Wednesday, October 31, 2007


By J. Castillo

FEAR of those who kill and leave behind blood,
FEAR of death that comes beyond,
FEAR of confusion that approaches near by,
FEAR of them troops whom carry a gun,

FEAR of those who kill and leave behind blood,
FEAR of losing my family,
FEAR of everything that surrounds me,
FEAR of those that decide to rape,


Monday, October 29, 2007

Case Studies - Does it violate their rights?

Stu Pidiodit went to his job at Mal-Wart. While he was there, he waited to get his break. Instead of asking, he decided to take his break at exactly three hours. His manager wrote him up and he sued, claiming that Mal-Wart owed him his break.

Joe Schmoe worked at the grocery store, where he was told to always use gloves when pulling the dry ice out of the container. On one occasion, his boss told him to go get the dry ice. When he went to the container, there were no gloves. As a result, he pulled the dry ice and badly burned his hands. Did the grocery store violate his rights?

A thirteen year old girl volunteered at the food bank. The work required her to lift boxes of food. Despite the hard work, she said it was worth it. However, her older brother claimed that the work was an example of child labor. Did the food bank violate her rights?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cars As a Double-Edged Sword

Excerpt from The Extreme News (one of our students' blogs)

A car is a good way to travel and go different places. But it's also good at polluting and destroying the earth's atmosphere. Cars are efficient and gives us a chance to speed up the day.If We didn't have cars we couldn't expand and have as much economy as we do today. Even though cars are very helpful,they are also very deadly and in a couple of years all the pollution will get rid of the atmosphere.If there's no atmosphere then there's nothing to keep us save from the power of the sun.then the south and north pole will melt and drown us. Unless we can find a better way to travel.One of the best ideas is to make hybrid cars. Cars are very useful but eventually be the death of us.

fairness - Is it fair that baseball players earn more than teachers?

from the blog: the A-Zone (a student on our team)

Is it fair that baseball players earn more than the measly 30,000 that teachers make? I say no. Why? Because there are just a bunch of people out there throwing a ball and swinging at it with a bat just for the sole purpose of entertaining thousands of people willingly paying their hard earned money to go to these places.

For me, it's quite common seeing a parent talking on and on about sports with their children, and yet after their kid's dismissal from school they simply say, "How was your day at school?" and when the child replies good, the kid simply goes off into doing something they like. Or ( which is worse ) the parent makes no movement to engage the child into a conversation about school. Whereas they engage in conversations daily about baseball and other sports.

However, baseball should hold no real value for kids in school age since the baseball players aren't teaching them and teachers are. Parents shouldn't waste a lot of money on baseball when learning is much more important than leisure currently. The ways that teachers can teach are few since they can't have enough books and such to use for learning in case of a money shortage. Which will reflect on society later on when those kids are adults.

Apparently seventy-eight million dollars is not enough for A-Rod

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Current Map of Iraq

This is a current map of Iraq. How is Iraq divided? What could potentially happen if we leave Iraq?

why do people hate America?

Why are these people burning the U.S. flag? What does the U.S. represent to them? How should America respond to this? Why do they hate America?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What leads to happiness?

The Declaration of Independence mentions the pursuit of happiness. It is part of the American Dream. Yet, what is it that actually leads to happiness? What are the things in life that will make people actually happy over the years (not just in the moment)?

Why is there suffering?

Why is there suffering in the world? Why do bad things happen to people, whether they do the right thing or not?

Cold War Case Study

In 1966, a teacher was arrested for being a member of a Communist sympathizing group. When she signed her contract, she had taken a vow that she was not a Communist, but she was found on the weekend sending pamphlets supporting Communist revolutions in other countries. After further examination, they found that she had written several articles for a Communist newspaper and had been active in creating a socialist political party. She was fired for her actions and sued the school district.

Were they right in firing her? Why would they be concerned about a teacher as opposed to another profession? Share your reflections about the case.

Cold War Questions

What type of economic system would you choose if your were rich? What kind would you choose if you were poor? Why would people be worried about Communism spreading? Who would be the people most concerned?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When is it okay to use violence?

When is it okay to use violence? It's a question that has plagued humanity for centuries. Is violence something that should only happen if you are attacked? Or should you attack if you know you will be attacked? Or is it better to turn the other cheek? Is it okay to use violence if it will make a nation stronger?

I'm still searching for an answer. I'm not so sure there is an easy one. That's why I want to start a dialogue about it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Story of a Super Bowl

By S. Deleon

Super Bowl 41 was one of the greatest Super Bowls ever played. This Super Bowl is the past but it was a nice game. This game had a lot of interesting facts like there was rain in the game and the game was in Miami, Florida. The teams that were playing were the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears.

The game started off with a kick off to the Chicago Bears. Devin Hester returned the kick off for a 96 yard touchdown. They made the extra point for a 7-0 lead chcago was up. At that point people thought the red hot Chicago Bears were going to take this game easily. they must of forgot that the Bears were playing the best team in the AFC. They are the team that scores the most points in their division and that offense got them to the Super Bowl for a reason.

The game was geting interesting. Peyton Manning (the Colts QB) was throwing passes to his favorite reciver Marrvion Harrison. Then a long touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne tied the score 7-7. It really was a great game which tested the teams because it was raining super hard and it is hard to keep the ball in their hands. The Bears had tooken the lead by taking the ball at the Colts 21 for a field goal. Now the score was 10-7 Bears.

The Colts were catching up with a terrific pass to Reggie Wayne and that got them at the 49 yard line. Than another pass to Marrvion Harrison got them the laed with the touchdown.. At that point the Colts were up 14-10 at halftime. the second half begins and after three quarters the score was now 29-17. It was the fourth quarter and it was coming to an end and the Chicago Bears had the ball in scoring possesion, but the Colts great defence had intercepted the ball. The player that had closed Super Bowl 41 was Bob Sanders That was the game the Colts had won the Super Bowl and had their fifth division title. The Colts are the defending champions coming into this season and they're off to a terrific start at 5-0.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

this is me

By J Rosales

I am smart and funny
I wonder why people don't help others
I hear people crying for help
I see world peace
I want to be successful
I am smart and funny

I pretend that everything is fine
I feel sadness
I touch the sky
I worry about my mom
I am smart and funny

I understand that I say that every deserves equality
I dream about my life
I try to be my best in school
I hope for world peace
I am smart and funny

Who Am I

By Kayleen

I love my family.
No space of our own but still happy
because we know
that together we must be.

I love music
and the guitar
I listen to it
and look up at a star.

I love puppies
small and cute they get cuddly
and enchanting as can be.

I love my family, music, and puppies
in my heart theres always a place for them.
This must mean Kayleen is who I am.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Should We Elect a Black President?

By V. S. 

During Reconstruction, Americans began to elect black officials, create black businesses and new schools. It was as if, by doing these quick fixes we could get past the issue of racism and slavery. By simply passing a few amendments to the constitution, things could change. Now, as we face this time of post-Civil Rights, Americans are wondering whether it's time to elect an African-American president.

It is important to many Americans that we allow an African-Americans to get elected because then we would be doing the equivalent of shouting hurray by showing we are growing out of the slave thing. It's a way for us to pat ourselves on the back and claim that we are no longer being racist in our country. But I think it's a little misguided. We think that by electing African-Americans we can just run away from our legacy of racism and slavery.

I know we don't have slaves now, but we treat each other like we still do. Gang leaders telling people to fight, people still forcing a sensual relationship by tying up women and having a "sensual" relationship. People still murdering and hurting other people by means of whipping, strangling, torture. Companies take advantage of workers and act like they are just slaves. People round up immigrants like cattle. Children around the world still work in factories where they cannot leave. Mere children are forced into prostitution in some countries.

We act like we are over with racism, but the reality is we are not. Minorities are still called names. We still make jokes about it. They still do not have an equal voice in the media. But it's more than that. There is still the shame of being followed around in a store or knowing that you could never buy a home in "that" neighborhood. Or having cops harass you. I think choosing a black president is just an easy way to lie to ourselves and say, "the racism is over."

So, we are left with the question of whether we should elect a black president. Could Obama be elected? Should he be elected? Maybe. But we need to make sure we are not doing it to simply avoid the racism that still exists.

The Mixed Reality of Rap Music

J. Vargas

Rap music is a controversial style of music. Some people love it. They enjoy the loud beats and the heavy bass. Others say it is a bad influence on America’s youth. Either way, rap music has some very controversial themes.

People that are protesting and angry are usually upset about the language used in the songs. In the past, in the early days of rap, no one was worried about it. It was just a way that people expressed their ideas. Then, sometimes in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, a rapper made a song that talked about killing cops. Soon, people started to listen to gangster rap. The songs were about killing and making money from drugs and pimping.

People who heard that music got mad about that they didn't let their kids listen to rap songs. They tried to pass laws saying you couldn’t listen to certain songs if you were underage. The one that made the rap song said that he didn't mean to tell people to kill cops and that he was sorry. Instead, he was mad that a police officer had killed his innocent friend. He made that song to show how he feels about one particular cop.

The truth is that not all rap songs have bad language. Some rap talk about what happens in our world. Like other rappers that tell about past events. Others share their beliefs about the White House. So, sometimes they are more about politics than just killing and pimping.

The problem is that much of rap can be both good and bad. For example, Tupac had a rap that told a story about teen pregnancy. His song Brenda Has A Baby was based on a true story. He all so made another song about cops that are racist. One of his songs even encouraged people to change their behaviors and live right. Other songs were not so positive. There were people who got angry about the words H-s, B$&%@, and S&@%. Then came the songs that talk about smoking weed and doing coke. That’s what got people angry.

"So there is no good rap song out there. Every rap there someone that will get anger. People that do get rap song have a bad back round.” That what people think. They think that people who listen to hip hop are all thugs. Yet, some of Tupac’s fans are white people that have a good back round. Some of the rap music can be really positive.

A Chance at a Better Life

By V. Chavarria

Should the immigrants stay in the UNITED States? It’s a difficult and controversial question. I think that the immigrants should stay in the United states because everybody in the united states was once an immigrant. Anyone whose family at one time moved from one nation to another was an immigrant. Immigrants deserve the right to
stay in the United states. After all, it was many of the immigrants who built the houses. When you see new stores and new streets you usually see the immigrants were the ones who created it. Immigrants deserve the right to earn money and have food, because they were the ones who worked in the fields and in the factories to make the food.

Why do so many of the immigrants leave Mexico? Why don’t they simply stay there? They probably don't want to stay there because there probably tired of living there. They don't get that much money over there and some of them can’t get buy on their income. They don't get paid good money. They want something new. They want a better life and they are willing to work hard for it.

Immigrants find it possible to create a better life. They going to be happy because they finally have a chance to have a better life. They can get a better job. Their life can be better then how they were before. They can become rich – or at least by their standards. Although people protest and create laws to limit it, the truth is that immigrants can make it in the United States.

Immigrants deserve a chance to stay in the United States in the same way that immigrants once moved here by crossing Ellis Island. Everybody in the United States was an immigrant at some point. Therefore, immigrants deserve that same chance at the American Dream.

World War II - Why It Happened

By N. Lopez

World war II was very bad. It involved innocent people who lost there lives. It looked awful – bodies laying across battlefields, people wasting away in concentration camps, smoke, bombs,and a lot of people layen there dead. Some of them didn't have a choice to stay or to go to war.

War world II happen because of Hitler and what he was trying to do to the world. The second world war affected a lot of people. The reason is that Hitler had gained lots of power and used his plan to create the perfect race. He wanted to take over the world. It was a big part of history everybody who was there probably to this day might remember exactly how it smelled, looked or they probably even could still taste it.

It was a really tragic war. It was one of the longest wars of the last century. It was certainly the deadliest. For many countries, it was all about revenge. The more they lost the more the sent more soldiers to attack them. The Germans wanted revenge for the Treaty of Versailles. Other nations wanted revenge on the Brittish for imperialism. America wanted revenge for Pearl Harbor.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor was another cause of the World War II. This why America got involved in it. When my teacher showed us what happen and all the pictures.I felt like crying because when I saw all those people and this one little kid he looked so scared and lost. Yet, I felt just as bad for the people who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I think that the World War II is important to me because there where some innocent people who die. Some people didn't have any chose to go in fight for our country or state. Hopefully it is a disaster that will never have to happen again.

Photo Credit
National Archives
Public Domain

How Children Learn Violence Is Okay

By V. Sanchez

Hatred and violence are a new trend in the youth of the today's vocabulary. Parents, do you want your children growing up cussing at each other, calling each other sluts, and n-words ? If I had kids I would say no, but that's not the point. The point is, children as young as 2-3 years old are calling each other the cuss word equivalent of turds, female dogs, and donkey holes. Why? It is all due to the fact that children learn this from their environment.

What causes people to hate? I would say, it's the violence in the people's hearts. There are rapists, burglars, gangsters, kidnappers, murders, and drug dealers. The kids of today have to live in this state of violence and so they start to think it’s normal. Every single step I take, people are either talking, listening, watching, playing, making, or even joining this violent havoc that is streaking across America. Thousands of thousands of people simply support the preachers of violence and the others by joining them. How does this happen? By going and snapping in their minds and then getting people into a frenzied state. That's often how people turn into rapists and such.

It's because their minds couldn't handle something that finally made their mind snap. Then they start shooting up drugs, shooting people and raping. Or they could become psychotic individuals, who will shoot at the slightest touch. Another version of the pyschotic individual is one who will kill, either for the pure joy of it, or at the first little voice in their heads. Such people are often increasingly scary due to the murders going on from other people. Psychotics can be found in the game Condemned: Criminal Origins but that goes with the making violence since they try to kill you. So, it’s the environment that causes people to act like this.

The current situation is the fact that young children ( 3- 21 ) are playing games like Condemned , Grand Theft Auto , Saint's Row , or Dead Rising. I don't know why, but children are just going to have to learn how to deal with this violence without ever joining it, and aggravating the current situation. Don't go out with a boom, like Ted Bundy. Go out with beauty. Choose a life of non-violence.

Immigrants Are Mistreated

By K. Yunis

Is immigration really a big deal? For many Americans it isn't. It should be. There are many families that can’t even sleep because the are scared knowing that at any minute someone could call the immigration officials on them. It is at a point were they had their hopes up for a better life for them and know people are going to take it away for them at any moment. Nobody would like that after everything it took them to get to where they are they have to to go back from where they started. It is really sad.

Immigrants actually come here for a better life. They come here sacrificing their lives to get here. People act like if they are animals that are going to harm us, but they deserve a chance for everything. We are the ones destroying the environment (like crashing down buildings). Who are the ones cleaning up after us? The immigrants do this type of work and yet they still don't complain. They want to help out, because they want a better life.They are humans and equal like every one of us. Everybody deserves a chance to be here. They actually respect our country. They come here, give us something special and what do we do in return? We just flick them away like if they don't mean anything, but they do. They are the ones actually make a difference around the world.

Yet, despite this, things are getting worse for immigrants. Last election, they faced harsh laws to limit their freedom. Now there is an immigration hot line led by Sherrif Joe; where you can report any suspected illegal immigrant. I just think that is something very important that people are doing right now. Its really sad that they are doing this to innocent people that just come here for a better life.

Immigrants are very important .We should let them come here. I say everybody deserves a chance. We could really use their help right now. We should treat them like we do with everybody else. That 's how much of a big deal about the immigrant situation is.

What Should I Do?

By A.V.

what do I do?
im only 13
i dont know every thing
should I stay or leave
can you tell me please

what do i do
i'm in math class
whats two plus three
should i stay or leave
the rest of the day is passing by
who should i stay with

how should i be
i dont know everthing
should i stay or leave
can you help me please ?

Questions About Life

These were questions posted by an inquisitive student. Sometimes questions are more powerful than an article or even a poem.

Questions About Life

.Why do we have to be smart to be someone in life?
.Why do we go to school. How do you know something is true?
.Why don’t people think we are as important as adults?
.Why do we have a lot of racist people in this country?
.Why do we love? Why do we hate? Which is more powerful?
.How come we could we live without computers?
.Why do we have bad people in this world?
.Why are men more important then women?
.Why are we having wars?
.Why do we have a lot of other countries people hating us?
.Why are they making laws against latinos? What did we ever do?
.Why do people bully other people?

3 Short Poems

3 short poems

History is cool,
History is a tool,
History is fun
but I’m not done
History is awesome, I like it a bunch
I’d like to keep typing, but it is time for lunch.

History is great,
I might turn this assignment in late.
I learned about the civil war,
That sucks they didn’t have cool stores.

Slaves are treated bad,
That is kind of mad.
Slave owners are messed,
Because they think they’re the best.

Is World Peace Possible?

By K. Valdez

Is world peace possible? Can we all get together and get along with each other? The government is not the solution for the peace everyone has been looking for. Most of the wars are caused by the governments that claim to protect peace. The people march against war but their voice is not heard.

Part of the world's problems come from the government's from all around the world. Warsare started because of them. The government needs to be calm or else their citizens are going to go out of control. How does the government expect their local residents to behave when their own behaviors are causing an international problem? That is something to consider in searching for world peace.

Peace is created not found. It has to do with how much you respect and how much you want to be respected. Peace treaties are very effective in international relationships. All we have to do is live by the law and not interfere with any problems the government is facing during a process of something. The government needs to recognize that when they have problems their citizens are worried there might be a war again. If people are so worried there going to start to go out of their country. That has happened before, when a country had severe problems people migrated somewhere far from their country. We just need to listen to the government and live how we want to, and I know everyone will be enjoying their life how it is. In other words, if people obey the law and the government creates fair laws, there won’t be any problems.

We all need to find out what is going on in our own community. You never know if you’re in danger and the community might be in danger with you to. Those are the kind of problems the government does not know about. That's why no government in the world can stop crime or any other problem there is. We just need to keep our eyes open and report anything that we see that can put our neighborhood or community in danger. Recognizing our rights can keep us just about free. If we let people live in this freedom, there is no need for war. Anyway, this is a free country!

A War that Everyone Forgets

By A. Martinez

What do you know about World War I? Do you think it was tragic, or was it not important to you at all? I've rarely heard about it. World War II is more known to people, but I'm going to help you learn more about it, because it is an important war.

It was known as the War to End all Wars, but did it? World War I was a big part of history. It was tragic, it was depressing, and millions of people died fighting for their countries and their families. More than nine million soldiers and civilians died. It took place in Europe from 1914, to 1918. Austria-Hungary declared war on July 28th, after that, on the first of August, the Germans declared war against Russia, then two days later they declared war against France. The toll on human life was something the world had never seen and it all began with one shot.

World War I began because of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife on June 28th, 1914, by Gavrillo Princip. After that, countries began declaring war against each other. You can imagine how traumatized the war left all those people, how they'll never be the same again. The people who fought in the war were known as the Lost Generation. After a few years or so, Europe mourned. Memorials were set up in thousands of villages and towns. It must bring back terrible memories to see the memorials, and even if they never do go visit the memorials, they must think about it from time to time. It was a time when people could no longer believe in hope or progress.

During the war, around 8 million men surrendered and were put in POW camps. 92,000 Russians surrendered, over half of the Russian losses were prisoners. Prisoners from allied armies totalled about 1.4 million (not including Russia, who lost between 2.5 and 3.5 men as prisoners) from central powers, about 3.3 million men became prisoners. So many people were killed, injured, or held as prisoners. The amount of men that were killed during World War I, is terribly high. It's sad to think about it.

World War I was a very terrible war. It wasn't the last war, and neither was World War II. No matter what, there will always be mean and sick people out there who'll do things, that cause others to want to put an end to it. For all the men that fought in World War I to bring peace to the world, they should never be forgotten. They risked their lives, and most died, just fighting for their countries. No one, should forget, The War to End all Wars.

The Story of World War II

By J. Barraza

Have you ever wanted to know about the World War II? It was a very brutal war between the Axis and the Allies team. During the World War II another tragic thing was happening. It was the Holocaust. It was a very tragic thing that should never happen again because there were millions of Jews who were massacred for no reason. World War II was another tragic thing that should never happen.

World War II happened because a evil dictator named Adolf Hitler wanted to take over the world. Germany, Italy, Japan and other Axis powers wanted to take over the world. However, America and the other Allied countries did not want them to take over the world so that is how the war started. The Allies weren’t perfect, however. For years, they had practiced imperialism and now they were forcing the German citizens to pay huge fines for World War I.

First Germany did a surprise attack on smaller countries like Belgium and Poland and took over parts of Europe. Then Great Britain told the other countries if they could help them then the other countries jump into the fight and that is how the World War II started. Except for America they did not jump into the war yet so they could come in late and make them look like they are the strong ones. This way, America would emerge as the superpower.

During the war there was another tragic thing happening. It was the Holocaust. The Jews were being killed by the Germans. They were putting the Jews in these places called ghettos. Later, they sent them to death camps. Then they put them in these gas chambers and killing one by one. Then, when they died in the gas chambers they dragged them out and put them in these piles of dead people that were stacked one by one. Then by one year they killed over a million Jews.

Midway through the war, the Japanese decided to bomb Pearl Harbor. That is what made the Americans jump into the war. The Americans went to be in the good side that has Great Britain, Canada, and Russia. But they did not go into the war early they went into the war late so they could win the war and make look like they are the strong ones. When the war was over Adolf Hitler had nothing else to live for so he killed himself. Later, America used the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so the war was over.

The war started because of the Germans, because they wanted to rule the world. They were killing all of the Jews. Then the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and that is what the Americans in the war. Their was allot of countries in the war, the good side is the Allies and the bad side is the Axis team.

Lessons from the Holocaust

By I. Diaz

Hitler was one of the leaders form the Holocaust. Except he wasn't the only one responsible for killing Jewish people. Other countries were allies with Hitler and Nazi people. Hitler was powerful for controlling other people lives, but they still had a choice. Hitler didn't care if they were innocent. He didn't even care for children. If he considered them inferior, he murdered them.

Jewish people were in Concentration Camps where they had to work hard.They didn't eat enough to be healthy and stay alive. Many of them died in gas chambers and some of them died because they were to skinny.The Nazi people lied to the Jewish people by saying that they were going to take a shower witch in real life they were send to The Gas Chamber. In there they breathed poison and died. They didn't know the truth. After they died in the gas chamber, their bodies were stacked up and then tossed into the creamatorium.

Some people survived this tragedy to tell how it was and what was their own story.What happen to people and what they heaved to live trough with their family? The people can answer questions that we have about the Holocaust. They might have pictures or something we can imagine how it was. Jewish people were treated badly and poorly back then. Those people had to live that horrible experience. Yet, when they tell their story, we can learn from the tragedy.

People lived through horrible things back then. We as humans would never like to live in those horror times. Hitler and those people didn't care for those people and children.He didn't have feelings for those poor people. They got killed just for having another cultural identity. However, we can learn from this. Genocide still happens and by studying the past, we can help prevent what is happening now.


By A. Nelson

Imagine walking down a street alone with goose bumps going down your spine because you can hear large footsteps right behind you. Just imagine being blind sighted by a strange unknown hand covering your eyes. Try to imagine screaming for your life but not one sound coming out because of this giant hand surrounding your mouth. Imagine waking up to find your eyes being covered with a cloth allowing you to see nothing but darkness. Imagine feeling your hands, waist, and feet tied up to a chair and your mouth taped down. Now imagine all the different thoughts that would be going through your head. Kidnapping is such a scary thing. It's sad that I live in a world where that is a usual topic on the news. I would never want to be in the shoes of a child who were to be kidnapped!

The term kidnapping was recorded in 1673. They came up with the word kidnapping because strangers would take kids and would snatch them which back then they called it nap (nab). The meaning of kidnapping is taking a person against his or her own will. Stray kids on the street were usually taken by adults to become their servants or to do labors in America back in the 1600. Unfortunately that means that kids were separated from their families and because they were poor they couldn't do anything about it. Now kidnapping is illegal but sadly people are going against the law and putting many lives in danger!

Over a year's time period 797,500 children under 18 have been reported missing. Devastatingly there were 203,900 children were apart of family abductions. Unfortunately 58,200 children were apart of non-family abductions. Last 115 children were apart of "stereotypical" kidnapping. Most abductors take these kids for ransom. Some want to keep them permitted. It is horrifying to see so many kids being abducted and it is even worse when a family member does it. That can bring disgrace and confusion to their family relationship!

Suffering is such an awful word. It harms many people. Just like the people who get taken against their will everyday. They suffer for an unknown reason. For someone to take anther person's freedom and turn it into suffering is barbarian! The worse part is they could be anyone from your neighbors, to your family, to the old man on the street. I can't image some one who would do that especially to an Innocent underage child who doesn't deserve the suffering that take place in kidnapping!

Imagine being kidnapped. Now imagine all the different thoughts that would be going through your head. To me that sounds horrible. Which leaves me to question how can a person be so barbarian and why? Guess one word that scares me. Kidnapping!

The History of Racism in America

By M. Aguilar

Not that long ago anybody could be murder a gruesome death just because they are not a certain race that is supposedly the best one to be. Imagine your walking down the street and somebody calls you a bad name because you are not the race that person is. It doesn't seem fair that somebody could do that just because your not a race or color. Nobody should be treated this way it just not real way to live. Whipped,slapped,beaten,cut ,kicked and hit are only a few things that could happen to somebody that is a victim of racism.

The KKK was one of the most famous racist groups that would try to kill any body who was not one of them. They would hang African-Americans from tree's for being African-American. Doesn't seem fair to waste a life because of a belief. Another example of a racist group was the Nazis. The Nazis plans were to kill Jewish people because they were different. The Nazis were not like the KKK the Nazis captured some and then killed the others.Slavery was one of the worst cases of racism the south believed that African-Americans were no better than animals. The north on the other hand was a free country for slaves. Still, people faced racism up north.

Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are some of the people who made other people realize that racism is wrong. These heroes were a few of the many people who know why racism should never have been introduced to the world. If more people knew about how to stop slavery there wouldn't be as racism as there is now. They are such great examples because whether your sitting in a bus or starting a revolution it all makes a difference.

The Plight of Immigrants

By A. Araiza

America is the free land and immigrants come here for the American Dream. America is comprised of immigrants. Why push the people who immigrate here out, if the Americans were the first to come here and immigrated this land? The truth is that immigrants deserve a chance to make it in America.

Immigrants should be able to stay here because they are coming for a better life and the government is taking that away from them. They come and they look for jobs here and they are getting kicked out for working without papers. Who should be able to tell them they can't work: the government or the person who is giving them the job? If they can do the job and they are supporting the economy, why kick them out?

America's immigrants are being mistreated. They are getting kicked out for working and for not having papers. They are being held back from school and from going to the university. They get mistreated because they are a different race or just for immigrating here. The government is kicking them out when they do the the work that no one else wants to do. If all the immigrants were kicked out America's population would drop by a large pecentage and with that, many vital jobs. We need immigrants.

Immigrants come here for a better life. All the immigrants want is to come and live a more wealthy life than before in their home land. They come to work and to give their families as much as they can. They don't come to take anything from anybody here. They only take the jobs that no one wants or some jobs that they are very good at or have experience in. They come for jobs and money not to for anything bad.

Immigrants shouldn't be kicked out now. They are working peacefully and they are not harming anybody.

Friday, October 12, 2007

We Need to Focus on Iraq

By E. Angulo

War is one of the worst things that is happening on earth. You can't match anything to war. It is as if people are literally fighting to control their land. Land is usually the reason why people have war. They don't want to lose control of their land or at least the resources of the land. They should find another way to settle those kinds of problems. Why is that even though war is the most tragic thing that is breaking up America, and yet we don't care about it as much as we should? We need to put everything else aside and concentrate on that subject. For a long time different wars have spit us apart and Iraq is no exception.

One war that we had that war that effected many of people is the Civil War. The Civil War might be the worst war we ever had in America. Over a million people died in that war and that was when our population was a fraction of what it is now. Lot's of people lost their homes because of the war. It was a total war. Pretty much everybody was involved in the war and no rules applied.

Another war that is very dangerous is the war that we are in right now. Specifically, it involves Iraq. Yet, it’s part of a larger war on terrorism. It has terrorism involved in it. George W. Bush is our president right now. He doesn't want the soldiers to come back from the war, because he wants to see democracy work in Iraq. Some argue that the bigger reason for this war is that we want their oil. It goes back to the idea that war is fought for land. Many people disagree with Bush. I bet you that if he was in the war right now, he would be crying to come back.

My point is that we need to do something about it. We can't just sit here and wait for everything to be finished. Right now we have to do something to help the soldiers in Iraq. If the war gets too dangerous, we have to find another way to settle it. War isn't the solution to everything. If we found other ways to settle things without war, many of people's lives would be saved. Without war the world would be a more safer place to live.

Racism: America's Deadly Addiction

By A. Tirado
Racism is something that is killing our community. The only realreason people are racist because they are taught at a young age.Racism is mostly what can lead to a innocent death. Can you reallyi magine a world with out racism? It is hard because we have gottenso accustom to it. Really it's not our fault, but what people made us believe. Racism is something that is almost impossible to destroy.

We can also become racist towards others by anger. Like when someone from another race upsets you, you may say afternoon that person is this race so that race is bad. We (the world) have to give people chances no matter what their race. Maybe if we (the world) gives the different races of the world a chance, we might learn to get along. Some of us are trying to be cool by belonging to gangs that are only their because their races. That to me and to many others is wrong and sickening.

Some of us try so hard not to be races but it's so hard not to get back in to it. It’s very much like smoking, once you start you can'tstop. We really can't do anything about it because it's something thathas taken part of our world. As much as we try to stop it no one willlisten because it's their opinion not ours to choose for them.

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Child Abuse Prevention

By R. Colorado

Was there ever a child that you or someone else ever knew that was afraid to go to their home or someone else's(who's in their family) home. Are there reasons why they don't want to go home such as being afraid of being mistreated by other adults other elderly adults in their family. If so, then they might be afraid of being hurt in a very bad way. (Also known as "Child-Abuse.”) Now, you may be asking what this thing known as child-abuse is? Child-abuse is an improper way of treating one’s child.

For example, a child may be afraid to go home to their parents or their guardians for a reason like; being afraid of getting hit or harassed by their parents or guardians. Also, they might have to do things that are inappropriate to them and their parents or guardians. They could also be afraid of having their parent or their guardians touching or doing anything to any of their body-parts.

Child-Abuse is a very scary thing that can happen to any child that is still very young. One other fact that I want to mention about child-abuse is, that if an adult is having any type of relationship with any child other than being their parent or guardian is also known as child-abuse. That is my story on child-abuse.

Child Abuse Should Not Have to Happen

By M. Mendoza

Imagine a child at school, and committed an error, why would he be terrified to go back to his or her own home? Well this is the case for many children. They are terrified to go back to their home for one reason: their parents. Of coarse you would think that this is not true. Many children get whipped, spanked, and get beaten. That is the reason why some children are terrified to go home if they commit a tiny mistake. They know that something terrible awaits at their home. Child abuse is a very serious issue in our nation.

Child abuse is a very severe thing that is going on through out the United States. Even though it doesn't seem like it, there are many children being abused as soon as they get out of school. They are too scared to ask for help and they keep quiet and they keep getting whipped. In the year 2006, about 2000 children died as a result of child abuse. Based on that number, 6 to 7 children die each day due to this terrible crime. That means that every day, 6 children leave this world at a young age. Some of the children that die due to child abuse, are only 6 years old. The poor thing is that children die at 1 year of age and some that are only months old!! I don't know how people have the heart to mistreat children.

The cause of this terrible thing is their own parents. Mothers alone were responsible for more that half of the child abuse. To be specific mothers were responsible for 84% of the child abuse. They are the main reason why children die each day. Fathers are also responsible for 47% of all of the tragedy that children are going through. 60% are female ladies from an average age of 31. 40% are male with an average age of 34.

The race that is going through more child abuse are whites. Whites had a percentage of 51%. African Americans had 28% of the child abuse. 18% was for Hispanics. Only 2% was for American Indians. Lastley 1% was for Asians / Pacific Islanders. However, it must be understood that whites also make up the largest segment of the population.

Just because they make a mistake doesn't mean that they should get abused. Everyone is human and every single human commits mistakes. That is no reason to abuse a child. Every child has a chance to live a happy life. People that take away that chance from the poor children are just bad people. Child abuse should never have to occur.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Suffering of Immigrants

By D. Vazquez

Do you know what immigration is? Do you know how people suffer as immigrants? It is one of the most controversial issues we are dealing with in America. It is big enough that President Bush is making a big deal about it. He does not realize that a large percentage of the U.S is immigration. I am not simply trying to be sentimental. The reality of this issue is huge. If you choose to shut yourself off, you need to open your eyes and listen to the facts.Immigration is a big deal because all parts of the world and all type of religion, race come to the U.S immigration. It seems that Americans are not as hard with the people from other countries as they are with people from Mexico. One reason the migra comes down harder on the Mexicans then any other races is because they are concerned that our nation will be filled with Mexican households. Others are worried that Mexicans will take jobs away from citizens.

Immigration is a big deal because a lot of illegal immigrant cross the border, with out the right papers. Why don’t they have citizen papers? They don’t have papers because in Mexico the people are really poor and they really are starving. Getting the right paperwork can take too long. So, we need to figure out how to make it easier to get papers. Some people think crossing the border is easy. They are dead wrong. Crossing the border is really depressing for people’s families because they may die just trying to start a good life. People die crossing the border for many reason. Number one, the government ordered soldiers to guard the border. Then there are groups like the minutemen that shoot at will if the people who are crossing the border to come in U.S. The second reason that people die coming into the border of the heat in Arizona. Guess who do we get to blame for global warming? Humankind. Human kind should be blamed for because human kind can’t take care of our earth. Also, people die because of hunger and no water.

If this article made you wonder how do immigrants feel about coming to a different country illegally, well I can name a few feelings on the top of my head. (No I am not an illegal immigrant, but I understand the feelings, because I am part of the community.).Some feelings people may got through when they cross the border illegally one of them might be sadness. Why sadness? They feel sadness because when they realize what they are doing, by crossing the border illegally, is sadness because they are leaving their home towns and all their families, friends, and all their cherished treasures behind. They also might feel suffering because if they are crossing the border with a friend or family member and they get killed they might suffer from their loss. These are some of the feelings I think they go through.

However, I realize that I don’t know what they might really feel like, because it is not my experience. If you wonder how I said some of those feelings if I didn’t experience them is because I imagined myself in their shoes. That’s why I said that’s how they might feel because if that happened to me I would go through all those emotions. I think that is what Americans need to do. They need to put themselves into the shoes of immigrants and question what it would feel like. Then they need to remember that feeling when they go to vote.

A Story of Deportation

By R. Parra

Everyday, there are Mexicans who live in fear. Even if they do nothing wrong, they are scared of what might happen. All because they don’t have papers. There have been Mexicans who were transported back to there home town in Mexico because there are racists who never liked them. Some claimed they were invading the United States.

There have been racists who hate the Mexicans because they thought they were taking over the United States. The only reason they thought that is because the Mexicans started to come in the United States in large numbers. The Mexicans crossed the border and started to jobs there. The citizens learned that the Mexicans population in the United States was increasing and they were decreasing. They envied them and just took their hatred out on them. So they got a big idea to transport them back to there home town. It didn’t matter that Arizona was once part of Mexico.

Who transported them back to there home town? Racist citizens, of course! They found Mexicans and captured them. If they saw them shopping they took them. If they were on the streets, stores or anywhere else they caught them. If you were a child, adult, cousin, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, mom, dad, or anything else you were captured. If you look, speak, or sound like a Mexican you were caught. The racist citizens just wanted them all out of there country. So they got them out of there, even if you left your family behind.

Martin Luther King Jr.

By E. Martinez

His voice was powerful. It led a nation to reconsider its prejudice and hope for something better. Martin Luther King fought for his race and ended up getting shot. Martin Luther King was a brave leader and wanted freedom. While he wanted his race to be respected and treated the equally, he also wanted all races to get along. For that he has become a respected and great man whose memory we honor.

Martin Luther King lived in a time were there was a lot of bias. Schools, restaurants and stores were segregated. No dark colored skinned people lived in peace with light colored people. Martin Luther King fought for them. He was a brave person and good leader. Even though Martin Luther King had a lot of followers, he had people that didn't like him and wanted to kill him. After all that he kept leading. He led boycotts and marches, even when he was hated by people from all sides.

Martin Luther King said these famous words began with “I have a dream...". His speech was known nationwide. His speech was long and interesting plus it got in the mind of people. The hope explained seemed real, like it could actually happen. That speech made people think and think about what he talked about. It lingered afterward. Then he got killed after all his work. He was never able to completely reach his goal.

Martin Luther King was a great man for all the things that he did for his people. Plus after all that he ended up getting murdered. He still got freedom for his people and both his life and his death caused America to see that we are all created equally. That is why Martin Luther King was a great man.

I Am Poem

By J. Castillo

I am one of God's creations
I wonder how the earth came to be
I hear the voice of a small crowd near by
I see a beautiful cascade in the center of a forest
I want to explore the open green
I am one of God's creations

I pretend to fly and roam around
I feel the wind touching my face I touch every flower I come upon
I worry this may end at any time
I cry of joy and laugh for fun
I am one of God's creations

I understand that I can't stay for eternity
I say to myself what a wonderful world
I dream that all is real and nothing can take this thing away
I try to talk to the animals to understand their feelings and thoughts
I hope someday I may understand the meaning of life
I am one of God's creations

Dealing with Deportation

A. Vest

Imagine not even being safe in your own home or at work or even while at a grocery store getting your own food well for many people that is the case. For many people this one word now stands for "family destroyer" that word is "Racism." It is what drives a movement toward deportation. Deportation is a main issue for many immigrants right now. If you are the type of person that likes watching the news every evening then you probably here at lest one story that has to do with deportation. Some people may say well they are going back to their home so deportation is a good thing but actually the real meaning of deportation is the expulsion of someone from a country.

It is not only legal immigrants that are being deported there has been cases where legal citizens have been deported out of their own country. Many laws have been input so that illegal immigrants would be deported after committing even a minor crime. For example in 1996, a law was introduced that allowed those who were not citizens in the U.S. and that received a jail sentence for a year or longer to be deported. It does not matter if the sentence was later suspended. The sentence could be from a simple robbery that did not involve weapons to murder it would make no difference. At first this seems fair, but it could just be a random kid who was being dumb.

Another reason why deporting all foreign people is now so strong has to do with a National Security issue. After 9/11 the government have reinforced national security. So that is why if after the 1996 laws people thaught it was getting hard after 9/11 it was almost impossible to not be deported after making a crime. Yet, there is still no proof connecting immigrants from places like Mexico with the September 11th attacks.

There may be many people that are against these laws but there are always people that support these laws. Minutemen are groups formed to deter illegal crossing of all the borders of the United States, with most undocumented people coming from Mexico. People like minutemen will have strikes against churches and other places that give refuge to illegal immigrants with a deportation order.

Groups like Minutemen and many others are not realizing the effects that many families go through after one of their family members sometimes their mom sometimes their dad sometimes they deport both and their children are left alone. These people should realize and understand the effects of these people.

Latinos, Immigration and the Dream Act

By A. Tanori.

Don't you ever ask yourself “why” every time you see the news? It seems they are always talk about immigration; about the fact that they have captured an immigrant and that they have been sent him back to Mexico. Immigration is a very big issue in the United States. Some people cross the border and many of them end up dead. Even the little babies die, too. Some people are even murdered by militia groups, including pregnant people. This is a very sad case. The United States has a choice between fulfilling immigrants dreams or moving toward more racism.

The Dream Act has potential to inspire hope. Currently, nearly 65,000 immigrant students have graduated this past year. In addition, 1 out of 6 students that are Latinos have dropped out of school this past year. Some of us dream of pursuing a higher level education but we can't because of many different reasons. Most immigrants or Latinos dream of having a degree but finding this can be a very hard thing. Some of the reasons are because we weren't born here and we don't have a social security number. Others do not have the money and cannot qualify for scholarships, because they do not have papers. In effect, they are denied the opportunity of the "Dream Act.” Yet, if the Dream Act passes, things will change.

Some of us have faced discriminated. Some American people think that Latinos are just here to do bad stuff and be criminals. They assume Latinos come to sell drugs. Although there are some Latinos like that, the majority of immigrants come here for a better life. People cross the border every day and many die. Whoever lives will be a miracle. I feel really bad for the people that have to be walking in the heat for hours and hours. Why would they go through such pain? They are hoping for a future. They are hoping for some food on the table and an education for their children.

Well immigration is such a big issue that in fact maybe every body who's an immigrant might all be sent back to their home town. I think this will be very sad if we all are sent back because many of us were not born here but raised here all of our life's and we are used to the American culture. I feel bad for those who risk there life's to cross the border some of them make it all the way and I feel bad for the people's family members who die. If America can get past the prejudice and see these immigrants as humans, they will have compassion and they will be open to allowing them to make their dreams come true.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Let's Fight Global Warming

By M. Delgado

You might be protecting the people you love from very dangerous things, but you can't save them from global warming. Once we make global warming very dangerous it's going to be difficult to make it go away. Global warming has no limits. It kills every thing in it's path. It doesn’t differentiate between children of any age, women, and men. You might be trying to protect them from global warming, but you are also causing global warming. Using items that use electricity are part of global warming. We don't want global warming to affect the people we love, then we should do some thing about!!!

Global warming is like a disease. It starts out small and gets bad to a point where your body can't take it no more. In this case the world is the body and global warming is the disease. Every day it is getting bad. Ice caps melt. The temperature rises. The environment is already going crazy. The long-term effects will be disastrous.

Imagine that all the animals in the world are put together in one or two states. then we start a fire underneath them. They start to burn and suffer. That's what global warming is probably doing to them right now. Global warming will not just affect the people of this world it affects the animals! Many animals can't survive with the heat because that is not there habitat. Many animals like lions, hyenas, and etc. already live in hot deserts they probably don't need to live in a hotter habitat. Other animals like the penguins, and polar bears are going to be killed because it will get hot for them and they live in a cold surrounding. Animals should be treated like us humans, we should be caring for them too. We have to think of what we are doing to this Earth. This world shelters a lot of lives of many kind, we should be helping out.

Many people have changed the way they live. People are starting to use water or natural oils instead of gasoline. This is good because the gasoline is causing almost most of the pollution that goes up in the air every day. One of the most WORST pollution kind is caused by factories. The way to solve this problem is very simple. There should be a limit of pollution that a factory could be put up in the air. At the end of the month if the factory has used up the pollution than it is alright. If it has not used up all it's pollution than they can sell that pollution and make money off of it. There are many things we can do to help.

We can do something about it. Students can help out in school. They can start recycling programs. Not many people in America recycle. Bottled water takes up at least half of the water bottle of gas. All that carbon gas makes smoke and goes up in the o-zone layer. If people don't recycle than we are using all these water bottles and gas. We can also use more energy-efficient appliances, walk to work or carpool.

Global warming is affecting the community. If we don't do anything than this world could as hot as Venus. For example Borman has started recycling programs. But it’s just a start. We can start to plant trees, flowers, and plants that can reduce the carbon. Global warming is like a disease, let us not make it any worse.

Keep Our Children Safe

By P. Yowytewa

Do you ever think about the things that are going on around you and what's happening to children? Well I do and there are little things that are going on that you don't really know about that can effect your life in little ways and who knows those little things can effect your life later on in the future. There are thousands of little girls and little boys that are being raped and kidnapped and you never know they might just be related to you.

There are thousands of kids and children that are being raped and they obviously don't like it but there’s no one there to help them out and stop these men and women from doing it. Yes, there are police out there that try to stop it but who knows that are always on the job? I personally know that not all of them are out there trying to stop rapists and people who are hurting these kids. They have other duties that they need to do as well.

I have little cousins and family that I want to know that are safe and though I'm quite young myself I would NEVER let anything happen to them. I would do whatever I could just to help them because that's so wrong that these grown men out here are raping these little girls and they are killing them right after it because they are cowards. Some of these grown men have different kinds of diseases and they are giving them to all these little helpless girls that don't need to have it at all. They probably want to have a good life and they don't want to have to deal with getting checked up and having diseases. Even if they don’t these children grow up with emotional scars that don’t heal that easy.

There are times where I sit there and watch the news with my dad and grandparents and I see how there are dangerous celebrities, athletes, and even parents that we see around us. There was an article about how Michael Jackson was accused of molesting little boys. There was another one that a grown man had raped a 10 month baby. When I heard that I thought about how I would feel if I was that baby's mother and I said to myself that I would go and kill the man who did that then forgive him. Men that do that are mentally insane. We need to be honest with kids. These are the kinds of thing that the parents and teachers need to be talking about to their children and not telling them all these other things that won't really matter in life. I think that all the parents need to get together and talk to their children at some point.

To end this parents, people, and even students talk to your kids about stranger danger and tell them the things that they need to know in life not just little stuff that won't help them in life. To find better examples than what I have presented, go to a website that has all examples and stuff that will show pictures and all. People please call a hot line if you've ever seen anyone doing something like this to these poor children. Call either the police or call silent witness. These children need your help and think of it as if it were your own child. I know that I wouldn't want to be one of those children.

I Am Respectful and Kind

By R Munoz

I am respectful and kind
I wonder when the world will end
I hear the wind
I see the sky
I want to be a millionaire
I am respectful and kind

I pretend to be smart
I feel good
I touch nothing
I worry when I am sick
I cry when someone dies
I am respectful and kind

I understand math
I say I am smart
I dream about being rich
I try to play basketball
I hope I make it through college
I am respectful and kind

What happened to our government?

By F. Rivera

Where has it gone? Our society. Our country. Also our life and our voice in what affects our lives.I know that only a few people understand about what I am referring to. All of this has to deal withour government and people only caring about themselves. Imagine it. Because of you only caring about yourself people decide to elect a near-dictator for president and allow our government to turn its back on the people.

It all started out when the people of these United States elected a man called George W. Bush. You missed out on many great things for this country. Al Gore could of been one of the greatest presidents America could have ever elected. At least he would have done something about global warming and he would not have brought us into war. Second we went to war for one reason that was not 9/11. Bush made up a fake reason (Iraq is building dangerous bombs) when it was really to get there petroleum. After two years we finally go after a good reason: Osama bin Ladin. Yet, Bin Ladin and Iraq have nothing to do with each other.

Now the government is now aiming all of their troubles to the immigrants. They are building a bigger wall for the border and making it so no immigrants could get past. Soldiers, cameras and immigration officials are all around. The government is sending immigration to jobs to find the people who are in this country illegally. Yet people forget America this country was made out of immigrants. Most of our countries population are made out of immigrants – or at least their family was immigrants. Not so long ago there was a law to let the immigrants who have been working here for a long period of time to try to get legalized with papers but because no one cared they did not know that those kind of people are a big part of these United States. What is wrong of coming back to a country that was ounce theirs.

Now you know what has happened in our country so far. Our voice hasn't been heard because no one has said anything. People have to step up and think what will make our country better. You need to stop thinking what other people say what right and wrong is. You need to know what is right and wrong from your view. Your voice will be heard just make sure that it you say something. Those are the places our things have gone to. Remember that your voice will be heard but make sure you say something and you make it be heard.

The point of all this news is that people need to care about what is happening in there lives. Don't simply care about yourselves. Remember your voice will be heard, but make sure you say something.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Adolf Hitler

By C. Moreno

Holocaust. What does that mean to you? To me it means pain, death, and Adolf Hitler. He killed thousands of people just because he hated them. He put them in concentration camps and tortured them so much that up to this day many Jews are still afraid to let other people know their beliefs because they are afraid of getting killed. In addition, Hitler tried to take over the world and World War II began because of him.

Adolf Hitler was born, April 20, 1889 in Braunau-am-Inn, Austria. His father Alois worked as a custom officer and his mother’s name was Klara. Adolf started school at the age of 6 and he had a little brother that died at the age of six. In 1896 his mom gave birth to his sister who was named Paula. Six years after this when Adolf was 13 his dad died and his mom took care of him and his sister until he turned 19 when Klara died of cancer. Thus, his childhood was filled with tragedy.

In 1907, Adolf went to Vienna, Austria where he failed the entrance exam to the Academy of
Fine Arts. He took the test a year later and failed the test again. Disappointed he soon became homeless and would often get meals from charity kitchens. In 1913 he went to Munich, Germany and in 1914 volunteered for the German Army during World War I. He was decorated for bravery twice and at the end of the war he had to recover from temporary blindness caused by a poison gas attack.

In 1920 Hitler joined the National Socialist German Workers Party which was known as the “Nazis”. He soon became leader and organized an army for the Nazi Party called the Storm Troopers. On 1923 he led more than 2,000 Storm Troopers to seize the Bavarian government, the attempt failed and Hitler was sentenced to prison for 5 years but he only served 9 months and was released. By 1929 Nazis had become an important political party.

Adolf became a German citizen on February 25, 1932. The Nazi Party won the July elections and on 1934 Hitler became the “Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor”. On March 7, 1936 German troops marched into the demilitarized areas of Germany towards Aachen, Trier and Saarburuecken. He then took over Austria, Czecoslovakia, Poland, France and England then followed by declaring war on Germany. Then he took over Denmark and Norway. On June 22, 1941, Hitler advanced on Russia and this was his eventual downfall.

In the last days of the Third Reich, the Russians troops were inside of Berlin. Just what really happened to Adolf Hitler from here is a matter of opinion. It was said that he committed suicide on April 30, 1945. His companion, Eva Braun, is thought to have killed herself with cyanide. It is then thought that the bodies were burned with petrol, then buried in a shallow grave, but many believe this was a ploy and that he escaped.

But Russia, has another scenario. When Russian troops entered Berlin in 1945, they dug up the remains. They then reburied Hitler in Magdeburg, East Germany. Yuri Andropov ordered the bones dug up and destroyed in 1970. However, the KGB found skull fragments in the bunker of Hitler and took them to Moscow. Moscow first announced it had the fragment in 1993.

I am kind and helpful

By M. Mendoza

I am kind and helpful
I wonder why there is so much racism
I hear my family calling me
I see people enyoing their lives
I want my family to always be united

I am kind and helpful
I pretend that I am rich
I feel my mom hugging me
I touch goals in my life
I worry that people are not safe in their own houses
I cry when I hear someone from my family fighting
I am kind and helpful

I understand that some people don't get along
I say that a problem can be solved one way or another
I dream that my family will always be together and united
I try to understand my parents
I hope that everyone will soon get along
I am kind and helpful

Adolf Eichmann

By D. Osias

There was a man that betrayed his whole country just to save his family. Although he never physically killed anyone, he used his mind to create a more effecience way of killing millions. His name was Adolf Eichmann.

It all started when the Nazis started to give the Jews names like rats. The Nazis also started putting the Jews in ghettos. The ghettos originated from the name of the Jewish quarter in Venice, established in 1516. During world war II, ghettos were city districts (often enclosed) in which the Germans concentrated the Jewish population and forced them to live under miserable conditions.Then the Nazis told them to start digging there own grave. Nazis just stood there and shoot them one by one.

Later the Nazis grew tired of wasting their bullets and they came along a man who was very smart. They gave him a choice to make a plan to use fewer bullets or him and his family will die. What did you know he picked to make a plan to kill his own fellow citizens (also called genocide). According to the plan, Jews were shipped on trains to concentration camps. It was here that Jews were told to get nude and give up their clothes. After that they got told to go in a gas chamber they didn't know and they died after 2 hours in there.The other step was to burn them in a over sized oven.

Hitler wanted only blond and blued eyed people. He tried every thing to make it that way some people got blind and some bold. When a women had twins one of the twins got experimented on. While the experiment was going on the child was alive and not asleep or died. Before Hitler got caught he shot him self because he knew they where going to touchier him. Now his body is spilt up every where in the world. Yet, that was not the end of things for Eichmann, the man who made murdering more effecient. After about 20 years they found him and brought him to court where he was found guilty and hung.

Women's Role in World War II

By T. Vazquez

Some people really don't know what happened to the women in World War II. I would like to change that. All those women who worked just like men should be honored. There were many ways women benefited the war cause. It was a time for women to show what they could do. A time for women all over the US to understand that they can do it too and that they have rights just like men. Thousands of women worked in factories. Some even disguised themselves as men to fight in the war. I thought it would be a good idea to do this article about them to honor their memories.

The women who worked in factories really did help the war. Some women decided work at factories that supplied the military. In fact the hours they worked were long and some even had to move to where the factories were located. The ones that did moved were paid more. The men that did the same work were paid in fact a lot more because they were men. Some women that where greatly skilled where paid less than a non-skilled man. They stood up for themselves and started a strike to increase their pay. It was the start of a feminist movement.

Most people won't believe this but they where used as secret agents!!! This job was very DANGEROUS. One mistake and it could cost them their lives. Maybe not their lives in some cases but torture. Those women were really brave. Two of all the women got awards. Their names being Violette Szabo and Odette Churchill. Both of them were captured and tortured. Violette was murdered and Odette survided the war.

The women that didn't have paying job volunteered in the WVS (women's voluntary service). The women that worked there would help firefighters. They would actually provide them with tea and refreshments. By 1943 there were about one million volunteers. Basically the WVS did whatever was needed to be done and recieved little praise for it. Most of the women that volunteered were very elderly women. They did a very wide range of jobs. They even knitted socks and anything needed to keep them warm.

So in conclusion those women were brave. Sometimes women forget they have rights and I would like to remind those who forgot. I won't forget it myself.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Why We Can't Leave Iraq

By Anonymous Student

Due to the controversial view of this article, the student chose to remain anonymous. It is not popular to be in favor of this war, but this student wants a dissenting voice to be heard.

When soldiers liberated the concentration camps, the line spoken most often was, "Never Forget." Never forget what happens when an evil dictator brutally massacres an entire ethnic group in the name of "cleansing." Yet, it was not long before we forgot. We forgot in Rwanda. We nearly forgot in Bosnia. We are forgetting right now in Sudan. Now, people are suggesting that we leave Iraq and simply "forget" about them. We need to stay in Iraq because it is our duty to humanity to help save lives.

Saddam Hussein massacred his own civilians. Deliberately targetting the Khurds, his soldiers went from village to vilage killing nearly half a million "insurgents," who did nothing more than voice their desire for democracy. Nobody stopped him. The Khurdish people cried for help, asking only that the larger nations would have mercy on them and remove Saddam Hussein from power.

Now, people want the United States to leave. The same people complaining about us doing nothing to stop the fightiing in Dharfor are the people who protest our involvement in Iraq. The truth is that we removed Saddam from power and the Khurds can now live without fear of an awful dictator. What will happen, then, if we leave? What will happen if a new extremist government steps in?

People claim that we need to leave before more soldiers die. Nobody wants soldiers to die, but we have to remember that they signed up for military service. No soldier was drafted. In addition, many soldiers continue to suppport the war, because they don't want to feel like they fought for nothing. Finally, we need to keep in in perspective. We have lost fewer soldiers in this entire war than we lost in one day during World War II. These brave men and women died for a noble cause: freedom - whether that freedom is for our citizens or for the Khurds who were slaughtered by Saddam.

It may be true that we are losing lives, but in the end, it will save lives if we stay. If we leave, the Khurds will face further opposition by a new, more brutal dictator. The vast amounts of oil money will be funneled into terrorist groups such as Al-Queda. The United States will send the message to extremists that democracy does not matter and that we are too weak to fight terrorism. Who knows what type of death will happen after the next terrorist attack. It seems that the only logical choice, even if it is hard, is to continue fighting until there is enough safety for democracy to thrive.

What's the Point of War?

By A. Preciado

War. It's something that can be caused by any simple little problem or a lifelong grudge. From the devastation of World War II to the insignificance of the Cold War through the current war in Iraq. But when one begins, it either lasts forever or is the latter, over in the blink of an eye. Yet even though it's almost always useless and causes unthinkable harm, our world's leaders still seem to think it's the way out of everything.

One of the U.S's most important laws is not to kill. Then why are we still in Iraq? Countless soldiers and Iraqi civilians are killed everyday. Is that not murder? Even though they are our "enemies" do they mean to tell me that the women and children of Iraq are any different from you and me? Even Iraqi soldiers are the same as we are. They're just fighting for what they believe. Call what they do sick and wrong; but hey, even our soldiers are not always the most merciful people in the world. Everyone has their good and bad sides, it's time some people open their eyes.

War sometimes reaches a point when the whole world becomes involved because of one single issue that would have never concerned them if it weren't for their allies' problems. They wouldn't even be fighting! It was never any of their business but because they made alliances, they're called to risk their lives in a fight not worth fighting. It's like a chain. Britain gets attacked so the U.S gets involved. U.S is bombed so Japan gets involved. And it goes on until the whole world is in a feud.

War really doesn't seem to have much of a point at all. If it does then the point of war would be to injure as many of your enemies as possible and try to prevent them to injure you. In a war, people seem to think that they're fighting for their country and some sort of honor. There is no honor in killing. Enemy soldier or helpless civilian, it's still a human soul you're taking. You'll still be cursed with the guilt of a lost life.

All in all, war is a brutal and horrible thing that should have never even started. The point of war is simply to kill and hurt others. It's completely pointless

Education Helps

By J. Castillo

95% of crimes are committed by kids who don't attend school. This is reality and reality hurts. Many people say that education(school) keeps kids away from bad thoughts and crimes - crimes that are in ones record for life. Imagine one of your kids, sent to jail just because he couldn't get a job and had to steal stores or banks. How would you feel if your kids were roaming the streets, asking people for money and then wasting it on beer? Would you want to back time up?

"A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car, but if he has a university education he may steal the whole railroad." It is true the more educated you are the more wealth and prosperous you become. It won’t make you a better person, but it will allow you the chance to become one. Using the knowledge you learned back in the days when you went to school can be helpful to your children. Education sets people up for the future. The more educated a generation is the better the workforce, the more talented and smarter they are at their jobs. In order to get a job education can make it easy for you to get where you are going. When a workforce is strong it can be powerful. As they say "There is no wealth like knowledge, no poverty like ignorance.” Meaning that you can find education if you want to be successful in life.

Records. It's what people look at when someone looks for a job. "What has this kid done in the past?" is all they care about. If the record is clean, it's almost guaranteed your future will be bright. But when they found out you've done something wrong, you will be rejected. Rejecting someone is the same as telling them they aren't good enough for the job and that’s hurtful.
At least you can die in peace knowing you learned SOMETHING!!! So as you can see education can help you in various things in the future. Educate yourself so you can educate your children.

Jordan Is the Best Ever







Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Story of Anne Frank

By J. Rosales

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl that wrote in her diary everyday. She had a list of goals planed for her life which included her desire to write a book and get it published. She wrote her diary later and after two years her book became a best-seller all around the world. This is her story.

Annelise Marie "Anne" Frank was born on June 12,1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Wiemar Germany. She was the second daughter to Otto Heinrich Frank and Edith Hollander,Margot Frank was her sister. Anne and her family lived in an assimilated community if Jewish and non-Jewish people. Margot and Anne grew up with catholic, Protestant andJ ewish friends. In her family her mom was then devout parent and her dad, a Germany officer from World War I, was more interested in scholarly pursuits.

On March 13,1933 Elections were made in Frankfurt for the municipal council and Adolf Hitler won. Later in the year Edith and the kids moved to Achene where they stayed with Edith's mother Rosa Hollander. Otto stayed in Frankfurt, but then got a job offer to start a company in Amsterdam. He moved there to start the business and to arrange a home for his family.

On the morning of July 6,1942,the family moved into the hiding place. They left their apartment looking like if they had moved immediately, and Otto left a not that made it look like if they had left to Switzerland. As the Jews couldn't use public transportation they walked several kilometers from their house. They had to wear several layers if clothing because they wouldn't dare to be seen with suitcases.

In late July, the Franks were joined by the Van Pels family: Herman,and 16-year old Peter. Then in November by the Fritz Pfeffer,A dentist and a friend of the family. Anne didn't like any of the other kids, but Anne soon started a romantic relationship with Peter.

The families were in hiding for two years until they were betrayed and sent to concentration camps. They were separated by gender, and all the kids under the age of fifteen were sent to gas chambers and Anne had turned fifteen three months earlier. Anne lived in the concentration camps for six months until she died in early March 1945. She was just fifteen when she died. Otto Frank was the only survivor of the family. When he came back home Miep gave him Anne's diary and read it, and a few months later he got it published, because he remembered that Anne had said that she wanted to write a book and get it published.

Her diary told a lot about her life for the few years that she had that book. It tells people how her life was for her during hiding. Soon her book then became a best seller. The book was read by a lot of people and they found out about all the things that she went through. Anne Frank soon became a legend and she will always be remembered.

Immigrants Deserve a Chance

By S. Terrazas

Why is trying to have a better life considered a crime? Why is the government doing this? Was it only right a hundred years ago when this country was over powered by immigrants that are now called immigrants? These are some questions that people ask over and over again while some people are being kicked out of the country. What the government is doing to the people who are here illegally is harsh. They should give them a break.

Not allowing illegal immigrant to work is not smart in many ways. People that are here legally complain that the took their jobs but that's a lie. If they really wanted a job then they would get off of where there sitting and look for a job at least in a newspaper. They're just blaming them for their laziness. If some of the big companies get closed for hiring illegal aliens Americas economy will be down in the dumps. If Walmart and McDonalds would go out of business for this reason there would be serious problems! There wouldn't be many scholarships and worst of all there wouldn't be many jobs. That would result into more problems. There would be less employed people which means more people would depend on the government. And it will all turn to chaos. Another reason why this is not going to help is if every business starts denying jobs to them who would do all the hard heavy work? Who would work in construction? Who would do all those jobs that are needed and are left behind for the governments ignorance?

Many families have been broken apart for this cause. Most of the time it's the parents that have been deported and the child stays here. Or they are forced to go to a country they probably had never been to or don't know anyone there. They have to start over in a different language and writing which is hard. In some rare cases kids (and some adults) that have lived all their life here and believed that they were U.S. citizens that get sent back. If this would happen to you I bet you wouldn't be so happy.

Deporting illegal immigrant is like destroying a very worshiped dream. If they really wanted to come here just for the heck of it then why would the risk their life jumping a fence, crossing a desert, or being mugged by people that have promised them to get there safely. If they are willing to do that then they must not have it all smooth in their country. Many people risk it all to get a tiny to get a job, some shelter and food. When they get deported all of their hard work and effort is thrown away.

Immigration laws are getting tougher and tougher every year. This isn't friendly to many countries. For example Mexico there are many Americans that have gone to Mexico and live there because they businesses there. For example most of the big hotel owners in the coastlines are American. And they stay there to live for business. Isn't that what most illegal immigrants do stay for business? My point is that many countries can do the same thing back to this country. This goes against many human rights. Why is this land be owned by and controlled by the government, is a question that I will always ask myself.

Photo Credit:
National Archives
Public Domain

I Am Trying to Find Myself

By A. Preciado

I am trying to find myself
I wonder who do I want to be
I hear the wind whispering in my ear
I see a world of fairytale
I want to become something
I am trying to find myself

I pretend like nothing can stop me
I feel emotions swirling, changing inside me
I touch the softness of words that all fit together
I worry that I might not make it
I cry for my heart, my feelings, my dreams
I am trying to find myself

I understand that I create my own destiny
I say I believe in all of God's creatures
I dream someday I'll make all my dreams come true
I try to prove myself to the world
I hope someday to not feel worthless
I am trying to find myself

Who's Watching Them?

By S. Munguia

They are watching every little mistake you do. They have the power to ruin your life, but who is watching them? Who are "they" you may ask, well "they" are police. I have seen them get people for the littlest mistake and they get a ticket for it. They will get bored and just look for anything to do. Can't they just look for real crimes?

A lot of people have complaints.Who will listen? I am not sure, but I have seen is not how this state should be.Every one is equal right,so what makes the cops think that they are above the law.They get to arrest people,stop us and drive past us. Don't get me wrong the cops have had their good moments but you have to admit they have also had their bad moments. It's just that sometimes they can cross the line.

What kind of complaints can people have against cops? I'll give you a personal example. I went to this small restaurant and a cop car was parked, but took room of two lanes.I thought they were doing something inside that explains them having to park very wrong.I went inside they were eating,what a surprise.I also heard that if you past the white line where the traffic light is, that a police can give you a ticket,every one passes that line. Even the police do it. These, are two of the many complaints that I have heard.

Look, I don't hate the police. It's just that when they take advantage of the uniform and start believing that they are above the law.That's what gets on my nerves.They have protected people,saved people and they probably even dodged a bullet for someone,that is when they should wear their uniform proudly, not when they throw all that honor away and "pretend" they are better than every one else. Now that's what I hate. It's the hypocricy that is too hard to handle.

Okay,we make mistakes here and there.We do break the laws,but who got into the training?Who filled out an application? Who wanted to be a police officer for a living? I know the one's who get the tickets didn't. Who decided they were going to separate the bad and the good? The police did. If they want people to obey the law they have to try, too. They need to remember that they are here to protect the law; they aren't the law.

Friday, October 5, 2007

i am one out of ten billions

K. Valdez

I am one out of ten billions
I wonder if human peace is realistic
I hear echoes like a cave
I see lions and humans living together
I want a ring of quiet
I am one out of ten billions

I pretend guitar expertise within me
I feel non-powerful
I touch the sun but still no warmth
I worry about my feelings
I cry of all the hunger around
I am one out of ten billions

I understand I am not first
I say there is a “God of Love”
I dream of suffering's death soon
I try to use my five senses day and night
I hope someday everyone is united
I am one out of ten billions

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

our reflections on community service

This is a "we" area right now. I am not referring to a game system, either. This is where multiple students reflect upon their time doing community service:

I learned many new things about community service that i never thought was possible. I was actually surprised at how fun it can really be. The car wash was amazing even though I lost my voice for the rest of the day. Yelling car wash all day to strangers was pretty fun. By the way my throat is still a little soar . My sign was kinda ugly but I'm pretty sure that i at least got some cars in there. The best part of the car wash was being with my friends. I don't look at doing community service as a chore anymore. It doesn't have to be. Helping the community can be hard but you just have to learn to make it fun and easy! - S.T.

When I was going to do community service I thought it was going to be boring and hard.Man was I wrong.I went to the car wash with the rest of the A-team,it was the opposite of what i thought it was going to be.It was very cool,but I got sunburn and I could of just gone to go see my dad but instead I chose to do a carwash and it was worth it. It was pretty cool washing peoples cars.I hope our customers thought we did a good job.After we were done I was really happy knowing that we helped in the community.We did hard work and have fun at the same time.Ihope we get another chance to do another car wash. - K.Y.

My experience in the car wash was amazing, I was surprised on how fun community service can be. I am not new with community service. I do it about twice a week,but when I did it with my friends (car wash) I thought it was a great success. I had lots of fun. I learned that community service can be hard work but the feeling that you get when it's over is a feeling that is a one of a kind.I felt that the car wash was awsome!!! I am thankful that teachers would take the time to make sure that us students learn how to help others. I learned that helping others can be hard work but it can be fun. All the hard work that us student put into that community service was worth it. THX. - S.M.

I think that volunteering is a very good thing that I did. I really think that what I did was really worth it. I felt really good about volunterring after I did it. I felt really good about myself.What I did benefited a teacher. We helped raise money in a car wash. I will look for any oportunity to volunteer. I would volunteer again because when you volunteer you are helping someone alot. Volunteering is a very good way to help out in your community. - M.M.

The car wash was a really fun community service thing to do because you can have a lot of fun. Even though the sun was hot i really had fun. It was cool because me and my friends got to help our teachers to raise up money for our team. I wish that we could do more community service like that so we can help the community or just our school to raise up money for stuff that we need or that we can buy. The most fun part that i had is that i was having fun with my teachers and friends. Its really fun when schools do that with teachers and students. -K.L.

What image pops up in your head when you think of soldiers? I think of men in army suits holding a gun in their hands. I also see them living in tents dreaming about their family. That's when I start to think about how brave these soldiers are. It takes a lot of courage to leave you family to fight for kids like me. I realized that while I was doing majority of my community service hours which was Letters To Soldiers. As I was making them I started to remember the day September 11, 2001. I remember how scared everyone was. We were in disbelief. When I was writing in the cards I tried to put my feet in their shoes for a second. Although I'm against the war, I have so much respect for the soldiers who are out there fight for America. I want to thank those soldiers out there fight for kids like me! - A.N.

had a lot of fun doing community service.It didn´t feel like I was doing work.It wasn´t a waste of my time I really enjoyed helping wash the cars.I felt really good because I helped someone.While I was washing the cars I was cooled because I got wet,but after it was ok.I think it would benefit the people that worked because they will feel good in side.People should do community service more often because it might help them without even knowing.I would love to do community service again.The reason I would do it again is I like helping other people.Those are my reflections on me doing community service. - K.G.

Doing community sevice was fun and made me feel good.I really enjoyed it. The car wash was very successful and we made four-hundred-sixty dollars. I'm gonna try to do more community service now because I learned that helping somebody is very noble and rewarding. Community sevice is so amazing. - A.P.