Monday, May 4, 2009

vandalized dreams

by Jackie

What do you think of when you see a tagged wall? Are you those kinds of people that think "In what way does it benefit those people that tag up all these walls"? Or do you always think "Poor families that have to pay the consequences for their kid'srediculous actions"? Or something like that. In my point of view, those who fill up the walls their taggings don't just mess up their dreams of being someone in their lives. They never think about the dreams of their younger siblings. When they mess up their dreams if they get caught, they mess up their siblings dreams as well as their own. Also how they ruin their future they ruin their family's future. Not only that, if they get caught the officers are going to put that in his/her record and it will stay perminantly.

When someone sees a person writing on a wall, they should do something. That doesn't only help, it makes less taggers in our country. It's not fair that other people's walls are all tagged up because someone decided to write on someone's wall, fences, and even cars these days, but they don't think that. They just do their drawings on the walls, cars and etc. They don't think that other people have to take the money out of their pocket to get rid of the writing on the walls.

Something else that I have noticed on those people who do that, is that they don't like to regret their actions. They just do it and it's done for them at that moment. Then later when they don't even imagine, they get caught. Some people's biggest mistake is to deny something that the police is sure that you did. So if i were to be one of them, I would not deny whatever I did. If I got caught, then to bad I got caught, but for them it's hard to take the consequences and easy to deny.

When you decide to to write on a car, or a wall you are putting in risk the most important things in your life. First of all your future, the most important thing in someone's life. Then your reputation. When you go out there trying to find a job, that will be in your record. Then also even if you don't notice it, you lose more things than what you gain. When it's to late you will want those real friends back and you won't be able to have them because partically you changed a real friend for those other supposable friend and for tagging.

Some main reasons why people start tagging is for their friends. Some people care more about what their friends think about them. They end up getting into that and other stuff so that their friends don't call them a scarycat or what they call each other pussies. Most of them say "NO I won't get caught" but when they say that they don't realize that they can get caught. Sometimes they don't get caught, those who say that they are their friends snitch on them too. Those who you call friends today will someday be a backstaber, but those who really care about you, get ignored by you because you, instead of thanking that person, you ignore that person and when you realize that that was the real friend, it will be to late or that person won't want to talk to you no more.

Tagging doesn't only destroy walls, it also destroys families. I say that because when a person in your family is a tagger, then your behavior is different and you don't listen and the family gets tired and they can't deal with you no more. So they send you to another place so you can learn to behave. Either you ever want to talk to your parents ever again or not they will still send you. Not because they don't love you no more, because that is why they want to send you, because they love you. If they wouldn't care about you or love you they would let you get caught and then that is when you will regret it.

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