Sunday, May 3, 2009

the issue in our neighborhoods

This home in Las Vegas is similar to the scene in Maryvale
by Eva

When I walk around some of the neighborhoods, they feel empty.  Foreclosure signs litter the streets.  Within the walls of some of the homes, children hope for a next meal.  Parents lie to their children, saying, "It will get better," but they don't know.  The reality is that the economy is hitting them hard.  With the immigration raids and then the collapse of the construction industry, families in our neighborhoods are struggling to make it. 

Many people have lost their jobs during these last few years. People have begun to struggle with money because of the loss of jobs. No money to pay their debts or their necessities means they struggle more. Jobs began to fade away and citizens are desperate to become employed. When citizens are desperate, immigrants are even more so. They simply want to support their family or children. A lot of families are going through difficult times because of the loss of jobs.

For all the immigrants life becomes more complicated each day With the difficulty of not having stable jobs and failing to have a good income, they struggle to raise a family. What start out as a goal for a better life is now just a goal to maintain life. Sometimes they have to eat the same food for days. No money means no groceries and that means no food. They lose their homes and cars because they cannot afford the next payment. Losing jobs is a big issue in the real world. Immigrants really have a harder time with this situation, because the laws have made it so hard for them to work.

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