Hairstyles from the past are way different from the today hair. Although sometimes we bring the 70's clothing back, we don't for some reason also bring back the hairstyles. About every ten years the hairstyle changes completely. No wonder our hairstyles from today are different; you see, before. a women's hair would always be up top. That would be the bomb right there, but now the style is to have it down and straight! Hairstyles are a very important part in your life, because if you have a bad hair day... then it's probably your bad day as well, so therefore hairstyles have to keep on changing, and they will.

Getting a haircut today is about $11 at a barbershop, but before... getting a first-class haircut would only cost 5 cents! Amazing isn't it? Haircuts are a really big deal becuase it's you're hair we're talking about here. But back then... this may seem kind of confusing... but back then money used to cost more. So really I think it would cost the same as today if money would cost the same as back then. I would still like to live back then though because 5 cents still sounds way less than $11 even though it may have costed the same. So now you see why hairstyles changed a lot, because it only costed 5 cents to re-do it!

This may seem wierd to you, but a little boy getting his first hair-cut was a huge celebration for him, and I'll explain why. A little boy getting his first haircut meant he's taking a step to his boyhood. Mothers would usually cry because of this incident, but fathers would enjoy this happy moment. After really being a boy, you would get another haircut, but you would still shrivel and cry in the barbershops' chair. Getting your first haircut today is like, wow... you look good, pay and let's go! Not at all the same as 100 years from now, not at all!

Americans' most preferred hairstyle is pretty difficult to narrow down because if you're a rock star, you would prefer an mohawk. But then again if you were to be a nerd, you would love your hair long enough to do the little hairstyle nerds do these days. If I would have to decide what hairstyle Americans prefer I would go for either the afro or bald for the guys & bob head or below shoulder above elbow haircut for the girls. They're not the best but the most commonly seen throughout the world these days. But believe it or not... America is pretty hard to convince to stay with only one hairstyle, so that's why we have many options to choose from! And many more in store, so get ready America!


Hairstyles of course aren't hairstyles for some people if you don't bleach it. Well believe it or not women from 1890's already thought about it. Bleaching hair started in 1891 and were surprisingly done the same way, byusing peroxide of hydrogen and ammonia. Okay, okay, so we do copy some things off from the past, and we haven't found a better way to do it, so good job to the 1890's bleaching inventors! Bleaching has been a relief to some girls out there, but it's also been a nightmare, so be very careful with it even though it's been around for more than 10 years.

Many hair products have been invented throughout these past years, but I can only name so many as I call the most interesting ones! Here goes the first one, this one is called the permanent waving machine. It was invented by Charles Nessler in the early 20th century, and a spiral method was invented in 1906. Another one is the hot-blast hair dryer (as the blow dryer today) in the late 19th century. There was also a unique hair cutter machine used in 1903 which is made to run through hair while hot platinum wire is combing the hair to burnt he ends off. Today, they keep on inventing new products like that new hair curler with a spiral stuck to it aswell!


Being Apostolic is a big difference to being a catholic, that's why the rules are way different. Hairstyles is one of them; for example: Apostolic girls absolutely for no reason can cut their hair. From when they were born to when they die they have to have their hair natural with no scissor prints. Apostolic girls usually wear their hair up in a bun because it seems more holy to them. They don't have to, though. They choose to because that's how they were taught to do their hair. Now Catholics girls have all the permission to choose whatever hairstyle they choose. If it's an afro, if it's pointy, I don't know... but any kind of hairstyle is allowed there.

In some cultures (certain Islamic countries) it is considered a sign of respect for women to cover their hair out of modesty. In other cultures, the bobbed hair cut is popular and no one cares (and if you're Ms. Spears, you might think shaving it all off is cool). Some haircuts can celebrate a cultural or ethnic belief. For example, the Afro became popular in connection to the Civil Rights movement and black nationalism.

So whenever you go around asking yourself what they used to use to make their hair beautiful before, just come back and see for yourself. Research the subject. Might aswell just read it all while you're at it by the way! It never hurts to be a tad bit smarter than your opponent in life.

land of the free?

by F.C.

Have you ever felt that someone was listening to you on the phone? Have you ever felt you where being watched? Well now there is someone is watching checking to see what you are talking about. They invade your privacy.Yet you helped them get into power. You elected them, trusting that they would keep you free; but now they are taking away your freedom. That's right, it's the government.They are tapping phone lines at random. No form of conversation or communication is safe anymore since the government has technology that can intercept your email, hear what you're talking about through the phone and in check you in person.That is only one of the many things your government has done that is corrupt deceiving and according to there law illegal. I will expose the truth.

The government isn't only screwing this country it is screwing the other countries too. Actually most of those Mexicans that you want out of here are legal.When the war between Mexico and the U.S was ending there was a treaty signed in a part of the treaty it stated that Arizona's border would always be open. Yet we keep kicking the Mexicans out who should be allowed in.That is a violation of your word that treaty might as well mean nothing.You should be ashamed. Yet, we do this out of fear. We are afraid of those who are not like us, who don't speak our language or who don't share our culture. So, we break an international treaty out of fear and we violate the freedom we supposedly stand for.

There are many other things like the truth behind Iraq's war.Why we haven't found Osama Bin Laden, who is most likely hiding in Pakistan (a nation with nuclear bombs and a dictator). Yet, our soldiers continue to die and we continue to spread lies about why we are there. We say that we are protecting freedom in another country, yet we won't refuse freedom to hardworking immigrants and we are slowly taking freedom away from our own citizens.

They are going to start making everybody who is legal have a drivers license with a tracking device in it. We are moving toward this, because of fear of terrorism. This license is going to tell them where you are what your doing and who's next to you or with you. If congress passes that National ID law, it will invade our privacy that is supposed to be protected with the fourth amendment. I must tell you that congress has not passed this law, but some of the members are trying real hard. I give it five years until this law passes.

Meanwhile, the government is invading your privacy in any way possible.They passed a law called the PATRIOT ACT!!!!! It sounds benevolent, right? This bogus law allows the government to tap your phones check what movies and books you check out. They can read your email and mail and they can listen in on your conversations our having in person.They also have this machine that shows what your doing inside your house. Many people who need to do their research say they don't tap just any ones phones. The truth is they do.They tap phones at random. The Justice Department and FBI have testified to this. They have no pattern at all they just choose at random, so you could be next.