Friday, May 1, 2009

the change

by Andy

Two guys call an apartment complex. The first man wanted to rent, but he was Mexican. The company could tell by his "weird" English and by his accent. Another man calls with good English. Which guy gets the apartment? In many cases, it's the second man. There are many groups in our society that do not have equal rights. There are also a lot of people who are racist and who fail to accept those who are different.

Some people don't accept others because of there race. They hate people because they are different skin colors and they have a different culture. They don't let them in their stores or even their states or countries. It depends on how much they hate them. In the old days they use to beat up or even kill the people that they hate. Nowadays, people still get beat up and sometimes killed, but it's less violent. Most of the time, it's things like not getting jobs, not being talked to and being treated differently.

Some of the people who get mistreated are Hispanics or Latinos. They're not even let in our state without papers, even though this land used to belong to them. The government doesn't let them in because they say that Hispanics brought violence into this state. The reality is that many Latinos work in farms and do different jobs to get a better life. You need to have papers to come here and if you don't you are judged. Why do you need a dumb papers that say your name?

African American have also been mistreated for the past years. In our nation's beginning, blacks were slaves and died for their freedom. The stereotyping began there and continued over the years. Some Americans think that Hispanics and African American are just criminals, but they're not. African-Americans aren't the only ones committing crimes.

Many people have tried to change the racism in our world. For example Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X. They were both good people, that had great ideas. We even have Martin Luther King Jr. Day too. Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta both tried to get equal rights for Latinos. These people were somewhat successful, but still people are racist.

What if there is a cure for racism? A cure that will change peoples way of feeling or thinking. There won't be racist people any more, and people won't be mistreated badly, like they are nowadays. I believe that Barack Obama will make huge changes in the United States, by showing racist people that an African American is as equal as any other race.

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