Friday, February 27, 2009

No Colored Allowed


by Sergio

Are people still racist in America? Have things changed since Martin Luther King died? Back in the day, Americans had some racism. Some things have gotten better, but now we have a lot of it going around. Some people here are very racist in this state. People don't hang out with other people just because of their race. We should just forget the color of our skin and don't be racist any more, because this is causing a lot of bad things every where.

People are so racist in so many kinds of ways. People are just being racist because their skin color or where they come from. Therefore, some Americans hate each other because immigrants are born in Mexico and come over here to work and get money to live. For example, people call immigrants "illegal aliens" or "wetbacks" or "beaners." People should be blind and forget their color of skin and just move on with life.

In this nation there is a lot of racism. Moms don't let their kids play with other color people only their own color. Isn't that very discriminating to the other person? Therefore, it's not the kid's fault, it's the parent's fault. Their parents are teaching them to be very rude and be discriminating. They shouldn't do this because this is a discrimination to people of different color. People should just forget people's color's and work together to get along.

Back in the 1960's, Rosa Parks was a big protester. She needed to sit in the back of the bus but she didn't because she said that we are all equal. She refused to sit in the back of the bus and they sent her to jail as a result. Rosa Parks stood up for what she be lived in. Martin Luther King Jr. also was a big protester too. He used to go to everywhere to stand up for what he be lived in. He wanted no more segregated schools, restaurants and buses. He said that people should forget their differences in color and get along. No one should be left behind.

We have come a long way to be here where we are right now. We as people have been successful in a lot of things to get our rights here in America and other places. Blacks protested until they kicked them out of the place. Latinos stood up for what they believed. We all came as one. Cesar Chavez went to places like MLK did and gave speeches to have our rights. So if a person has something to fight for STAND UP HIGH and fight for what is right. All of us can change the world.

The Language of Hate

by Denise

Have you ever used language to spread hate? Have you formed your own group of friends that you and them only know a language, where outsiders wouldn't understand you even if they tried? What many people don't know or realize is that we all use language to spread hatred.

Language is used for many things like communicating back and forth having fun listening to music, telling stories. Children are more exposed and in more danger of using language to pass hatred. They use it more often then adults and they get from adults. They use language to pick on others, they bully other children around. When the child that is victimized by language sometimes or more often they hold a grudge against those children that bully others with language. After that encounter all they ever learn and remember are the kids that bullied them , and hate everyone that talks like them or think like the bullies. They can then pass it on to their children or their friends. They often times only learn to feel hate against others and never learn to forgive.

When it comes to media we've all been exposed to language being used to spread hate. Their are advertisements that use all types of languages to spread hatred or racism. They give you the idea that somethings are normal like you don't notice them using language to spread hatred. You don't notice fliers or advertisements do this, not until you get a good look at them. News give you a small glimpse of it sometimes when they interview people, the interviews usually show a bit of their bias-side. Music is used to spread hatred. They swear at races they show bias to others and to authorities.

Even politicians use language to spread hate. When they are running for presidency, they get as much dirt on their opponent. Or for a better example the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, uses language to spread hatred and racism. He is always spreading racist thoughts about America. On the other hand, many U.S. politcians will use the language of hate with words like "illegal aliens." The whole world besides the Venezuelan president uses language to spread hate. Others are far worse. They tag on walls with language filled with so much hate. They terrorize neighborhoods by marking territory in spray paint.

So either we notice it or not every where you look there is always someone using language to spread hatred. Either it's with sign as in tagging, media or speeches. We always or mostly use language to spread hate we all have our ways but the most common way is for us to use language verbally.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eating Disorders

by Angela

How many times today have you seen some type of advertisement for a wait loss method or for a diet plan, or even for some type of beauty cosmetic? The truth of the matter is that in America more than a tenth of all the advertisements that go on the radio or on television are either an advertisement for wait loss methods or for beauty cosmetics. Sounds normal doesn't it sure people are going to want to look good so generally the companies that make things to help them look good are going to advertise them the one thing that those companies don't realize and the one thing that even you might not have yet realized is that the main viewer of those t.v advertisements are non the less than children and teens.

Now I'm sure you might be saying now why is that such a big deal? Well because over the past years we have seen an increase in the cases of eating disorders among teens and children here in America.In fact in a resent study 1 out of every 2 teens out of a group of 100 students had some type of eating disorder.The most common types of eating disorders are Anorexia and Bolimia however other food-related disorders, like binge eating disorders, body image disorders, and food phobias, are showing up more frequently than they used to.As you might already know these are all psychological problems that come to such an extreme that they eventually begin affecting the person suffering from them physically.Now you might be saying that sounds bad but what does that have to do with television? As we all know as a child or even a young adult you will find some kind of icon or idol that will sort of be your inspiration or that will sort of guide you in what you want to be when you grow up.

Where are all these teens getting the idea that the only way to fit in is by being super skinny? That is where these illnesses come in and so does the media. Imagine you are a 12 or 13 year old girl and your favorite actress or singer is on television or on some other kind of advertisement saying how she did this crazy extreme diet to get skinny or she did that to achieve that very wanted super model look, Wouldn't you want to try that to? I'm not saying that it is that persons fault i am basically saying that at what cost are those people obtaining that "Super model look" now yes, we all want to look our best but I just strongly believe that by doing so those people are sending the wrong message across to the younger generations.Lets not forget that the younger generations are the worlds future and when that future is in a Hospital because they think that the only way to fit in in this superficial society is by having that "super model look" then we have a problem!

Now regardless of the whole being skinny at any cost thing, there is another main issue that America faces when it comes to the way people eat and their health, and that is Obesity.Did you know that obesity in adults has increased by 60% in the past 20 years while obesity in children has tripled in the past 30 years. Shocking isn't it? With these statistics and the ones from other eating disorders in America that makes up almost a third of the people living here. Actually 33% of adults in America are obese which brings us to the alarming issue of over 300,00 people that die each year do to obesity related illnesses such as heart failers and diabities. Surprising for one of the most richest and most progressive countries in the world.Well there really is no mystery there with the American life on the go, eating fast-food and microwave dinners, the health of the American people has suffered the consequences, consequences that even the earliest generations are starting to face.

This epidemic is yet reversible and that change could start with you and your family.Yes, that is true change can start with a walk at the park here and a healthy salad there.Healthy habits taught at a young age are what will make the difference for future generations, so lets start today.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Review: The World Is Flat

Two students discuss what they have learned so far in reading Thomas Friedman's The World Is Flat. To download it in the original source, visit:

Or click below:

Metaphor of Globalization

Two students discuss their metaphors of globalization, including the pros and cons of the entire globalization process. You can download the podcast from the original source at:

Or you can listen to it below:

My Trip to Wal-Mart

by Itzel

I went to Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and took a stroll through the toy section. I gazed upon the things I once played with myself when I was a little girl. I noticed that nearly every doll was white. Not many toys were African-American, Latino or Asian. The boy's toys had a slightly bigger race range than the girls, but it wasn't much better. Statistically speaking, it was fifteen white toys to every one minority toy.

You can't blame kids for acting a certain racist way when they are raised in a racist world. You just can't. Racism began with slavery and the need for money and it continues with the need for money. Why else would a company sell only white dolls? It's about market share. It's about what's pretty and popular in the public eye. When kids play together, most of their toys are white. Minority children will then view whites as the dominant race. They'll gain the perception that they are not considered the same. Even if the toys they play with are meant only for amusement, they are part of the judgment of race.

I realize that this might not sound bad for all, but for some it's the little things that build up to the big racism. No, kids will most likely not start a riot out of a demand for minority Barbies. But they will believe a lie about what is considered pretty in America. This type of racism is especially dangerous, because it's sugary and sweet like the soda that you drink?

The problem can be solved by toy companies independently extending their variety to include all races. If companies are all about making money, they should realize that with a bigger population of minorities, companies will someday realize that marketing racism isn't as effective as marketing diversity. Kids are the source of the future and if kids grow up believing believing they are just bumps in the road, then they won't think accurately about their own culture and they won't find much of a future at all.

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Music Analysis: Go On Girl

by Denise

Is music causing younger generations to stereotype against women? We've all been exposed to it but have said nothing just to be "cool". If your riding in your car and listening to your radio and happen to come across a song that stereotypes women, all you have to do is change the station. Most people don't however, because the lyrics seem secondary to the beat and the style. But if you really pay attention to the lyrics they are very extreme when it comes to stereotyping women.

A certain song that caught my attention Go On Girl by Ne-Yo. When you're listening to the song you think it's a really sad song but when you read the lyrics you can pin point some stereotyping. In the song women are portrayed as unfaithful. That women can't have a relationship without thinking of other men. He makes it sound as if men are always the faithful ones in a relationship, when it could always be both people not just only women. In the song they state that women don't know exactly how to act in a relationship and that men or more sensitive then women, but in my opinion i think how people feel is how they grew up and see things in their perspective and exactly what goes on between them.

In the song it makes people think that when a women that's in a relationship says that she's going to go out with her friends, it more likely that she'll be at a bar or riding other men's cars. And that when she's in bars she'll be more likely be getting drinks from other guys. The song makes it sound like women always make up stories saying their going with their friends and they end up going to a bar which not true. Not every women makes up excuses like the song makes it sound. Women are more honest then what they're credited for.

In my opinion, I think that when he quotes "Please don't worry bout be fine" it feels sarcastic in a way. As if women won't care what happens to men after the relationship.It sounds as if while she's in bars with other men she thought of him the whole time and how it would affect him. As if she knew that what she was doing was all for him when in a way it makes him feel that women act for themselves. When in reality women can think of others then themselves the same is for men but it just depends on the issue.The way he makes it sound is as all women are like that.

Go On Girl was just one song that is less offensive towards women then others .Their are other songs that portray women as nothing . This isn't the first song the artist has singed where he makes it sound like all women are the same in a relationship. It's not the first where it sounds like all men are very strong that they'll move on and they won't be depressed of a break up

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Globalized Jobs

Students begin the process of career exploration through examining issues of globalization in the workforce. Click below to access the podcast in the original source:

Primary Detectives: Soda Bottle

by Donovan

The item is a green bottle. It is definately a soda bottle, but it is not clear (the way many soda bottles are nowadays). Why did they use green instead? The bottle is made of glass instead of plastic. It has a lid that is a pop-off instead of a twist off. It makes me wonder if kids used to have to carry around bottle openers or if maybe grownups were always the ones to open bottles instead. The side of the bottle has places where you can grip it (little ridges all around) and there is a distinctly curved style to the soda bottle.

The bottle is really old and is not a company people recognize. The company is Cott and the soda is called "Quiky." The bottle explains that it was a "delicious grapefruit and lemon soda." It is ten fluid ounces, which is two ounces less than the current twelve ounce cans that people drink.

Things have changed since then. Now people drink far more than ten ounces of soda. We use plastic bottles that have a screwtop lid instead. Our bottles are smaller in length but hold more (usually twenty ounces at least). They are also clear and do not contain colors. What all of this suggests is that we are more eco-friendly in how we create products (this is a heavy glass bottle) but that we are consuming more than ever.

All Men Created Equal?

by Antonese

Gay. Lesbian. Bisexual. These loaded words build lots of emotion and at times controversy. Lot's of time history try's to exclude these groups(also known as LBGT). Today's society substitutes bad with the word "gay" giving "gay" a negative meaning. What we may or may not believe doesn't change and shouldn't change cover some truth of history. Such as the Gay Rights Movement.

During the year of 1951 the first Gay Rights Organization was created, The Mattachine Society. Harry Hay formed the organization and is known as the "founder" of Gay Rights Movement. This organization had 4 primary goals:

1-Unify homosexuals isolated from their own kind.
2-Educate homosexuals and heterosexuals toward an ethical homosexual culture paralleling the cultures of the Negro,Mexican and Jewish peoples.
3-Lead the more socially conscious homosexual to provide leadership to the whole mass of social deviates.
4-Assist gays who are victimized daily as a result of oppression.

The Mattachine Society later went above ground organization that reached out to a lesbian organization called "Daughters of Bilitis" in the year of 1980. Before that, on June 8th of 1969, the Gays fought back against police,who did a daily raid against them, called the Stonewall Riots. The Stonewall Inn was a bar owned by the Mafia in New York City. Many transvestites, Lesbians, Gay men, and homeless youth were among the sense of the bar. On June they decided to get together and fight against the police. A year after the Stonewall Riot the first Gay Pride Parade was taken place in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

During the Civil Rights Movement African-Americans were fighting against those who were refusing service based on the skin color and nationality. Most see that and say that is completely wrong. It doesn't matter what color you are, we are all equal. That same person will then hear, During the Gay Rights Movement store owners refused service based on some one's sexual orientation. For some reason that is beyond my understanding, that same person will go, "oh" and leaver it at that. What makes it suddenly okay for someone to refuse service based on sexual orientation yet it is wrong to discriminate against the color of one's skin? Discrimination is wrong. On all levels. The refusal of service for anything is wrong whether it be because or gender, race, sexual orientation, or disabilities!

Whether are not people like it , there was a Gay Rights Movement. Whether or not you agree with there sexual choices, no one should isolate them. Whether or not you like them, they are still human. Whether or not it's right to discriminate? Well, we know the answer to that! "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.". All men are created equal!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

by Mar

Living History: Ms. Vilar

This was an interview with Ms. Vilar, who shared her experiences about September 11th and what it was like to be there in person. Ms. Vilar shared her experiences of driving to work on on 9/11 and how it changed the city, her family and her own life. The students, when they heard the story, felt that it was not only valuable for their class, but also a story that the world should hear. Being true historians, they recorded a face-to-face interview a few days later.

Click below to listen to the podcast. Feel free to share your comments on this blog when you are done. Or, if you would like to download it, please visit the link:

Face the Issues: Student Civil Rights Movement

A few students engaged in a dialogue with Mr. Spencer about the Student Civil Rights Movements in the 1960's. Feel free to listen to their opinions and comment on our blog.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Metaphor of Racism

by Brenda
"Racism is, bricks put together creating a wall of hate, we may never be able to bring it down."  

Throughout my years as a student I have learned much about Racism and how good we have it now. If this is what we call Racism in its "good times" then I would not like to live during the "hard times". You can never really tell who is racist and who is not or if we've become more of a racist country or less? We can never really find the exact answers to these questions. All I can say is  "Racism is, bricks put together creating a wall of hate, we may never be able to bring it down."     
    Why, "bricks"? When I think of a brick I think of a strong object, in this case I am referring a brick to a person. These "bricks" or people are racists. The more "bricks" the stronger and bigger the wall gets. These "bricks" duplicate by the second. When two racist decide to have a baby, chances are that their baby too, will be a racist. It's as easy like that, a new "brick" has been added to the wall. If we don't do something about this quick the wall may take over.
    Why, "wall of hate"? I see it as a wall of hate because, the "bricks" are racist that are hate on people. They always manage to find a wrong thing with someone weather its their culture, color, language, accent, looks and so on. They want to believe that everyone has to be the same. So if women are suppose to have long blonde hair, they would look a short, brunette haired women, and assume she is different just from her hair. By piling all of these people or "bricks" together you create a wall, and in this case the wall is full of hate. Which becomes a wall of hate.
    Why may we never be able to bring it down? I say this so that whoever reads this can prove me wrong. So that you will go out and look around your neighborhood and write about what you see and how it relates to racism. If we let the "wall" get any bigger or stronger our only choose may be to join the wall. 
    If you don't like the idea of becoming " a brick in the wall of hate" then start helping our country become less racist. Have you ever judged someone before knowing the person? Have you ever felt a little racist? Have you ever felt that someone you loved was a racist? If you really want to help out, You should start with yourself, give everyone and everything a chance before you judge them. If you have a friend that may seem weird, get to know them, get to know their culture. You never know you may have a lot of fun. After your done helping yourself, help others make sure that they never become a "brick in the wall of hate". By eliminating every "brick" we can make the wall disappear and never come back. "Racism is, bricks put together creating a wall of hate, we may never be able to bring it down."

Prove me wrong.

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Gender and Madagascaar

by SJ

Kids grow up believing who is important through the messages they see in all social institutions.  When a priest talks to the parish, the people learn that religion belongs in the hands of the men.  When they go to school and all their primary teachers are women, they learn that school is a girly place.  So, it makes sense that they learn messages about men and women from television and movies.  

Take the movie Madagascaar.  It's a funny film about a bunch of animals who go from the zoo to the jungles of Madagascaar.  However, the ratio of male to female is nothing near the fifty percent that exist in the real world.  The following is a breakdown of the characters with speaking parts.  I've color-coded female in pink and male in blue:
  1. Alex the Lion 
  2. Melman the Giraffe
  3. Gloria the Hippo
  4. Mothers of the Kids
  5. Marty the Zebra
  6. Penguin #1
  7. Penguin #2
  8. Penguin #3
  9. Penguin #4
  10. Monkey - Phil
  11. Monkey
  12. Police Officer
  13. Police Officer Horse
  14. Old Lady with the Purse 
  15. Reporter
  16. Ship Captain
  17. Julian, King of the Lemurs
  18. Julian's Assistant
  19. The baby lemur
  20. The Foosa
Four out of twenty equals twenty percent.  That's less than half of what would make it equal.  So, when kids grow up and twenty percent of the characters are women, there is a subtle message that the men are important.  The same thing goes with how the characters act.  Gloria is known only for her beauty (though she is large, which is a different message than many shows) and when she holds a baby lemur.  All of the important jobs are taken by men.  Marty and Alex are the ones who build things.  The ship captain and the police officers are all men.  Alex is the one who saves the day with his superior strength. So, when kids grow up they end up believing that women are not only unimportant, but that they don't hold positions of power. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Social Voice Picture

Globalization Picture

Write your reaction to this picture. Why is this an example of globalization? How does it shape the world's view of America?

Picture Source
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Freedom and Globalization

Does globalization make the world more free or less free?

Photo Source:
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The Changing of Nations

We mentioned in class that the world is being shaped into:
  • National - within your country
  • International - between more than one country
  • Micronational - (sometimes considered intranational) - a group within a country trying to be a nation
  • Transnational - beyond countries, entirely global
Globalization (through economic and technological forces) make micronationalism and transnationalism more accessible to people within a nation.

Discussion Question:

How does this new type of grouping change the way a country fights a war?

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Anti-Columbus Day

The following is a student-created Face the Issues dialogue about Columbus Day and the Anti-Columbus Day protesters. For many people within the Civil Rights Movement, Columbus was not a hero, but rather a man who enslaved Native Americans and began the process of Indian Genocide.

To download the podcast or view the original location, please click below:

Feel free to listen to it below and post your own comments.

Face the Issues: Chicano Park

Students discussed what they learned in their independent researching of Chicano Park. Feel free to download it from the original source at:

Or click on it below to listen. Feel free to post any comments or questions that you might have as well.

Toys for Sale

by Stephanie
Not long ago, I visited a local store. I counted the dolls to see the ethnic background and guess who won? The Anglo dolls won by a landslide. The data that I have collected was 13 to 6. Only 6 dolls were differ from the 13 other dolls. The six dolls include two Latinos, three African American and one Asian.This data demonstrates how America thinks about race and socialization.

These toys shape our children's minds in America. When children don't see their ethnic background enough, they start to believe they are not important.Then they start to say, "that race is way better than mine."  Sometimes it's more subconcious. They lose their culture and they want to join a new one in a process of assimilation. 

American toy companies should have a broader range of races.They should ask the company to have more variety of ethnic groups out in the store.This way no culture is felt less appreciated. That we have a design of every culture in the world instead of having a single culture be in power. A company could have a policy that would not allow their production to have more of a doll then other races.Kids should be proud of were they roots came from and not be a shame of it. If there is a higher supply of ethnic minority dolls, they might find that the demand would increase as well. 

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our America

Community Connection: Service Reflections

The following is an interview after we completed our Half Day of Hope. Feel free to share your thoughts, insights and questions. To view it in the original, visit the following link:

The Ongoing Legacy of Racism

by Melissa A

Most people believe that racism started when slavery was popular. Although this was a significant part of the racism epoch, it isn't what I believe to be the start of racism. In my opinion it really started many years ago when the pilgrims discovered new land. The reason why we live on this land is an example of discrimination between two races.

We all know the story about how the pilgrims and native Americans worked together and shared the first thanksgiving. But after all of the peaceful nature between the two they began to have conflicts. The pilgrims eventually took over the land. They could not live in harmony with the other people on the land so they decided to seize them of their home. I believe they wanted to convince them to believe in their religion and dress like them. Those are very discriminating characteristics to me.

That was a very important part of racial discrimination history but not the only one. During the fifties things were progressing because of the new found leaders such as Martin Luther king Jr and Malcolm x. Although they did help the cause their speeches and points of view caused riots. People took what Malcolm x said to heart and tried to gain rights at any means necessary. There were many people who were hurt during these riots. There were attack dogs set loose on the crowds and there were cops maltreating people.

Even after all those people being hurt in this time it was shocking to see that racism hadn't ended yet. You could go any where around here and see something that is offending a specific type of person. There are subtle little things that can be offending such as commercials only using African American athletes. These advertisements are in a way saying that African Americans are better at sports, which has been a stereo type for years. All of this propaganda reaches certain ages that shouldn't be learning more stereotypes. They just keep fulfilling the cycle.

There are many reasons why racism is alive and well today. Our civilization was built on tearing down different people. We are feared and respected as a whole but only to other nations. In our society there is no respect towards the many races in our nation. And what I mean by that is that people instinctively come together based on characteristics such as race. Race is a large divider here. But when people feel threatened they come together and there are many reasons to do so.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Face the Issues: Rosa Parks

Students discuss Rosa Parks and what she contributed to the Civil Rights Movement. They talk about what we can learn from her example and how the public perceives her. Feel free to download it from the original source:

Survey Results

Survey Results: In what area do you think you can make the most difference? You can see the results below.  Sixty-eight percent of students felt that it is in their neighborhood, while fifteen percent suggested in our city.  No one chose state, which is interesting. 

So, with these results in mind, here are some questions
1. How does this change how we'll plan service projects?
2. Why is it that no one thinks we can change our state?
3. What should we do to change our neighborhoods?

Your Neighborhood
  13 (68%)
Your City
  3 (15%)
Your State
  0 (0%)
Your Nation
  1 (5%)
Your World
  2 (10%)


Monday, February 9, 2009

Face the Issues: Dolores Huerta

Students discuss Dolores Huerta and her contributions to the Civil Rights Movement. Feel free to download it from:

Friday, February 6, 2009

Face the Issues: Cesar Chavez

This was a short dialogue about Cesar Chavez. Feel free to listen to it at the original source (or download a copy)

Double-Header of Hope

by Keyvan

Last weekend I spent my Saturday helping out my community. I was helping out at the Double Header of Hope, a project organized by the Social Awareness Club. I helped out at a food bank and at a youth home base. When I was at the food bank we were helping by putting food into bags and putting clothes on tables. We were also giving out candy bars, water,and Gatorades to the people waiting in line. We were doing something good for all of the people who needed it a lot.

We did really well at the home base by cooking for the kids that were in there. We had some fun there to by messing around with Mr. Lucero. We had to cook some enchiladas and refried beans.When we finished we had to serve them as well. When they finished eating I washed the dishes. It was funny because the water faucet was broken and the water came out on its own and it wet me.

Even though it was all day long it felt good because we did something good for the community. It was a great reminder that service can be difficult, but it can also be fun! If you aren't someone who normally does volunteer work, you might want to consider it.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When Home Isn't Home

As this picture indicates, domestic violence has been a part of America's history. People often don't take it seriously.

by Angela

Imagine living in the worst fear imaginable. Imagine not being able to go home to a loving caring family but to the worst of the abusers. Imagine seeing your mom or your younger sister get beat until they cant even move. Imagine not even being able to trust your own family with your safety because their the ones that put your life at risk. This sounds horrible doesn't it? Unfortunately this is the reality of hundreds of people all around the world. Domestic Violence is one of those issues that don't just affect one race they affect each and every one of them if you were to go India you would find at least one family that goes through this .The same would happen if you went to Vietnam, China, or Brazil. What a lot of these people don't realize is that they are not forced to go through this alone.

The real definition used to define what Domestic Violence is, is when a family member, partner or ex-partner attempts to physically or psychologically dominate another. This then leads to a set of events that further more leads to one of them being the victim and the other the aggressor unfortunately allot of the times they carry other family such as sisters brothers or their children into this problem with them. The saddest part is that allot of the time victims of Domestic Violence get accustomed to this way of living and it becomes an everyday thing.


There are many reasons why domestic violence is such a common thing. For one people don't pay as much attention to this issue as they should either they don't pay enough attention or they don't speak up. That is the first mistake a person suffering from domestic violence can do, not speak up there are a lot of people that are willing to help them but they can't help if they don't know this is happening to them. Groups of people give these woman jobs and the skills necessary to go on on their own .Shelter is not a reason either because there are plenty of domestic violence centers that take these woman and their children in. People do all this because they understand how much emotional damage living in everyday violence can do to a child and even an adult.

Reasons for why Domestic Violence is something that affects us today

Domestic Violence is such a big issue because people are afraid to speak up, people always seem to have a reason for why why they keep that in the shadows, behind closed doors. For some woman it is that they not only get threatened with their life but with their children's life as well. In fact percent of woman that are being affected by Domestic Violence have children between the ages of a 0 months through 5 years of age. That in my opinion is what keeps allot of these woman from speaking up. They say to them selves how am I gonna raise a child on my own or my child has the right to grow up with his dad and well frankly that's true but I'll tell you what any child is gonna thank you more from giving him a peaceful happy home with only one of his parents that for giving him both of his parents but a violent childhood where he faced fear and neglect ion daily. Besides as I had already said if you think you can't make it alone you're wrong. There are allot of people that are willing to help woman that have suffered from Domestic Violence and all you have to do is ask for help.

What you should do if you know someone is going through this

If you know someone from your school or work or anyone else that is going through this help them out maybe you might not realize this but their not speaking up in an act of fear. Or if you don't want to get to much in their business then talk to them maybe that's all it takes to help that person out. Just by listening you could help them take all that stress and pain out of them that could make the biggest of the difference. So just listen to what people have to say.

Domestic Violence Helpers!

If you or anyone you know is suffering from Domestic Violence get help you can contact one of these people. They will care!

  • AZ Victims Domestic violence shelter

  • Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence 602-279-2900
    602-279-7270 (TTY)

  • National 24 hr Domestic Violence Hot line 800-799-7233 or
    800-787-3224 (TDD)

  • CONTACTS Shelter Line (Maricopa County Only) 602-263-8900 or

  • Vermont Center for Crime Victims 1-800-228-7395

  • Quigley House shelter

    24 hour hot line 904.284.0061; 800.339.5017

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fight For Justice

Anonymous Student:
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Is This Change?

by AP

"It's time for a change," people chanted. "Yes we can!" they yelled. "We're going to change Washington. No more of this partisan bickering." These were the promises of the liberal machine and the media was hooked. Like crack cocaine, America began to shoot up the instant promises of change and hope and all of the empty buzzwords of the Obama campaign. Now, I don't deny that he meant well. I'm not saying that he's an evil man. However, his first week and a half in office have proven that Obama is not the savior who will save America.

Obama promised an end to partisan politics. He said that he would work across the aisles. However, in his own inauguration speech he slammed Bush. If there is a time to back off from lobbing critical insults it's during the inaugural address. Then he supported a Democratic congress on a multi-billion dollar bailout. The House outright refused to work with the Republicans. They shut them out of meetings and silenced their voice. How is that working across any aisle?

Next, he ignored the social conservative African-American and Latino communities that supported him. He lifted the ban on government-sponsored abortions. Now, I realize the Supreme Court has silenced the majority of Americans who believe in the right to life. However, it's unfair to expect America's tax dollars to fund the murder of children. Again, how is this bipartisan? Is this really the change America wanted?

Now I'm watching him choose lobbyists in his Cabinet. He has one man who refused to pay his taxes. What happened to all the talk about ethics? Refusing to pay taxes should be a criminal offense. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm guessing it's against the law. I'll go check on Google. . . .

Okay, I was right. It is against the law.

It looks like Obama is just another talking politician. He's a slick man in a suit, popping out soundbytes and America fell for it. Now it looks like we have to have a taste of our own medicine.

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Should the Redskins Find a New Mascot?

by Dalila

The Redskin logo is offensive because the American Indians suffered a lot and the Washington Redskins seem insensitive to this. The term Red Skin comes from when soldiers would get their knifes and shave their scalps with their hair; which makes the Indians think back about the horrible things that might had happened to their kids and family. The word "Red Skin" became an insult. It would be like using the word "nigger" or "wetback" for a team nowadays.

Some don't really care because it's in the past. But history is powerful and when we deny it, we send the wrong message to Native Americans. I strongly feel that many Indians had a hard time because they didn't had guns just only knifes to kill the soldiers. They had no chance to defend themselves before the genocide. So, why would we ever want to name a sports team after this?

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Racism Is All Around

Global Warming

By Audrey

What is global warming? Global warming is the chemicals that are unleashed into the air. Global warming is not just something that happens it has been going on for along time. The problem is that if it keeps going on the ozone layer will disappear and we will be exposed to the sun's harmful rays. It will ruin life as we know it.

Global warming is caused by the cars and the oil companies. Since cars are driven so often they release gas that is harmful to the earth into the air. Oil companies also put the earth in risk because the oil is so toxic that it harms to the extreme.The chemicals that are in the air make it hard to breath so more people so are having trouble breathing. Global warming isn't the only caused by cars and the oil companies it is also caused by the activities that humans do.

The things that humans do are affecting the earth complete. Like if we keep making buildings and blowing things up the earth is just going to get worse. When we constantly deforest, we release carbon that causes global warming. Instead of wasting money on chemicals that are hurting the earth they should spend money on creating chemicals that are earth friendly. (Only maybe we don't have to use that much money because then we won't have trees and we need to trees to breath).

We don't need to cut down so many trees every year we just need to recycle a lot more then we will have paper to recycle.Like if we recycle more often then we won't have so much garbage laying around and then the fumes from all the garbage won't make the earth worse. Also, we can cut consumption. Do we really need so much packaging? Do we need to constantly get new cell phones? Does our food need to be individually wrapped? We can invest in green technology like green cars, solar panels, wave power and wind power. All of these are steps we can take toward fixing these problems.

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Native American Art

What point is the artist trying to make about America? What goes through your mind as you look at this?

Wayne Eagleboy (American, contemporary), We the People, 1971, Art Wagon Gallery. Contemporary Native American Wayne Eagleboy's version of the US flag bears portraits of two Indian men behind a screen of barbed-wire. The painting is framed with fur.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Case #1: Fighting Stereotypes

This is one of the many sports teams with Native American mascots

Before the Native American civil rights movement, there were many stereotypes about Native Americans that dominated the media. For example, sports teams like the Redskins used Native Americans as mascots. In movies, the American Indians were always portrayed as ignorant and evil while the white cowboys were the "good guys." Tobacco companies used Native Americans in logos that many Native Americans found offensive. Children learned about the first Thanksgiving without learning about the reality of how Native Americans had taught the original pilgrims how to farm.

Native Americans began protesting these stereotypes. They wrote letters to film companies asking for a change. They created protests in front of sports venues. At several universities, Native American groups burned symbols of offensive mascots. In addition, many Native American artists fought back and created their own art and imagery as well as music and movies that celebrated their rich heritage. These helped combat the stereotypes that had previously existed.

1. How had America used stereotypes to marginalize, demonize or assimilate Native Americans?
2. What methods did Native Americans use to fight back? Which ones were the most effective, in your opinion?
3. Do you feel that Americans still have negative stereotypes toward Native Americans?

Case #2: Changing Education

In the early 1900's, the U.S. government began creating Indian Schools. These schools were designed for assimilation, where Native Americans would learn how to act more "American." For example, students lost their native names, were forbidden to speak their native language, had to eat American food, dressed according to middle-class white standards and used "proper" manners.

In the 1960's, Native American activists began to challenge these ideas. They fought to close and reform the Indian Schools. They began to protest the "white history" that failed to mention the genocide of Native Americans. At universities, they began to demand courses in Native American studies. A group of Native American protesters even stormed the battle site of Wounded Knee to recover their own history. They began to write books like Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee that told the history of what happened to their people.

1. How had America used marginalizing, demonizing or assimilation to control Native American education?
2. What methods did Native Americans use to fight back?
3. Do you feel that schools have done an adequate job with Native American history?

Bullying Basics

What are the different ways kids bully each other?
Bullying a problem that doesn't end even with the help from others. It happens everywhere from kids to even adults.There are different ways to be bullied, five to be specific. All five affect the person in a way that will scare or hurt them. The five ways are:
  • teasing
  • physical
  • exclusion
  • online/cellphone
  • threatening
Teasing hurts their feelings.It makes them feel bad of who they are. Physical will hurt them on the outside. It will leave them bruised and marked on the inside of what had happened to them.
Exclusion which is purposely leaves some one out. that will also make them feel bad and thought of why they didn't want them in might go through there head. Online and/or cellphone bullying can scare the person. Fear would be sent through the body not knowing want would be next. Threatening can effect one mentally like some of the others can. Fear can also be something like the bomb threat we had that one year at Borman. Some students didn't not came because of the fear. All the bullying can and might affect you for days, months or years. It severely can it all hurts us.

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