Wednesday, April 30, 2008

movie review of under the same moon

by SG

I'll do anything to be right beside my family even if it includes dangerous consequences." Have you ever mentioned this hard question to anyone or yourself, at one point in our lives we all say something similar to this quote. Under The Same Moon deals with many different characters who have gone through the same situations as many undocumented workers. This movie connects to social studies by showing the process of immigration. This film has shown the immigrant's point of view and what they had to go through to make their wishes and desires true. When watching this high- quality film many immigrants who have gone through the same situation will relate with the characters and not only that but others who were against undocumented immigrants will definitely change their perspective about this controversial subject.
Under The Same Moon is basically about a young boy named Carlitos who lives in a small town in Mexico and has only his ill grandmother to protect him from any harm. Carlitos' mother has immigrated to the United States to give her son a better life. The only way both Carlitos and his mother can communicate is on the public telephone where they speak to each other every Sunday. As I mentioned Carlitos' grandma is very ill and dies but Carlitos is brave enough to leave his small town and reunite with his mothering only one week. Along the way he encounters with severe problems, but with the help of many he is saved from those tough situations. In the end he remembers everything his mother described about the location where she called and by knowing those small details he looks all around East LA, at exactly 10:00pm(at the time where she always calls him) he finds her across the street full of tears.

This top notch movie involves many characters whose lives gradually change throughout the entire film. Adrian Alonso plays the main character (Carlitos) of Under The Same Moon; Carlitos life changes completely when he travels to LA and finally meets his mother. Kate Del Castillo acts the role of (Rosario) Carlitos' mother, who immigrates to Los Angeles and finds it hard to live without the support of her family but in the end she gets a huge surprise. The famous Hispanic comedian Eugenio Derbez plays (Enrique) who in the beginning of the movie has some problems with Carlitos, but in the end he becomes a kind friend for Carlitos and sacrifices himself for his safety. Maya Zapata plays the character of (Alicia) one of Rosario's best friends, at first she is really outgoing and sarcastic, but when Rosario finds out that Carlitos is missing Alicia was there to offer as much help as she could. These actors are only some of the many who participated in this film, to make a successful film you need great actors which is what Under The Same Moon has.

The theme of Under The Same Moon is something many of us don't believe in and choose not to agree with which is, equality and a close family is the most important. I strongly agree with both of these subjects because there's nothing better than to be treated equally and I always thought that without a family I would be lost. I think that it doesn't't matter what race or what culture we follow we should all be treated equally because we are all humans. A family is the biggest support someone can have no matter what the situation is. A part of Under The Same Moon's success is the great theme it has, so when watching this movie that theme touched many of the audiences' hearts. The movie's theme changed many people's point of view by watching how it affected an innocent child, which is what made this movie so realistic.

Under The Same Moon achieved many things that other movies haven't, it impacted people's lives. This movie shows what an immigrant has to go through every single day after arriving from their native country. This isn't just a movie everything included is real not made up to capture the audiences' attention but to show the other side of things. Not only that but it's one of the biggest hits that include only Hispanic actors which the Latino society feels very proud of. This motion picture has made a huge difference in many of the actors' carriers; the theme of this movie is very close to their hearts. In my opinion this is the my film I've seen not only because of the great theme but how the emotional factors, how realistic it was made, and the humor the added at the right time to make it magnificent.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Religion and Humanity

Does faith in religion cause people to lose their faith in humanity?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Discussion Topics

Controversial Questions
Is there any belief you would be willing to die for?
Are we becoming cyborgs?
How has globalization changed how the world views America?
Does globalization make the world more or less free?
How is globalization changing warfare?
Which protest method is more effective: violence or non-violence?
What kind of racism do you see in your neighborhood?
What kind of racism do you see in your school?
Was it right to drop the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Who has the power and authority in the United States? Who are the powerless? Why are the powerless unable to gain power?
Why is it that the government has so much power yet we have so little? What do we lose when we give power to the government? What do we gain in return?

Why is it that we as a nation are fighting a war? Would Iraq be more free if we weren't there? Is it our job to guarantee the freedom of another nation?
Are unions a thing of the past? In other words, do we even need them anymore?
Is it our responsibility to take of the nations with less power?
How can we prevent endangered species from becoming extinct?
What were one of the major misunderstandings throughout history? What can we learn from them?
Is school like a prison? Does this make it safer? Is it worth it? If it is a prison, what would make it more free?
"When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die."
Is it okay to cuff someone, put them into a police car and take them to jail if there only crime was coming to America?

How is the economy affecting your life?
Is school worth it?
Are we safer?
What is the biggest issue we face in our immediate community?
Which is more important: freedom or safety?
Will women ever have the same power as men?
Why are the people who start the wars never the same people who fight the wars?
Is your generation selfish?
Where does racism come from? Will it ever stop?
What are the pros and cons of technology?
Is it your responsibility to change the world?
What is more powerful: love or hate?
"History is a gallery of pictures, in which there are many copies and few originals"
Should we bother learning history if it's just going to repeat itself?
What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others. (Pericles)
Does religion make you lose faith in humanity?

Coming Soon!
If education is power, what is ignorance?
Does it require war to create peace?
Should community service be mandatory?
What's the best reason to work a job?
Does having a minority president change racism in America?
Who should not be allowed in America?
Should everyone have to take care of the poor?
What's more powerful: companies or countries?
Are Americans addicted to entertainment?
Would a one-world government lead to more peace? Or would it cause more oppression?
*Coming Soon: Free Speech Cases, etc.

Comment on
Native American Art
Trial: Buggs Bunny v. United States
Trial: Ronald McDonald v. The State of Arizona

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Flickr Creative Commons

For Our Paper Border

Manuel A. sketched this as an initial draft of what we will put on our "Paper Border" project.

This was also created by Brian G and sums up the darkness of humanity and what we have done to our world.

mural sketch #10

This is one of the sketches by Brian G. Each sketch will be on our "It Takes a Village" mural.

mural sketch #9

This is one of the sketches by Brian G. Each sketch will be on our "It Takes a Village" mural.

mural sketch #8

This is one of the sketches by Brian G. Each sketch will be on our "It Takes a Village" mural.

mural sketch #7

This is one of the sketches by Brian G. Each sketch will be on our "It Takes a Village" mural.

This is one of the sketches by Brian G. Each sketch will be on our "It Takes a Village" mural.

mural sketch #6

This is one of the sketches by Brian G. Each sketch will be on our "It Takes a Village" mural.

mural sketch #5

This is one of the sketches by Brian G. Each sketch will be on our "It Takes a Village" mural.

mural sketch #4

This is one of the sketches by Brian G. Each sketch will be on our "It Takes a Village" mural.

This is one of the pictures created by Brian G. Each of the pictures will be on our final "It Takes a Village" mural.

mural sketch #3

This is one of the pictures created by Brian G. Each of the pictures will be on our final "It Takes a Village" mural.

mural sketch #3

This is one of the pictures created by Brian G. Each of the pictures will be on our final "It Takes a Village" mural.

mural sketch #2

This is one of the pictures created by Brian G. Each of the pictures will be on our final "It Takes a Village" mural.

mural sketch #1

This is one of the pictures created by Brian G. Each of the pictures will be on our final "It Takes a Village" mural.

a sketch on paper

Sunday, April 27, 2008

give the press more access

Have you ever turned on the news and seen a baby being murdered? Ever found out that a bomb had been set off and you hadn't found out on the news last night? Which angers you more? Believing what the press says nowadays is a matter of trust, and that has slowly been taken away from. Even the media doesn't have the rights they had, they don't have the rights they're entitled to have. Some say that it's because war is too gory... I think otherwise. Sure war is horrible but, they had no trouble with it back then. I say the government doesn't want some things found out.

In the first amendment it is written that the press has the freedom to go wherever they want, even if it endangers their lives! They used to say it was their problem whether or not they risk their lives, as long as they knew what was going on. Today, the government is taking away people's rights... even those of the media. I don't know why they try to keep the truth from us. Some say it's for our own safety, others like myself think that the truth is the truth, and no one can take that away from us. We as citizens, we have the right to know what the people we put in office are doing for or against us.

In the middle of World War II the newspapers and the radio were filled with talk of and American bombs ripping apart the human structure. Nothing was hidden from us. It might have been a horrible thing for children to hear about but hey, the adults taking care of them should've implications of war and massacre. I doubt they know the words I've just written. Still, for the sake of the children, we do have to keep them ignorant to the struggles of life. It's not their fault the world in which they were born into is so messed up.

These days, almost nothing can be kept hidden. Sure they say that it's top secret and we'll never find out... Wrong! Someone always has a loose tongue and spills everything a good feeling, to know the truth. It turns bad when you learned it by force, knowing that they tried to keep you from information that was vitally important to you as a person and citizen. Right now, it seems like the government is trying to play hide-and-seek with us. Hiding the truth and waiting for us to find out. It's a cruel game in which it's crucial for us, the people, to win. No one likes being kept back from things they want... normal citizens are no exception. We feel and rage just like any other person. One that doesn't just isn't human. We need to know! We can't be held back of things that are sorely needed to help our families and friends. The media is a safe way of finding out what's happening in the world. But now, we can't trust even them. We think that all that sprouts forth from their mouths are lies, edited by the gov. to keep something secret. And oftentimes... it is.

All I'm trying to say that the press should have more freedom. If they're willing to risk their lives to keep us informed, so be it. It's only fair to them and us. We wanted to be a free country, and to tell the truth, I don't see much freedom anymore. It's sad to see so many wrong things happening in the war, than being ignorant to them. I don't know about you but I don't want to end up like the dummies that don't believe that the holocaust happened. I want the truth, and now!

unwarranted search and seizure

Unwarranted search and seizure can protect our nation but, it can also destroy it. It may help save a life or lives. It can help protect the people that have done no harm to the society. It can also help get a person that has done harm to society and is wanted for doing bad. With this people won't get away with something they might have in their car or on their body. Unwarranted search and seizure can bring down the frequency of crimes that happen around in the country. 

It can help save many people's lives. For example, if an officer stops a guy that looks suspicious and nervous, he may discover when he pulls over the guy that he was high. If the officer would have never done that, the guy could have imagined objects on the road that were not there and he could have crashed. He could have killed a child or an adult. That person could have done a hit and run.

There can also be bad things to this. An officer might think that someone is doing something bad because of their race or the color of their skin. In this case that officer would have contributed to racial profiling. Then people would rightly sue that officer or where they work. The officer might also pull over a person for being in the “wrong” neighborhood. That is also considered racial profiling. The people that are getting pulled over might judge that officer for his own race, and that is called being racist.

On the other hand, say an officer stopped a person at random and maybe he is wanted in another state or city. The police can then arrest him and send him to jail. They can also stop a person who is running from the law and that person can be caught in that process. For example, in "America's Most Wanted" cops who stop people for little mistakes like broken lights discover that some people get scared and stop and then leave because they are wanted people. If we do this, maybe a lot of wanted people can get caught for doing the wrong actions.

People can also think that this idea is really ignorant. If I got pulled over for no reason then I would be really mad. I probably needed to get to work and now I'm going to be late. People might also be pulled over at the airport and their flight is ready to go. First they have to be checked by that random police officer. They might not even make it to their flight.

In the passage of this law there is the concept of making unwarranted search and seizure legal. I lean towards this concept because many bad people can get caught. However, I feel it is also wrong because it is destroying our privacy. Our privacy is already being destroyed with the Patriot Act; now the government could use this new law as an opportunity to take over our privacy.There are many ups and downs with this idea. Ultimately it depends on the person’s perspective as to whether this law would be good for the country or not.

class has started

Class has started

here i am on a hard desk
what is happening?
why am i alone?
i need friends around
where are they?
why aren't they here?
i have everything
i'm prepared
i think
i came here to learn and to earn and still i yearn
for something

where are they?
i need their love
i need their knowledge

why oh why aren't they here?

"Come in and sit down"
"Class has started"

dress code and symbolic speech

by JB

Do you go to a school were you have to wear uniforms? Would you want to be able to wear whatever you want every day to school. Well their are many schools that prohibit you from wearing what ever you want. The reason why some schools do not let you wear what you want is because they want to protect you. That is why they limit your freedom in school so they can protect you. But we should be able to wear whatever we want to because we have the right to be able to wear whatever we want.

We should be able to wear whatever we want because it is a way of expressing ourselves. But the reason why they do not let us wear anything else than uniforms at school is because they want prohibit your freedom so you can be more safe. Schools think that it is not a good thing to wear normal clothes because they think that if you get to wear whatever you want students will more crazier because they are wearing normal clothes. But other reasons are because their are many different kinds of gangs in school. So sometimes what you wear can mean what gang you are in.

But letting students wear whatever they want is a bad thing too. It is a bad thing like I said because their are many different types of gangs in the school. Their are many types of gangs in school, their are gangs that are cool with each others. But their are some gangs that hate each other and that is a bad thing, especially if you have gangs that hate each other that are in the same school. The reason why is because, if you let students let them wear whatever they want to school, they might want to wear something that represents what gang they are from. If their is another student that is from another gang and they wear something that represents what gang they are from.

That can be a bad thing because if they are in a gang that hate each other they might end up fighting and get them in allot of trouble just because of what they are wearing.But we have the first Amendment to back us up. The reason why is, because in the first Amendment it says that you have the right to wear whatever you want. You cant our rights away so we should be able to wear whatever we want. Either way in school they still take that right away from you because here they care more about everyone's safety than freedom.

the AIDS epidemic

Sub-Saharan Africa is the most affected place out of the world by aids and HIV.About 22.5 million people in Africa had HIV at the end of 2007.There are four southern countries in Africa that have more than 20% of it's population that have aids.South Africa is experiencing on of the most severe HIV and aids epidemic in the world.At the end of 2005 there was about 5 and a half million people living with HIV.Almost 1,000 deaths occurred every day due to AIDS

It's not possible to cure aids or HIV so the people that have it will have to live with for the rest of their lives, but their lives will be cut shorter because of that disease that they have.It's possible to treat the symptoms but they'll still have to live with the disease until they die.Almost one in five adults are infected by that disease. The rate that the disease is spreading through out Africa is 100 hundred times bigger than the United States, still the sex activity is the same.

In some of the countries in Africa they expect the people living there to only live about forty years of age. More people in Africa are getting HIV/AIDS due to the shortage of nurses.So there would be less African Americans right now that wouldn't have that infection but they do ,and one of those reasons could be that they don't have a nurse to attend them and try to prevent them from ever getting the infection.

We need to do something to help them ,we have to remember that they are humans just like us. I'm sure that if the United States was going through an HIV/AIDS epidemic that other countries would see what they can do to help us, maybe not Africa because there is a lot of poverty over there,so they need to help themselves before they can help us.We should raise money to send over there so they can buy medications to help prevent the infection.Maybe the IMPACT money can go over to Africa next to help decrease the aids epidemic.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

why do we still have cruel and unusual punishments?

by KY

It is our eighth amendment, no cruel and unusual punishment. Many people suffer pain up to ten hours as a method of torture, condoned by our own nation. This isn't the way people should be treated, no matter how bad their crime. Everybody is human and not animals.

There have alwasy been plenty of ways that our own government uses to torture people that were cruel and plenty were unusual. In the past, they made victims pay the price they should have paid for the crime they committed. Staying in prison could have been better than what they have to go through. It was like if they were messing around with people and watching them die very slowly, making them leave their family members behind, telling them that we only believe in forgiveness in theory, but not in practice. Yet some people still think the methods they used were not so bad.

In the 1800's hanging was also another way to make a prisoner pay the price for what he or she did in the United States. It depended on the victim's weight or their size on how they will die.They would first blind fold the prisoner so that they can see anything.The excecutionar would tie their hands and legs and put a noose around their neck,right behind their left ear. Then they are let go and fall into a strap door.The victim should fall and crack their neck,but that does always happen.If a person was too short they wouldn't reach the ground so they are still hanging and being chocked to death.If someone was to fat the rope wouldn't be strong for that person and they would just fall. Sometimes their eyes pop out and the body defecates. This method is still used in Washington,and in Delaware.

In 1924 the gas chamber became another way to execute people. They tie they person up so that they won't go anywhere.Everybody leaves the chamber alone and the they close it very good so that the gas won't come out.That is when everybody is ready and they let out the gas for the person to die. While gas is already released the person begins to suffer.They struggle for their life,but that is helpless. Their eyes pop out. Weird things just happen on their own, things that they can't be control at all and it is very horrible. Their skin turns purple and out of nowhere,they begin to drool. These are the signs they give that they are experiencing pain and there is nothing they can do about it.They have a doctor outside to tell if the person is dead already.Finally they suck out the gas and wait for a next victim.This is a really sad thing that some one can do to another person. A sad way to die very slowly and in an harsh way.

In 1977 the first state to have Lethal Injection for execution was in Oklahoma.When a person does something bad they will stick two injection inside their vein.Usually it would be the vein from their arm.The victim falls to sleep with the injection.It paralyzes their in tire muscle in the body. That stops the victim from breathing. That leads to the heart,it just stops and the person is now dead right before their eyes. Yet they still have a doctor to determine if the person is completely dead. Compared to other two, this does not seem to be cruel or unusual.

These are cruel punishment and some of them were unusual. Justice isn't perfect and as a result, many people have been innocently tortured. Why do we still use forms like the electric chair and the gas chamber, knowing that we have something like lethal injection? Why hasn't the Supreme Court declared it to be unconstitutional?

This was torture for them, because all they suffered was pain until death came to break them away. They made their victims die slowly until they are completely dead. They feel all the pain that is going on with their body.The sad part is that people just stand there and watch the person die in pain. Sadly nobody thinks. So, the cycle continues.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

The following blog is a basic solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It's written in the format of a blog, because the students involved wanted it to be interactive and non-linear in its approach (because the problem is also non-linear and interactive in the first place)