Friday, March 28, 2008

What We Accomplished

This was just one of the many projects we have accomplished.

The following is a letter from a student explaining some of the ways the IMPACT Program has made a difference:

March 27, 2008

Dear Arizona Republic:

I'm a student at Frank Borman Middle School here in Phoenix. This school has a really bad reputation. People think we are all gangsters and taggers who terrorize the neighborhood. They see that we are poor and they think we are ghetto.

The reality is that we are actually doing a lot of projects that are helping local, national and international charities. We have what we call the Impact Program. This program teaches students many valuable skills and lessons. This program also teaches you the value of community service and how good it feels to help others. It teaches you valuable technology skills and it enables us to use our creativity to do things we never thought possible.

We have done some pretty amazing projects.I will give you a total recap on our greatest projects that helped many people or helped make some wonderful memories. We have done many projects and fundraisers that help charities all over the world and locally. We have held dances, sold candy, worked with Rollero and organized a car wash all to raise money for Life Straws in Africa. These straws can help people in Africa so that they don't have to walk so far to get clean water they can drink water through the straw and it purifies it. These straws will help save lives. So far we have raised over $1,000! We as students volunteered at the food bank after we had donated 800 cans of food. We went to the Andre House. We painted over the graffiti in our neighborhood for two straight weekends. So far, the students in our team have volunteered over 1,500 hours. Many of our projects include the Social Awareness Club and they have done over 500 hours.

It's more than just community service, though. I'm really proud of the murals that we have painted in our school. We're already on our second mural this year. It is a thank you mural to all the people who have helped make our education happen. We are also doing a memorial art project for all the people who have died crossing the border. I'm one of the many students who give up our lunch time and our before and after school time to do the book clubs, tutoring, leadership classes, newscast and other projects that we have worked on. We have designed websites, created documentaries, recorded podcasts and so many things that you don't expect a bunch of junior high kids to do.

So the reason I am writing this is that I think that the teachers and students have done some amazing things. You should check out our website at or even just check out our online magazine at And if you think that what we have done is cool, you should do a story about us. I want the community to see that there are many students who care and who want to change things in our city and in our world.


Andromeda Student

Service Reflections

Post Service Reflections Here

Friday, March 14, 2008

List of Projects - 4th Quarter

School-wide recycling program
Food Drive - FINISHED - over 800 cans of food!
Life Straws - We have raised over $1,000 so far!
Andre House - FINISHED
Grafitti Busting -FINISHED
Project Social Voice
Flower Power
The “Thank You” Project
Community Garage Sale
Weekend Projects – Every Saturday
Crochet Blankets – Daily
Individual Community Service Hours - OVER 1,500 HOURS SO FAR!
Advocacy - Letters to Politicians - 200 DONE SO FAR!

Modern History Museum
Social Voice Newscast
Social Voice Website and Blog
Maintaining the Borman website
Technology-Integrated Social Studies
Face the Issues – video and podcast
Face the Issues - Election Guide Website – FINISHED
Voices of the Border Blog
My Life Website and Portfolio – FINISHED
Video: Our Social Voice
Documentary #1 - September 11th (Untitled)
Documentary #2 - In Coke We Trust
Short Film – Untitled
Short Film - Borders

Anonymous Voice – a new issue twice a month
Book Club - reading Night
Social Voice articles
After-School Peer Math Tutoring
Student Leadership Team - plans the events


Mural #1 - Astronaut - FINISHED
Mural #2 - It Takes a Village
Photography / Photodocumentaries
Paper Border Project


Thank you event - a breakfast for classified staff
End of the Year
Andromeda Team Night
Garage Sale
Career Day
Movie Nights

Weekly Schedule - 4th Quarter

Before: Paper Border
During: Soldier Boxes, media projects (podcasts, social voice online, documentaries)
Lunch: Photography Team
After: Painting the Mural

Before: Paper Border
During: Soldier Boxes, media projects (podcasts, social voice online, documentaries)
Lunch: Book Club
After: Painting the Mural

Before: Paper Border
During: Soldier Boxes, media projects (podcasts, social voice online, documentaries)
Lunch: Flower Power
After: Painting the Mural

Before: Paper Border
During: Soldier Boxes, media projects (podcasts, social voice online, documentaries)
Lunch: Book Club

Before: Paper Border
During: Soldier Boxes, media projects (podcasts, social voice online, documentaries)
Lunch: Leadership Team
After: Painting the Mural

Service Project each weekend
Ideas Include:
Second car wash
Garage Sale
Taping the “Borders” movie
Campus Beautification
Visiting the VA hospital

Quarterly Update

Wow! We have done some amazing this so far!

We painted over graffiti. We visited the Andre House. We have begun the mural and it is adding beauty to our school. We'll be posting pictures of it really soon. One feature we will add to this blog is a weekly update written by one of the students. Great job students!

By The Numbers
  • Service Hours: over 1,500 hours
  • Cans of Food: 800
  • Articles Written: over 200
  • Letters Writte to Congressmen: over 200
  • Money Raised for Life Straws: over $1,000

Thursday, March 13, 2008

my cultural traditions

by SG

Recipe for Enchiladas:
Corn Tortillas
Chopped Onions
Red Chile

Mexicans have arrived to America every culture has been enjoying these types of food. Mexicans have different flavor that separates it from others. The strongest reason why Mexican food has been the most popular might be because of all the spice we Mexicans add in the cuisine. What I don't under stand is why most people want to get rid of immigrants if immigrants are the ones who bought this food with them. What I think that happens is that every time an immigrant arrives to America they bring their culture such as food and share it with every one. I think that all these people who are against immigration should really think twice about it because with out immigrants we wouldn't have all these beautiful traditions.

tv analysis: that seventies show

How are immigrants treated on television? How do we view them? What is the result of the constant barrage of stereotypes? The following is a quick, short example of how television chooses to portray immigrants:

There was one person who had recently immigrated on "That Seventies Show." This t.v show potrays Fez, the immigrant as a stupid and uneducated teenager. Fez has foster parents but, they abonden him at the age of 18. Fez often gets humilated by his friends but he doesn't reall get angry as he should. They sort of make him the butt of all the jokes and occasionally include him. But he's always an outsider. I guess that's how it can be when you're an immigrant. That's sometimes how I feel. So maybe it's not so innacurate after all. I just guess that I wish they could show how painful that part can be.

Fez also has a funny accent but what people should realise that he learned the language well in a short time. The show does a great job showing him assimilating. Over all I think the Producers should really take time to show that immigrants are people that need to be appreciated. They do a few things right, but they need to remind us in Fez that immigrants are people and when we are the butt of jokes, it starts to hurt.

immigration haiku

by SG

Immigration Haiku

The sun is burning hot
I look up and see a wall
That's when hope is gone.

how do the rights apply to you?

by FR

Most people know about the Amendments, but they don't know how they apply to their actual lives. People think that just because you have the freedom of speech you can say anything anywhere. That is not true. There are things you cannot say that can threaten public safety. Also that you have the right to have a weapon. That is almost true. You need a permit for that.

You need to ask yourself, "When and how do the rights apply to me?" You think that anytime you want to do something bad that involves speech and expressive language you won't get into trouble because of the amendments. You are wrong. If you are on private property you can get kicked off or they can call the cops on you. Also if are threatening the president or the government you get into trouble. If you claim that there is a fire somewhere and there isn't or if you call in a bomb threat - in each case, you are threatening public safety. Those are a bit of places and reasons where these amendments don't apply.

There are, however, many places where the freedom of speech does apply. These places are mostly public places, such as the community gym, library, park. These are places for the public and you are the public. You can protest and say whatever you want. For however long you want.These are your places for protesting and they do not qualify as public property.

As you see there are pros and cons about our rights. You always thought that your rights are for everything you do bad. You think that you could do something that would getyou into trouble because it's your right, but you also have to know how to use that right. You can't use your right in curtain occasions. Other than those occasions you can use you rights any time. Your rights are your rights.

Remember that there are equal and opposite results to what you do. Don't always thing that government is wrong. Also the that government is always on your side. You may think you have those rights. You have to remember that there are boundaries for everything. Next time you want to express yourself think about what would happen if you do.

the obesity crisis

by VC

It is a problem all around the world and can not only cause illness but death as well. People enjoy eating at fast food restaurants,and filling their bodies with junk food. Something that contributes to this problem is the fact that more and more people prefer to order food than to take the time to prepare a healthy and satisfying meal for the whole family.

Something that causes this problem in children is that now in days they don't like to go outside and play,so they don't burn enough calories. They prefer to stay indoors and spend their time entertaining themselves with all of the latest technology. Another cause of obesity is that people don't care about what they put in their bodies,and so they don't get all of the nutrients they need.

In the introduction I talked a little about the dangers of obesity,and it's causes. Some illness that a person can have is that as they get larger,it gets harder for them to breath. Not many people know that obesity can also cause death in a person,so they think that it's okay to eat more than what they need.

But fortunately there is a solution to this problem. The first step is to start exercising and eating the right amount of food. This is going to be a big step but will make your life easier

Take charge and be the first one in your family to stop your bad habits. Demonstrate to your family that they can also be healthy. So always remember a healthy life is a better life.

what can we do?

by MH

Theres a lot that we can do to help the people who need our help to survive in life.It would be great if we can donate food,clothes,medicine,or other stuff that can help the poor. It would be a good thing if we could stop poverty and not look at poor people asking for money.

We could prevent poverty by donating stuff that the poor need to survive in this world. We could donate money so they can buy food or medicine in case they get sick. I think the president can help by donating shelter to the poor so they would at least sleep in a house and not outside where its dirty.

I think people should do something about this poverty happens all over the world and they should help by just donating something that would make the poor happy. We could donate anything we want to donate everything is helpful we could do a lot of stuff to prevent poverty.

Roger Clemens: An Embaressment to Baseball

If you where once a fan of Roger Clemens then you are probably 55 and still living in your mom's basement. The once great pitcher is going up against congress for his steroid use.You think this would be the time for him to step up and say he did take them and that it was his will,but instead he goes on making all these excuses and lies.He needs to grow up and face the music don't believe me I'll show you how he has failed himself with the juice.

Roger Clemens has lied several times during his hearing.He said that he didn't attend the infamous party of Jose Canseco.Yet a man who at the time was 11 took photos of Roger at the party.He has been accused of lying in hearing about taking steroids abuse.He continues to lie about it.His former strength trainer said that he had provided Roger Clemens and former teammate and current friend Andy Pettitte with Steroids. He said that he is a nice man that he is a hero to many kids.If that's true then why did you take the Steroids? Why would you give kids the influence that taking steroids to be the best is right? Or better yet your telling them that doing anything just to be the best is right. That's rude.

To make him look even worse he has turned his attention away from his hearing. He has started to train with the Houston Astros. It seems that he thinks he's in the clear.That he was going to get away with with lying.Not only did he take steroids,but he lied like it was nothing.It seems that he doesn't care that he crushed the dreams of many young fans.He is more concerned to keep cheating then to rebuild his reputation.He needs someone or something to wake him up.Well he got that rude awakening.That's right the FBI is now on the job.They are launching an investigation to see if he lied to congress.His lawyers said that they aren't surprised.

I bet you anything you want that Roger Clemens crapped his pants cause of that.He could do time in jail. Can you imagine the great Roger Clemens doing time in jail for a crime he obviously committed? The government can do something right for once. Athletes wouldn't be getting away with crimes. I doubt that will happen! He should be scared for getting the FBI on his case.Know you would think that Roger Clemens would be really worried.It doesn't appear that he is.He is living his life normally. He is attending training camps and other sporting events.He was one of the greatest players ever. He should be inducted into the hall of fame.I mean they let Barry Bonds in their and he used steroids. Still, it disappoints me to see The cheaters to take it away from the true pros.Hank Arron and Babe Ruth (if he was alive) should be pretty pissed.I say not only should they be banned for life.They should be arrested.

a few poems

by SG


Love is it in your heart do you have any love for something.
Ordinary people do have love in them
Very little changes there is one who does not have any love at all
Everyone should help these love less people in our world.

"Run away"

A young couple running to see freedom.
Could they make it to that place.
They are hiding there face.
They are face to face to life or death.
People hunting after them.

"Poor him"
Illegal drugs destroying young dreams.
Look at him he is stealing from his grandmother just to get some weed.
Losing respect from everyone no more trust.
He got lost did not know where to go.
Begging for money but he still lives in the street.

"Look at her"
A young girl is called mom at age 14.
Is this even right to be a girl just destroyed her dream.
She flee to be free.
She should of stay in school but now she is begging because she can't have a job.
Her kid was taking away from her they gave it to her parents.
Now she is dieing she has std she was exposed to prostitute.
Dieing alone for her action.

"She can't speak"
Pain is going every where though her body.
She say her dad abusing her mom.
Scared to speak up.
She hides in the corner crying so much.
Her mom and her run away to be free.

immigrants mistreated in San Diego

by CI

Many immigrants in San Diego are being neglected. Their employers are putting them in danger. Authorities and volunteers are treating them rudely. They are also being refused at aid and evacuation sites.They have no where to go and no one will offer them help. Instead of being treated with respect or at least compassion they are being abused and racially profiled.

Immigrants are being neglected by authorities and forced to work in farms adjacent to fires. There have been numerous instances in which immigrant laborers are being forced to stay working in farms adjacent to evacuated areas. Employers are threatening to fire laborers who refuse to work under precarious conditions. This poses a great health risk for them. Primarily because the air they are breathing is polluted. Many people are afraid of losing their jobs so they continue working under such conditions.

San Diego Union Tribune reported that many immigrants living in remote canyons and fields near the fires are not evacuating. they are not evacuating either because they are afraid of losing their jobs or scared of getting caught by the Border Patrol. they are also staying in their homes because they have no where to go because they are being rejected at refuges centers because of their legal status.they are being rejected because they now need an ID of proof of their legal residence. Many don't have them because they lost them in the fire.

Immigrants are being racially profiled by police and deported by the Border Patrol. 6 undocumented immigrants were arrested by border patrol when they were looking for help in San Diego. They were left homeless after the wild fires in San Diego destroyed their home. They were getting food for their family a lady called the cops and accused them of stealing food meant for evacuees. Police responded to the call they came to find 6 people in a van who did not speak English nor did they Have a drivers licence. They then confessed that they were Mexican citizens. The police let them go a while later border patrol showed up. Police had called border patrol after finding out that they were illegals. They arrested the immigrants they were deported the left a couple and 4 kids because the kids were U.S citizens. Apprehensions and deportations of these immigrants are potentially illegal, since San Diego Police Officers are not supposed to report undocumented immigrants to Border Patrol agents unless they are formally arrested and charged with a crime.

That this is happening in the U.S is just wrong. This was supposed to be a land of immigrants and honestly no one is truly 100% American. Everyone is an immigrant or descendant of an immigrant. These people do not deserve to be treated like this. Immigrants should be treated with respect. Just because they are immigrants does not mean that they are less human than anyone else.

why people don't vote

by Leo

Do you vote? Voting is important to the country. People vote because they want to live in a better community. Voting lets people know that they have the right to choose a good and a trustworthy president. If it weren't for the people's vote the country would be a horrible place to live in. Another thing would be that if they don't vote and get involved other people would make decisions for them. In the next three paragraphs I will be talking about why voting is important.

First of all,voting is important because it helps the country. If people vote the country might get a good president. Having a good president will help out the community. A good president would help the community schools by supporting them and giving them books and other supplies. Voting is also good because it shows that you care and want to make your country a better place. Some people like to vote for a reason and one reason only. That is what they want,a good president for them to rule. They want some one that they trust because they don't want a stranger to be around there children or their community because they might want to blow up the country with an atomic bomb.

Like I said in my other paragraph they don't want somebody that can just get an atomic bomb and just say "I don't like this country let's blow it up." People like to vote for somebody good like they did with Bush last year. He said that he would bring the veterans back. This year they want some one to do something about the abortion problem,they want someone to say "I will do anything in my power to do something about it." Voting is very important!! People like the Republicans and the Democrats really like to see who they would have as a president. If the Republican has the most votes he will win and if the Democrat has the most he will win.

As you can see I have given you many reasons. People from the United States of America should vote because it's important. They really do care about whom they vote and who they think might be a good leader. Getting involved,helps out the country because it shows that you care. So these are reasons why people should vote.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Multimedia Me: Top Four

by a small group

We created a top four wiki to explain the importance of the Bill of Rights and what it means to us. It was a group effort and we're satisfied with it.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Multimedia Me: Fourth Amendment

by Jessica Castillo

I created a wiki about the Fourth Amendment, what it means and how it applies to our lives. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Multimedia Me: My Life Website

by Jessica

This is a website about my life. It was part of my social studies / ELD project and I really had fun making it.