Monday, October 20, 2008

flight 93

by Jonathan

Flight 93 is a very symbolic movie reflecting every aspect and point of view that was involved in the awful 9-11 attacks. The director understood the brutal, yet cunning creativity of the terrorists, the pain of families and the heart-stopping suspense and the confusion of air command officials as they tried to deal with a surreal experience; something too horrific for most sheltered Americans to understand.

The movie is comepletely detailed from the hi-def picture to the actual footage used, Flight 93 is a movie made to make us brave and proud to be Americans. Call it a great theme or call it propaganda. Either way, it was powerful and impacting, but also oh so delicate and making sure no one was offended. Rather than resorting to stereotypes and hate, it forced us to realize that the ultimate battle is not between nations, but the internal struggle within our own souls.

It was to me a very special memorial to those who were impacted in any way because this event had nothing but hurt and negetivity. I know it's entertainment, but it's the way we tell stories. And this one reminds us that we are strong we need to be strong and let those terrorists know that we are prepared and not afraid. At the same time, we must also stop living in the past and get out of Iraq.

Amazingly it captures all of this and it all goes through your mind it is a movie that makes you think and reflect on the events that were fuzzy like a movie when they first happened. It makes you use your mind unlike other movies that pacify you with explosions. The movie will dig in your memory. So from the hi-def to emotionsand excitement you will find yourself captured and be dazzledby this theatric masterpiece that we have to pleasure our senses and yet still reach that sobering moment where you realize that all of this actually happened and that heroes are not men in tights on a screen, but normal people in suits and sportscoats and polos from Ross and that sacrifice isn't failing to get the girl in the end, but knowing you'll have to leave to girl and leave your life to save a nation.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cheto for President

Cheto Cholo declares his candidacy (that he's running for office) for presidency. His running mate (the person who's running for VP) is Bill Bob Blue Sock. Dorky? Perhaps. Fun? You betcha! Hey, that's Palin's phrase.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Trial #2

Case 2: Bugs Bunny vs. United States
Buggs Bunny, a popular cartoon figure, decided to drop an anvil on Daffy Duck. The anvil slammed Daffy into the ground, from the top of a cliff. Police arrived, explained Mr. Bunny’s Miranda rights and began questioning him without an attorney. Buggs confessed to the crime and was set for trial. During the trial, the prosecuting attorney demanded that Mr. Bunny testify about the crime. Due to pressure from Daffy Duck’s family, three jury members quit before the end of the trial. So instead they found three new jury members. The ones who quit admitted that they would have found Bugs Bunny not-guilty. Finally, he was found guilty of first-degree murder and was sentenced to the death penalty by the gas chamber.

Questions to Discuss
-What rights did the court violate?
-Should Buggs still receive he death penalty?

Trial #1

Case 1: Ronald McDonald vs. State of Arizona
On July 17th, 2004, Ronald McDonald was arrested for possession of marijuana. It seemed that he was trying to add some extra special to his “special sauce.” Before police can say his Miranda rights, he says, “Where I come from, in Hamburgurland, that stuff is legal. My crime-loving friend, the Hamburglar, asked me to keep it in my car for him.”
The next day, police visit Ronald’s house, but he is not there. However, his roommate, Grimace, invites them in for a Big Mac and a cup of coffee. After an hour, one police officer asks to use the restroom and sees a deflated balloon in Ronald’s bedroom. After looking into it, they realize that it is Jack, the founder of Jack in the Box. The police then obtain a warrant to search Ronald’s car, using the crime he committed of possession. There they find the butter knife that Ronald McDonald used to pop Jack’s head. They immediately interview Ronald, who is still in jail. He confesses before anyone explains that he has a right to an attorney.
Ronald claims that he is not guilty of murder. He accidentally popped Jack’s head in order to save his life. Because of the Phoenix heat, Jack’s head was expanding and about to explode. Ronald thought he could create a slow leak that would let it deflate enough to save his life. Police claim Ronald murdered Jack, because he was jealous of Jack’s recent popularity and his fresh-ingredient approach to hamburgers. The trial was quick, with the result that Ronald was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to being French fried in hot oil and served with a supersized Coke.

Questions to Discuss
-What rights did the police violate?
-Is there enough evidence to put Ronald McDonald on trial?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was born in England on December 25,1642 top Hahnah Newton and Isaac Newton senior. Unfortunately for both Isaac and his father they were not able to meet each other because Isaac Newton senior died on October two months before his sons birth. Hahnah, Isaac's mother later remarried a wealthy clergyman named Barnabas Smith. He was more than 30 years older than she was. Barnabas despised Isaac and ordered Hannah to leave him behind when she moved in with him. Hannah agreed so her mother moved in to the little farm to care for little Isaac, but however that was little consolation for poor little Isaac who had always been his mothers adoration and now she had abandoned him. Hannah and Barnabas latter has 3 children together Mary, Benjamin, and Hannah. Isaac saw his mother occasionally on visits she would make to him this went on for the 8 years her marriage lasted. Of coarse for any child that experience would mark their life and their character permanently. Isaac was not the exception through out his life he was solitary and secretive and was not willing to trust no one else.

Isaac Newton was what you could call a very well educated man, he first attended a Free Grammar school. Though Newton did not excel in school, he did earn the opportunity to attend Trinity College Cambridge where he wanted to study law. Unfortunately for him his mother refused to pay for his education so while at college he had to worked as a servant to pay his way through school. Even though he went to school to study law he later became interested in mathematics after buying a book at a fair and not understanding the math concepts it contained. Newton graduated with a bachelors degree in 1665.

Even though he graduated with a Bachelors degree from Cambridge he still felt that wasn't enough for him he still felt he had to do more with it but unfortunately the further pursuit of an education was interrupted by the plague that struck during that time. Trinity College was closed due to the highly contagious, deadly disease. Newton went home during that time and it was during that time that Newton started to pursue his own ideas on math, physics, optics and astronomy.

The university latter reopened and Newton decided to go back in order to obtain his masters degree. Isaac was apparently to busy to start a family, although at one point the was engaged to Anne Storer, the step daughter of the apothecary he stayed with them while he was at school but they never married and she went on to marry someone else. There is no record of him having kids, he was what you would call a solitary man some people say it had to do with his childhood and the abandoning of his mother.

Isaac Newton was known as a genius a real true genius. He invented a branch of mathematics called calculus which is known world wide. He also designed the reflecting telescope which is also still used, he also proved that white light contains the colors of the rainbow. As if that weren't enough to be considered a genius he figured out the principle of gravity, talk about genius. Even though he was considered a genius where he got it from was unexplained because his father was an uneducated farmer. As a matter of fact when Newton's father was signing his will he signed with an "X" because he didn't know how to write his own name.

Many people have many different theories on how Isaac Newton figured out the principle of gravity. Some say he got was hit on the head with an apple while sitting under an Apple tree, others say he simply fell and realized how everything that goes up has to come down however the truth of the matter is that we might never really know what happened when he made this remarkable discovery. How he figured it out doesn't really matter right now what does matter is how much it has helped our society without it things such as plains might not work the way they do today. Gravity according to Newton is the potential energy between two bodies proportional to the masses of the bodies and inverse to the separation to the bodies.
That was not the only thing he also invented a new branch of mathematics all on his own and he named it 'Calculus'. Calculus is a branch of mathematics that includes the study of limits, derivatives ,and integrals. Calculus is now a major part of modern University education. That just gives you an idea of the great contributions Isaac Newton has made to our society.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Multimedia Me: Facing the Issues

by Serjio

I created a blog that wall about Facing the Issues in our society. These included the issues of the economy, the environment and other issues that are important to me.

Thursday, October 2, 2008